Malia Valchar of Montclair, New Jersey


Malia Valchar of Montclair, New Jersey
Malia Valchar of
Montclair, New Jersey
co-founder of suburban sky
a sample sale company with
a heart, who brings its unique
blend of fashion and fundraising
to the suburbs
ipod shuffle
i get my best ideas when i'm
running & listening to my
80’s music
topaz essential oil
2. sage’s
roll on perfume
schmidt quilts
10. denyse
her quilts for the kids; they
i've been wearing it for almost 17 years
will be heirlooms, but add
such a spark to their
rooms right now
holsten’s ice cream
i've never watched the sopranos, and the last
episode was filmed there & has made the place
famous. but it is THE BEST homemade ice
cream in the best hole-in-the-wall atmosphere
montclair ymca
they have the best classes
with the best teachers in a
beautiful facility. i will be
sorry when my kids are
too old to attend
bloomfield, NJ
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starbucks grande skim no fat latte
4. suburban
i love meeting new people who
nothing like a little warm milk with a
shot of caffeine to get you through a
cold afternoon
are eager to join forces with
us—we just met with bobbi
brown studio who is sponsoring
our spring event
[email protected]
my dvr
fat bastard wine
it tastes good, is a good price and
always gets a laugh from the recipient
of the gift
geis ava handbag
6. glenda
big enough to hold the kitchen
sink—and if i look deep enough,
i'd probably find one in there
keeps the kids
sooo happy with
all that max &
ruby and phinneas
& ferb. our 2
favorite shows!
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