Renovations or Maintenance



Renovations or Maintenance
Facilities—Physical Plant Operations
How to get what you need.
Who pays for what services?
Mission Statements
Governing Criteria
Physical Plant Operations (PPO) Organization
How To Get What You Need
Funding for PPO Services
What You Can Do to Facilitate the Process
Facilities Mission Statement
To provide safe, functional facilities, utilities,
grounds, and transportation services so that
members of the VT community can perform
their various missions in an environment of
Physical Plant Operations Mission
The mission of Physical Plant Operations is to
provide quality facilities management and
maintenance support to the learning,
discovery, and engagement activities of
Virginia Tech. This mission will be
accomplished through effective, safe, and
efficient service in the areas of building
maintenance, housekeeping, and grounds
Some Governing Criteria
– Code of Virginia
– Construction and Professional Services Manual
– Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code
– VT Design Guidelines and Standards
– University Policy 5405
– Other Specific University Policies (eg., Key
– University Budget Procedures
Vice President for
Administrative Services
Assistant Vice
President for Facilities
Bill Elvey
Physical Plant
Capital Design and
Contracts & Campus
Renovation Services
Office of
John Beach
Ben Myers
Vinod Ghoting
Lynn Eichhorn
Steve Mouras
Virginia Tech Electric
Service (Auxiliary)
Project Management
Parking Services
Mechanical Utilities
Engineering and
Regulation Services
Construction Services
Fleet Services
Central Steam Plant
Management &
Business Admin.
Scheduling / Material
(Jim Clemens)
(Wyatt Sasser)
Code Compliance
Site & Infrastructure
(Mark Helms)
Business Office
Contracts and
(Pam Raines)
Customer Service
(Diane Worrell)
Facilities Records
Air Transportation
Physical Plant Operations
• Maintains University Grounds
• Provides basic maintenance services and
housekeeping for campus Educational and General
(“E & G”) Buildings
• Provides Business Office support and billing services
to Campus Renovation Services
• Operates Physical Plant Customer Service Office
• Provides basic maintenance support to non-E & G
facilities on an as needed, reimbursable basis.
• Provides specialized services on an as needed,
reimbursable basis.
How To Get What You Need
• Evaluate the URGENCY
– Emergency or Safety Hazard– Call 1-4300
– Maintenance or Repair – Call 1-4300 or submit
a FSR---
– Upgrade, New Work or a New Bldg (<$1M),
Renovation, Program Specific – Submit a FSR
– It May Be a Renovation Project
Routing of Work Orders
• Urgency Assessed>>Emergencies will be dispatched
immediately via radio
• Supervisor may be asked to assess situation
• Goal is accomplish minor work within a week
• More lengthy work will be scheduled as resources
and building schedule permits
• Crews should make contact with customer via
personal contact, hang tags, or through Customer
Service Desk
• Work order backlog reviewed regularly, orders older
than 6 months flagged for attention
• Customer questions relative to progress or funding
can be directed to Customer Service Desk
FSR – Where do they go?
• Centrally logged in to the DEPART Database through
• Initially sorted by Customer Service and routed to
Physical Plant or Campus Renovations Services
(CRS) Director for assignment.
• Renovations Projects Routed to the CRS Design
– Determine complexity of project and consult client for
additional information if needed.
• Just-do-it – Goes directly to construction
• In-House Design
• Architectural-Engineering Design Firm
– Assign a Project Manager
Who Pays for What Services?
• Physical Plant provides maintenance services using
both general and non-general fund sources.
• General Fund allocations used to provide basic
maintenance services to E & G buildings on campus
– Renovations or upgrades are not covered in basic
– Maintenance of program specific equipment not
covered in basic services
• Non General Fund sources used to provide services to
such facilities as residence halls, student unions, dining
halls, Athletic facilities, and the Inn at Virginia Tech
• University budget structure determines what services
Physical Plant provides and what services will be
delivered on a reimbursable basis
Examples of Physical Plant Funded
• Building Maintenance
Central Electrical
Central Mechanical and HVAC
Standard ceilings and wall floor finishes
Standard door locks and closures
Water Fountains
Public Restrooms
Examples of Physical Plant Funded
Services (continued)
• Preventative Maintenance (PM)
– Scheduled PM is performed on all major mechanical and
electrical building systems to maintain optimum
performance levels and minimize unscheduled outages
– Does not include window washing or carpet cleaning (these
services available on reimbursable basis)
• Grounds Maintenance
• Painting offices and public spaces on an approximate
15 year rotation with standard colors
Examples of Services Charged to
Requesting Units
• Renovations, including needed work to accommodate
new functions, uses and equipment.
• Repair of program specific equipment including:
(generally, requesting departments must fund the
repair of specialized equipment that supports
individual departments, missions, or projects)
Fume Hoods
Lab Sinks and Drains
Special Water Systems such as Distilled Water
Specialized Air and Gas Systems
Dedicated Equipment A/C Systems
Examples of Services Charged to
Requesting Units (continued)
• Maintenance of non-central emergency generators
• Maintenance of window a/c units
• Maintenance of furnishings such as carpet, window
blinds, and custom ceilings that represent an upgrade
from standard floor, window, and ceiling treatments
• Maintenance and replacement of public space
• Furniture and equipment moving services support
• Maintenance of office furniture
Examples of Services Charged to
Requesting Units (continued)
• Maintenance of departmental appliances and break
• Keys
• Installation and maintenance of custom security
systems (key pad systems, card reader systems,
pushbutton combination locks) and their associated
hardware (such as electric door strikes)
• Specific signage such as plaques, name plates,
name tags, change of names on office door signs
• Recycling services (University program may be
• Pick up of waste to go to the Dry Rendering Facility
Examples of Services Charged to
Requesting Units (continued)
Housekeeping services for lab areas
Window washing
Floor waxing
Carpet Cleaning
Care of indoor and atrium plants
Painting with non-standard colors or outside of the
normal maintenance rotation
• Routine maintenance of VT employee housing
What Can YOU do to
Facilitate the Process
• Report problems promptly to Customer Service
• Ask Questions—we are here to help
• Know what you want.
Have the main players involved up front.
Be an active participant, follow up as necessary
Try to provide an accurate description of what is needed
Don’t try to circumvent the process
Our buildings vary in age and complexity.
Code and ADA issues take precedence.

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