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aninals of sea
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Name __________________________
Date __________________________
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We know that nearly 70 percent (70%) of this planet is made up of water, and over 97
percent of that water is salt water called the ocean or sea. The ocean
is like a giant holding tank, heated by the sun, and home to may
We use the ocean for fishing, transportation, and for recreation. The ocean is also a source
of precious oil which human life depends upon. We must always remember that whatever we
do to, with or in the ocean has an effect on the species that live there.
Among the different ocean animals are animals with fur or hair on their bodies. Others are
covered with scales and use gills instead of lungs to breathe.
There are ocean animals, too, that have many legs. A lobster is one
example. It has ten legs. Lobsters use eight of their legs to walk. The other
two have big claws at the end.
An oyster is an ocean animal that has a shell. In fact, the oyster has two shells to protect its
soft body. Several types of ocean animals have shells.
Read each question below. Fill in the missing word .
1. An oyster is an _________________________ animal.
2. Nearly ________________________ percent of this planet is made up of water.
3. The ocean is heated by the __________________________.
4. Lobsters use __________________________ legs to walk.
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A starfish isn’t really a fish. It is just called a starfish. It is a member of an
animal family that has a spiny skin. Sand dollars aren’t something you can
spend. Sand dollars are another kind of sea animal with a spiny skin.
There is another type of sea animal that isn’t a fish and that has no shell to
protect it. A jellyfish is an example of a soft-bodied sea animal. Jellyfish can
sting and their sting is very painful.
Draw a picture of the sea and some of the animals that live in it.
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Comp Ed, Inc.
Seals, walruses and sea lions have fur. They are called pinnipeds which
comes from Latin and means “winged feet.” Fur seals live in the cold water
of the northern Pacific Ocean.
The Northern Fur Seal has two layers of fur. One layer is thick and short,
called “guard hair.” Under that they have waterproof “under fur” which is
very thick. The Northern Fur Seal lives in the water most of the time. It can
stay out in the sea for over six months at a time. Even though it swims
underwater, it has to come up to breathe.
Sea lions are very social. There are some places near the shore where they
gather in large, noisy groups to rest and give birth to their pups. The pups
learn to swim when they are about a month old.
Read the questions below. You might need to look up some information in books or on the Internet.
Write your answers on the lines in complete sentences.
1. What are pinnipeds? _______________________________________________________
2. Where are northern seals found? _____________________________________________
3. What is a sea lion? ________________________________________________________
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Comp Ed, Inc.
Walruses are also pinnipeds. They live in the Arctic. The walrus has sensitive
whiskers and tusks. These help them to find worms and shellfish on the bottom
of the sea. A full-grown male walrus can grow to be as big as 12 feet (3.5
meters) long!
Whales are related to seals and walruses but they don’t have much fur at all. Most of a
whale’s fur is around its nose. Whales are most like seals and walruses because they are
mammals, and the baby whale grows inside the mother whale’s body. When it is born, like
other mammal babies, the baby whale is nourished by its mother’s milk.
Whales live in the water all of the time. Underwater they have to
hold their breath. When they come back to the surface they breathe
through their blowholes which creates a huge spray or spout of air, mist,
drops of oil and mucus.
The largest animal in the world is a sea animal. It is the Blue Whale.
The Blue Whale is over 108 feet (33 meters) long!
Read each question below. Circle true or false. Thank you.
1. Walruses are not pinnipeds.
2. Whales live in the water all of the time.
3. Whales, seals, and walruses are mammals.
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Comp Ed, Inc.
The most common sea animal we think of is the kind that has fins instead
of arms and legs. It has gills for breathing and hard scales over its body. It is
called a fish.
Fish live underwater, and since they have to breathe there, their bodies are adapted with gills
for breathing.
They don’t need arms or legs to move through the water, they just glide
around with their fins.
A fish’s scales protect it from environmental dangers as well as predators.
Fishes are cold-blooded vertebrates. There are two main classes of fish, jawed and jawless.
Jawed fishes are either cartilaginous or bony. Bony fishes have skeletons of bone just the
same as we have.
Draw a picture in each box labeled below. You may need to search for pictures in books or on the Internet.
[email protected] 2011
Comp Ed, Inc.
Sharks are cartilaginous which means their bodies are made of cartilage.
If you touch the tip of your nose you will feel cartilage. It is sort of like bone
but softer and flexible. Some of the species of sharks are: tiger, great white,
blue, mako, and the hammeredhead.
Most fish live where there is sun, but a few live so deep in the ocean that the sun’s light
and warmth never reaches them. Fish come in many different shapes and sizes, and they vary
greatly in their coloring.
There are fish that look like boxes, fish with horns, even fish with beaks like birds! Some
fish live as long as 50 years.
Most fish live in either salt or fresh water, but some live in both. There are
even fish that can survive for a short time out of water altogether!
Look up the definitions for the words below. Write the definition on the line.
1. flexible _________________________________________________________________
2. bone ___________________________________________________________________
3. cartilaginous _____________________________________________________________
[email protected] 2011
Comp Ed, Inc.
Besides their 10 legs, lobsters have hard shells covering their bodies.
Shrimp also have 10 legs, but they don’t have any claws. The shrimp
live on the ocean bottom and swim backwards using their tails.
Crabs also have 10 legs. A crab has a crusty shell and claws at the
ends of two of its legs. Crabs can walk forward and backward as well
as sideways. These are very curious creatures to watch at the ocean.
Hermit crabs live in shells left by other animals. The hermit isn’t a “true” crab because of
this. As it gets bigger it has to move on to find a bigger shell to live in. Hermit crabs are
crustaceans and there are several hundred species of hermits. Some live on
the land.
Barnacles are quite odd. They attach themselves to rocks and other
animals. Boats always have barnacles covering their sides and bottoms. They
just find somewhere to attach themselves and stay there. During its life the
barnacle’s shell grows around it. Barnacles get food by putting their feet out and kicking food
into their mouths.
Oysters as you know have two shells. It is common for oysters to grow
together in big clumps. They, like barnacles, attach themselves to things at
the bottom of the sea. They eat tiny animals and plants in the water. Oysters
lay eggs, millions of eggs. They don’t live very long because they are very
vulnerable. People love oysters and they are considered quite a delicacy by
Color the crab and oyster below.
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Comp Ed, Inc.
Scallops are another sea animal that people like to eat. The scallop swims by using its
shell. It opens and closes its shell and as the water comes out of the shell the scallop moves
Clams are another two-shelled animal. There are hard and soft shelled
clams. People love to steam clams so that their shells open. Then they eat
the clam inside. Eating steamer clams is an acquired taste!
A conch has one shell. It is hard and spiral in shape. Have you ever held
a shell up and “heard” the ocean in it? If so, that was probably a conch shell. They come in
different colors.
The conch has a big foot, just one, and it uses this to move along the floor
of the sea. Squid and octopus are relatives of the oyster, clam, scallop and
conch. All of this “family” look quite different from one another however.
Their family name is mollusk. Their common characteristic is a soft body
with no bones. Some have the hard outer shell oysters others have a shell
inside its body squid while others octopus have no shell at all.
Write about your favorite sea animal on the lines below.
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Find and circle these words.
They run down, across, and diagonally.
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Page 08 - breathe, social, nourished, skeleton, mollusk, conch
Page 09 - starfish, pinnipeds, conch, squid, oyster, jaw
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