Europe*s Famous River*s



Europe*s Famous River*s
Europe’s Famous River’s
The Volga River
 The Volga river is often
called Mother Volga :
The Volga river is the longest river in
Its basin lies in the Russian federation
 Because it has played an
important part in the life of the
Russian people
 * over 40 % of Russia’s people
live near Volga
 * half of Russia’s farmers live
and farm near Volga
 * half of Russia’s industry is
located within
The Danube River
 Danube river is the second longest
river in Europe
* it’s begins in the black forest in
Germany and flows across central
*it forms the border between
Romania and Bulgaria
* the Danube River flows through
many cities ( capital ) :
Vienna , Bratislava , Budapest ,
The length of Danube is 2850 Km
• it’s one of the most significant
commercial waterways in Europe
• the Danube flows through :
Germany , Austria , Slovakia ,
Hungary , Croatia , Serbia , Bulgaria
, Moldova , Ukraine , Romania
Loire River
• * it is the longest river in France
• * it begins in the foothills of the
Massif Central and ending in
the Bay of Biscay
Po River
• * The longest River in Italy
• * it begins in upper of the
Alps and ending in the
Adriatic Sea

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