HEAT—Hancock Energy Audit Tool



HEAT—Hancock Energy Audit Tool
Hancock Software is a leading provider of Mobile
Energy Audit and Cloud based Program Management
solutions for energy efficiency stakeholders.
HEAT—Hancock Energy Audit Tool
With the HEAT Energy Audit Tool for iPad and iPhones from Hancock
Software, state and local government, housing authorities, utilities
and energy service companies can successfully design and execute
energy efficiency programs. Hancock’ Software’s cloud-based energy
program management and reporting system ensures that energy conservation goals are met.
HEAT from Hancock Software is setEnergy Auditors that use
ting the standard for Energy Audit and HEAT:
Program Management excellence.
• Deliver consistent and
accurate energy audits on
HEAT is the system of choice for state
agencies, housing authorities, utilities • Specify recommendations
and energy services companies who
that save energy and
desire to leverage mobility to increase
the accuracy and convenience of on• Meet per measure
site data collection. When combined
minimum SIR requirewith one of Hancock Software’s online
program management systems, energy • Collect data to capture
efficiency program managers can
priority audit information
implement conservation programs that • Use off-line and then upoffer improved transparency and comload to Hancock’s centralpliance with established objectives.
ized program management system
Major HEAT features include:
• Spend more time in the
office and less time in the
• Offline Energy Modeling
• DOE and RESNET approved energy • Eliminate hand written
• Seamless integration with Hancock • Print completed audits
Program Management solutions
and energy savings
(WAP, Energy Efficiency, etc.)
reports on-site
• Calculates Energy Savings and
• Size heating systems usSIRs
ing manual J calculations
“The algorithms utilized in
the software provide sound
fundamentals results. The
direct calculation of HEAT
algorithms to return annual
energy savings is another
benefit to overall efficiency
and accuracy“
-- GDS Associates,
To learn more about the mobile
energy audit and online program management tools available from Hancock Software,
866-358-5317 ext 3
[email protected]

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