Quiz 5 Key


Quiz 5 Key
Quiz 5 – Chemical Reactions and Calculations
Answers should be submitted using this link.
You are encouraged to upload your work for consideration of partial credit.
Due July 13th by 11:59 PM
Note on the submission form, scientific notation is shown in the form 1.23e-6. This is equivalent to 1.23 x 10-6
1. For each of the following:
a. Balance the equation.
b. State the type of reaction (e.g. combustion, synthesis, etc.)
c. If you start with one mole of the bold-faced reactant, how many moles of the bold-faced
product will be formed?
Li +
C4H10 +
Ba(C2H3O2)2 +
CO2 +
Ba3(PO4)2 +
2. When aqueous ammonium chloride and aqueous silver sulfate are combined, solid silver chloride and
aqueous ammonium sulfate are formed.
a. Write a balanced chemical reaction.
b. How many moles of silver are found in a 100 gram sample of silver sulfate?
c. If 100.00 grams of each reactant are combined, how much solid is formed?
d. If the reaction from part c proceeds with a 58% yield, how much solid is actually formed?
3. 100.00 grams of Al and 100.00 grams of O2 are combined and 100.00 grams of Al2O3 forms according
the following reaction. What is the % yield?

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