Flood Re Property Data Hub Exceptions Process Flood Re uses



Flood Re Property Data Hub Exceptions Process Flood Re uses
Flood Re Property Data Hub Exceptions Process
Flood Re uses data supplied by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to support address matching
within the Property Data Hub (PDH). It is recognised that whilst this data should be correct and
complete, anomalies do exist, and as such Flood Re have implemented an exceptions process to
manage this issue.
This document sets out our approach to exception management including what is expected of
insurers when an exception occurs and the process to follow to get authorisation to cede.
What is an exception?
A number of exceptions have been identified to date under the following scenarios:
• Address not found within the database
• Address matched within the database however details are incorrect
What should I do if I identify an exception?
All exceptions should be logged in the first instance using the email address
[email protected] Participants should provide full details as follows:
The address which is causing concern
The FRid if the property has one
The error that has been identified
Where data is incorrect, clarify the potential correction
Evidence to support the correction
Flood Re recognise that address matching is essential to allow participants to determine premium
amounts and support quoting of business and as such will expedite these queries quickly where
possible. Flood Re will investigate the address concerned and may require further information from
Where an address is not matched and cannot be found, or there is an error in the data it is the
participant’s responsibility to provide Flood Re with evidence. Examples of evidence that could be
provided are as follows:
Council tax bill prior to 2009
Zoopla or another web search evidencing sale pre 2009
Home insurance policy pre 2009
VOA evidence where applicable
Planning applications prior to 2009
Land Registry Title Deeds
Other formal documentation evidencing year of build and/or residential status
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Following receipt of available evidence to Flood Re from the participant, approval of the exception
will be confirmed by Flood Re.
How do I submit an exception?
All exceptions where the information in the database is incorrect can be ceded as per the normal
process and included on the bordereau. Flood Re will ensure all approved exceptions are included
within a separate area of the database and the business rules where appropriate will be overridden.
The VOA data cannot be corrected within the database. Flood Re is not permitted to make
alterations to the property data and raises all data concerns directly with the VOA.
Flood Re will undertake regular reviews of exceptions against the quarterly data updates received
from the VOA in order to improve data reliability. This data will be included in the quarterly release
schedule and over time data quality should improve.
Further information
If you require further information on the exception process please contact the Operational Service
Desk using the e-mail address [email protected] or alternatively calling
03300243131 and selecting option 1.
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