Kobe Sizzlers in brief


Kobe Sizzlers in brief
Kobe Sizzlers in brief
You and us ... The ingredients of a success story.
Kobe Sizzlers is the oldest Sizzler specialty restaurant chain
established in 1975. With signature dishes mastered in our kitchens in
the 70's and innovative concepts, This franchise can be managed
by all, even franchisees with no restaurant experience. Our team will
provide all the ingredients for a sizzler business start-up. All you need
is a hunger for success! This package is the first glimpse for a new
relationship us and you. The cornerstone of our business philosophy is
to bring a well designed operations to the "restaurant business':
providing good food, great service in a family environment.
Our experienced management and kitchen personnel treat each
customer as a friend who is welcome to enjoy our surroundings at
their leisure. We have been the oldest sizzler restaurant chain,
starting our initial operations in 1975 from Mumbai. Good food is the
most important part of our food service operations, it brings
customers back time and again. Our goal with the following
information package is to offer insight into our business and this
amazing franchise. We take a different stance in this competitive
business when it comes to franchising; we actually provide the
franchisee services with a foundation of support in addition to a
superior product. Our culture is based on some principles, that stand
on a goal- Customer's satisfaction. We see our Franchisee's as happy
as possible through their successfully ran business's, as well as to
witness the Kobe Sizzler brand spreading across the globe.
Table of Content
About us and where we're heading
What makes us superior ?
The Kobe sizzler advantage
Franchising - A Quick Overview
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Franchisee support
Few tips to success
Steps to success
Frequently asked questions
About Us
Once upon a time, in Mumbai, nearly four decades
ago, a journey began. Our journey.
It was 1975, in a modest 600 square feet area, near
India's oldest surviving Opera House a brand was
born. One that sizzles till date. It was christened,
KOBE. Kobe sizzlers has witnessed rapid growth and
fantastic interest since its origination with the
future looking incredibly promising. More than
Forty years hence, with a footprint of national and
international locations, they tell us, we are a
pioneer. An icon.
We vow to sizzle. Always. Everywhere.
What Makes Us Superior
Kobe Sizzlers is a sizzler joint and steak house brand specialising in
the creation of high quality sizzlers. Our philosophy is really very
simple: Quality sizzlers. A warm and welcoming atmosphere. Good
food and great personal service.
SizzlerAt the heart of our existence are sizzlers. We strive, every day, to
achieve, improve and improvise on what we have been passionate
about, since the time we dished out our first sizzler - bellowing steam
- in 1975.
Our ardent endeavour is to make you smack your lips and lick your
forks with every sizzler that finds its way out of our kitchen, on to your
table and into your hearts.
We have a near obsessive dedication to quality and hygiene and take
pride in being the early pioneers of sizzlers in the country. We try to
make our sizzlers as much home grown and authentic as possible;
using the best of ingredients, like we get the finest black pepper from
Kera la for our pepper sauce, while all the sauces (pepper, garlic,
mushroom, schezwan) are made in house.
We are aware that we are bringing to you something that is niche,
something that involves a great deal of culinary innovation. Hence our
creative juices - or should we say sauces - are forever flowing.
Though Sizzlers are our signature meal, we have an assortment of
offerings to suit varied palates. Our extensive menu, designed by our
highly experienced food experts, features a widespread range of
salads, pastas, soups, rolls, pizzas, sandwiches, breakfast. And more.
But we are best known for our sizzlers. As they say, it's our bread and
butter. If meat of the red and white kind is what you savour, then our
famed Chicken Shashlik, or any one of the large selection of our Steak
and Lamb Sizzlers would be more than sufficient to satiate one
ravenous appetite.
We could replace the Steak for you with a slab of Paneer if a
wholesome Vegetable Sizzler is what you are looking at. And if it is
Seafood that allures your taste buds, then voila! Amongst the
Seafood Sizzlers in our listings, Fish & Prawns Shashlikis what we
have seen our long-time sea food enthusiasts swear by. All of this,
laced with the choicest, traditional homemade sauces, the subtle
flavors of which have been passed down generation to generation.
Recipes of which are akin to well-kept trade secrets. You might want
to top it all off with some of the beverages we tender. Hot, cold or
inviting iced tea or coffee. There is a Japanese saying about Kobe, the
fifth largest Japanese city, famed for its cosmopolitan spirit; "If you
can't go to Paris, go to Kobe"
Alas, alcohol is the only thing we do not proffer. We are family after
We radiate warmth and offer personalized service which is
professional, yet casual. Once you've stepped in, we want you to feel
snug and comfortable. While you are here, we want you to leave the
world behind you and immerse yourself in good food. We are a
family restaurant which means we like the ambiance to be convivial
and welcoming where you can let your hair down with your loved
ones. We are there to help you out with suggestions, and prescribe
items on the menu to tickle your taste buds.
The Kobe sizzler advantage
It goes without saying that any customer who comes to Kobe sizzlers
is excited by the atmosphere, the food and even more so by the quick
service. Our food is made of the best quality ingredients and its
sizzling experience burst the foods flavour into the atmosphere,
indeed an unique experience! With nearly four decades of experience
and dishing out more than Five million sizzlers our brand has become
the synonym for great food.
Pioneer of sizzler restaurant chain
Something for everyone- classical menu + innovative dishes
Four decades of experience in business
More than five million sizzlers dished out
Our brand name is not just a name, it's an Icon for sizzlers
Very famous among the people with Indian origins.
Presence in Eight countries
An opportunity to get into restaurant business for yourself,
but not by yourself!
Liberalized rules in business operations.
no prior restaurant business experience required
intensive support
Franchising - A Quick Overview
A franchise is the agreement or license between two legally
independent parties which gives:
·A person or group of people (franchisee) the right to market a product
or service using the trademark or trade name of another business
·The franchisee the right to market a product or service using the
operating methods of the franchisor
·The franchisee the obligation to pay the franchisor fees for these rights
·The franchisor the obligation to provide rights and support to
Owns trademark or trade name Provides support:
Receives Fees
Uses trademark or trade name
Expands business with franchisors support
Pays Fees
A single-unit (direct-unit) franchise is an agreement where the
franchisor grants a franchisee the rights to open and operate ONE
franchise unit. This is the simplest and most common type of
franchise. It is possible, however, for a franchisee to purchase
additional single-unit franchises once the original franchise unit
begins to prosper. This is then considered a multiple, single-unit
• Area development
• Master franchise (sub-franchising)
A multi-unit franchise is an agreement where the franchisor grants a
franchisee the rights to open and operate more than one unit.
Under an area development franchise, a franchisee has the right to
open more than one unit during a specific time, within a specified
area. For example, a franchisee may agree to open five units over a
five year period in a specified territory. The franchisor grants the
franchisee exclusive rights for the development of that territory
A master franchise agreement gives the franchisee more rights than
an area development agreement. In addition to having the right and
obligation to open and operate a certain number of units in a defined
area, the master franchisee also has the right to sell franchises to other
people within the territory, known as sub-franchises. Therefore, the
master franchisee takes over many of the tasks, duties and benefits of
the franchisor.
Some Franchise Facts:
• More Franchised business's succeed and continue to operate over a
similar time period in comparison to privately owned businesses. The
explanation? Franchise's offer SUPPORT to their franchisee's!
·Franchise's have proven systems and products that allow the
Franchisee to focus on operating the system, and work with a proven
Franchise Industry Pitfalls
As with any industry, there are pitfalls to the Franchise industry. Some
of these pitfalls are:
·Inadequate Franchisor Support
• No operational or product improvements
·Inconsistent Interaction with Franchisee's
·No audits of stores so the product is inconsistent from store to store
·Setting up Franchisee's in locations that are sub-par and result in
lower sales
·Limited advertising to promote the brand
inefficiency in supply of human resource form the franchisor
Franchisee Support
Kobe sizzler Franchising - We Focus On Support
We, as a Franchisor, is interested in one thing: the success of every store
we open. In order to do this we must provide constant support to their
Franchisee's. Our support is unique in the Franchise industry.
Pre-opening support:
• Site selection
• Design and construction
·Grand-opening program
marketing plan
Ongoing support:
·Operating procedures and operational assistance
·Ongoing supervision and management support
·Access to bulk purchasing
·Supply of skilled staff
·Supply of equipments
Kobe sizzlers gives the freedom to the franchisee to scout and
choose a restaurant location. All you need to ask yourself a few
questions and take some advice from our experts.
• Is there easy access to the parking lot? The store may look great
but people need to be able to get to the front door quickly
·How much parking is there for our store? Can people park at all
hours of the day?
·What type of foot traffic is there?
·Can the site be seen from the street?
·What is the Square Footage of the site? We ideally look for
1500 - 2 OOO sqft, but consider each location seriously.
·Can the Signage on the storefront be seen from high traffic areas?
·Who are the other stores in the location? Do they seem profitable?
• Are they doing a strong business?
·What type of competition is surrounding the location.
Few Tips To Success
"Making your restaurant reach its full potential takes talent."
Make sure you have enough money
• Determine how much you have to invest, how much you're willing
to risk and how much you will need to live on for at least 12
·Make sure you understand the initial investment required.
Follow the system
• Franchisees often get their business up and running and then
begin to change, add or modify existing products, advertising,
hours, services and even the quality and consistency they are
licensed to deliver. This violates the franchise agreement and puts
you in jeopardy of having your franchise terminated!
By following the system, you:
• Preserve the brand
·Protect your investment and that of your fellow franchisees
Don't neglect your family and friends.
• Be prepared to work long hours, but also make sure to budget
time for your family and friends.
·Don't forget to acknowledge the sacrifices your family makes.
·Allow your family and friends to share in your new life.
Be an enthusiastic franchisee.
The success of any business is linked to the level of enthusiasm you
bring to the job.
Enthusiasm brings a level of excitement and energy to the operation
that everyone can feel-including your customers and staff.
Let your staff in on the fun. Acknowledge their good work with
recognition or a raise.
Recruit the best and treat them with respect.
·Good help is hard to find-great help is essential.
·To keep the good staff you've hired:
• Rotate routine and boring jobs.
·Be fair. Don't show favoritism.
·Work with your staff to develop the schedule.
·Treat your employees with respect. Don't allow employees to be
disrespectful to any other employee.
• Keep employees informed of new marketing and other promotions.
• Remove hassles-ask employees which procedures are working and
which aren't.
• Make their workdays challenging.
·Provide timely performance reviews and wage or salary increases.
Teach your employees.
·In franchising, training should be continuous. Employees are your
front line.
·Training classes are a good way to show your employees that they
matter to you.
·Get all the training you can from the franchisor.
·Regularly train and retrain all your employees.
• Hold refresher and advanced classes on a regular basis.
·Alert your franchisor when you need additional training.
·Take advantage of every training opportunity, whether it's offered by
the franchisor or by local schools, trade associations and other
Give customers great service.
The most important thing you can do is to get everyone to smile!
Let the customer know you're happy they chose your business.
Get involved with the community.
Customers like to shop in places that support them:
·Sponsor Little League team
·Support a civic or youth group
·Set up a kiosk at community events
Stay in touch with your franchisor and other franchisees:
·Stay in communication with the franchisor: letters, newsletters,
emails, phone calls, faxes, training classes, regional meetings,
conferences and conventions
Watch the details.
·At Kobe Sizzlers our goal is to serve good food.
·Keep our staff full of energy.
·Accept our mistakes and move forward.
·Be open to advice from almost everyone.
·Minimize costs and maximize sales.
·Work hard every day.
·And smile.
Steps To Success
You and us ... The ingredients of a success story.
Generally, the steps to success is as follows:
·Interested party fills out the franchise enquiry form at
·The application is reviewed by our corporate executive team. This can
include a credit check of the applicant.
·The interested party is contacted by us and a meeting is arranged.
WEEK 2 - 4 Application
·Application is approved and the potential franchisee meets the criteria
that Kobe Sizzlers looks for in a franchisee.
·Franchisee agreement is given to the potential candidate for review. A
14-day period must elapse before the agreement can be signed. This is
to protect Franchisee from rushing to a decision before considering all
aspects of the project.
• Franchisee looks for locations.
·Potential franchisee begins to secure financing.
Steps To Success
You and us ... The ingredients of a success story.
·The franchise agreement is signed and executed. The franchisee pays
the franchise fee to Kobe Sizzlers & Co.
·The location is secured and lease is signed.
Possession Date of Space
·Store opening after 12 - 16 weeks of construction
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the initial franchise fee?
·There is an initial franchise fee of ~ 1000000/- which is due at the
time of signing the franchise agreement.
How much is the royalty fee?
·The royalty is 7% of gross sales.
How much is the initial investment?
·Your estimated initial investment to construct a new restaurant
varies depending on the type, size, location & country.
·Typically to open a new store would cost ~ 10000000/• The specific breakdown of the costs will be provided as your
intentions to open a store increase.
How much is the approximate area required?
·Approximately 1,600 ft2 .
What about staff?
·Staff of the kitchen will be provided by us, under your payroll, and
prior to the opening of the restaurant opening provided staff shall
be there for a good period of time, till your restaurant does settle
down. (Expenses Of Air ticket & Boarding arranged by you)
What will be my main job?
·Just manage, we will take care of most of the things to set the
business for you.

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