Andrey Grachev



Andrey Grachev
Andrey Grachev
(brief CV)
Dr. Andrey Grachev is a Russian historian, political analyst and
Born in 1941 in Moscow he graduated in Oriental Studies and
History of International Relations from the Moscow Institute of
International relations -MGIMO(1964),
Ph. D in history, Academy of Social Sciences, Moscow (1976)
Consultant and Deputy Director on the International Department
of the Central Committee of CPSU (1974-1987) and adviser for
Mikhail Gorbachev he was official Spokesman of the President
of the USSR until his resignation in December 1991.
Political scientist – in 1992-1995 he was senior research fellow
in the Institute of World Economy and International relations,
Russian Academy of Science, (Moscow).
Andrei Grachev was teaching and doing research as the Visiting
Professor at the Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto (Japan),
Universite Paris VIII, St Denis, Universite Paris I, Pantheon,
Sorbonne, Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris.
He was a Research fellow in Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politic
(SWP), Ebenhausen/ Isar, Germany and Senior Researcher at
St Antony’s College, the University of Oxford.
He published several books in Russian, French and English
(translated into Spanish, Polish, Bulgarian, Rumanian and
Chinese) Among them:
"Political extremism", 1982, Moscow
« L'Histoire Vraie de la Fin de l'URSS", ed. du Rocher, Paris, 1992
“La Chute du Kremlin. L’empire de non-sens.» Ed. Hachette, Paris,
"Final Days. The Inside Story of Collapse of the Soviet Union",
Westview Press, Boulder, Co. USA, 1995,
« L’Exception russe. Staline, est-il mort?” ed. du Rocher,
« Le mystere Gorbachev. La terre et le destin » ed. du Rocher
Paris, 2004,
« Gorbachev’s Gamble. Soviet Foreign Policy and the End of Cold
War”, Polity, Cambridge, UK, 2008
«Gorbatchev: le pari perdu? De la perestroika à l’implosion de
l’URSS” Préface de Hubert Vedrine, ed.Armand Colin, Paris 2011
“Le passé de la Russie est imprévisible. Journal de bord d’un
enfant du dégel” Alma editeurs. Paris 2014
Presently Dr. Andrey Grachev is editorialist for the “Novaya Gazeta”
(Russia) and the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of The New
Policy Forum

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