Prof. Dr. Ewa Rembiałkowska Organic food production and diets for



Prof. Dr. Ewa Rembiałkowska Organic food production and diets for
Prof. Dr. Ewa Rembiałkowska
Prof. Dr. Franc Bavec
Dr. Paola Migliorini
Dr. Sabine Zikeli
Professor, Head of Department of
Functional and Organic Food and
Professor of Field Crops and Organic
Agriculture, national representative
to the European Society for
Assistant Professor, University
coordinator of LLP ERASMUS
Programme, Scientific coordinator of
the UNISG Ecological Garden project
Coordinator for Organic Farming and
Consumer Protection, Member of the
Association for the Support of
Traditional Crops, German Union of
Soil Scientists and the International
Society of Organic Farming Research
Organic food production and
diets for a green Europe
Research emphasis:
Evaluation of the bio-compounds
content in organic vs. conventionally
produced plant crops and their
preserves; Different aspects of
organic and conventional food
consumers’ lifestyle; Impact of the
organic foodstuffs on animal and
human health.
Importance of functional
biodiversity on the fields and
how to support it
Research emphasis:
Sustainable agricultural system,
organic farming, production,
utilization of alternative crops.
Agrobiocultural diversity in
organic farming: results from
different studies in Italy
Research emphasis:
Agricultural model, agro-ecosystem
studies and agroecological approach:
Ecological, Sustainable and Organic
agriculture; sustainability evaluation
with agroecological indicators: soil
fertility, biodiversity, energy
efficiencies; Organic production
systems and effect on the products.
Organic Farming – A Benefit
For Biodiversity in
Research emphasis:
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition at the
interface to crop production and on
the management of natural resources,
especially in cropping system
research, carbon dynamics and
nutrient flows on farm level.

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