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Property Management & Accounting Software
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Easy to U s e
ith PropertyView's Remanage, your
organization will be up and running in a
matter of days, rather than the weeks (and
sometimes months!) often required by other
systems. Our Remanage software was built to
be the most flexible, user friendly product on the
market. To this end, the User Interface (UI) has
been based upon the Microsoft Outlook design,
arguably the most ubiquitous software UI currently
on the market.
We recognize that the greatest expense in installing
any new property management system is often not
the cost of the software, but the time and training
required to migrate your organization onto the
new program. Remanage was specifically designed
to minimize these migration costs, and maximize
your return on this investment.
The flexibility of Remanage's lease-based
system is perfect for:
Student Housing – Create a lease for each
student and attach multiple leases to a unit.
Separate statements can then be generated
for each student!
I found the software to be intuitive,
it’s easy to use and it was easy
to get started . . .
great solution.
Corporate Housing – Create one lease per
client and attach multiple units to the lease.
One statement can then be generated for all
Lease Ba s ed
Rent & other lease
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ropertyView's Remanage is a leased-based
system. This differentiates the software from the
majority of other systems, which are unit based.
The lease-based design handles the complex background
calculations and data structures required to accommodate
Student Housing and Corporate Housing markets.
R e po r ts
Export – and even email
– your reports with the click
of a button!
n order to maximize functionality, PropertyView's
Remanage has integrated Business Objects’ Crystal
Reports software directly into our system. Users are able
to view all of the standard PropertyView reports using one
of the most flexible report writers available. Using our Crystal
Reports package, you can:
Export reports to a wide variety of formats, including
MS Word, MS Excel, and many others.
Email reports to an unlimited number of recipients
directly from the software.
Edit existing reports and/or create custom reports for
your PropertyView software.
Add your organization’s logo to the standard
PropertyView reports with the click of a button!
Rent Roll
Lease Roll
Units Vacancy
Vacancy Loss
Lease Expiration
Vendor Purchases
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Statement
Chart of Accounts
GL Transaction Journal
Activity Log
Tenant List
Vendor List
Work Order List
and more…
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resident and
Lease Management
ropertyView's Remanage software provides
the benefits of both a contact management
system and a robust property management
and accounting software package
Track all key contact and demographic information
in the tenant record.
Enter and manage security deposits, recurring
charges (e.g. rent), and other lease information
using the lease record. Use the lease ledger for a
quick financial snapshot of a tenant.
Windows-based user interface
puts new users at ease.
sing Remanage's unique 4-step
approval process, Guest information can
easily be entered and tracked in the Traffic
module. Application fees and hold deposits can
be entered directly from the Guest Card.
In addition, Remanage allows the system to
easily handle wait lists, immediate move-ins,
temporary holds and future move-ins.
Our standard traffic reports provide information
not only for guests who successfully made it to
the leasing stage of the approval process, but
also for applicants who fell out of the process at
each key step.
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Complete Accounting
ropertyView's Remanage
offers a full-featured, completely
integrated Accounts Receivable,
Accounts Payable and General Ledger
accounting system. The software
operates on both cash and accrual
basis. The Chart of Accounts may
optionally be customized for each
property. In addition, an unlimited
number of budgets may be added to
each property.
accounting flow charts
make transaction entry
simple . . .
especially for
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Wo r k O r d e r Sy s t e m
se PropertyView's Remanage to track
maintenance work for all of your properties.
With our integrated system, you will have a
complete understanding of the status of current
projects, and a comprehensive history of all
completed tasks. In addition to providing valuable
records of all work done on a property, these
work orders can also be printed (or exported and
emailed!) and given directly to a vendor in order
to help facilitate the process. In addition, the
work order system is flexible enough to be used
to keep track of important communication with
You can automatically charge the parts and labor
costs associated with a work order directly to the
R e ma n a g e M o b ile C E
ropertyView's Remanage is the
first Real Estate software to market a
handheld solution that is completely
integrated with its property management
system. Manage inspections, work orders,
tenants, vendors, and more using the
Remanage MobileCE system.
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P latform
emanage was built with sophisticated development
tools, which translates into fewer software-related
headaches for our users. Remanage is the first property
management software utilizing the Microsoft .NET framework
and Microsoft SQL Database Engine. Because of this,
Remanage is much more than just a windows-based software
program. The program combines the speed and reliability of
a desktop application with the power and flexibility of a webbased application. As new web-based products and services
become available, they can be integrated directly into the
Remanage system, providing users with a seamless upgrade
path. This is why we believe that Remanage will be the last
property management software platform that you will ever
will be the
management software
platform that
you will ever
se Remanage as a stand-alone system or on a network.
Remote users can access a central database using the
standard configuration tools built into the Remanage
platform or use a variety of connection options. Simply choose
the configuration that works best for your organization.
Your LAN
PropertyView Solutions has several
time and money-saving products and
services under development:
Easy access “Owner Portals” for retrieval
of report and information visa secure
Automatic posting of vacant units to online
listing service.
Utility billing charge import
And more …
Direct Connect
High-Speed Internet
Local Application
Data Hosted at Server
Terminal Server *
Internet Connected
*CITRIX or other suitable terminal server application.
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feature list:
O ver vie w
Resident/Tenant &
Lease Management
Easy to Use
Premier training and installation support
Integrates with Crystal reports
Import/export data to a variety of
formats, including MS Word and MS
Export and/or email any report
Automated tenant move-in/ move-out
Consolidated financials
Lease based system
Comprehensive documentation and
online help system
Hundreds of standard reports included
Complete tenant and receivables
Maintenance reporting
Vendor history and payables tracking
Multiple tenants (and units) per
Unlimited recurring charges
Flexible charge frequency
Automatically calculates late fees
Track an unlimited number of
security deposits per lease
Prospective/past tenants
Wait list
Downloadable video demonstrations for
key functions
Work Orders
Integrated Accounts Receivable,
Accounts Payable, and General
MS SQL 7.0 database
Easy to enter and track
Microsoft.NET framework
Customizable chart of accounts by
Inherently web-enabled
Print, export and email work
Seamless upgrade path
Easy-to-use accounting flow charts
Track status of all current work
Maintain a complete maintenance
Unlimited budgets per property
Integrates with Remanage Mobile
User-definable transaction codes to
simplify data entry and reduce errors
Cash and Accrual accounting
Aged receivables and payables
Check Writing
Additional Modules &
Software Integration
Unique 4-step application process
Check writing/printing
Commercial Module
Easily handles hold deposits and future
move ins
MICR check encoding
Utility Billing Module
Unlimited bank accounts
Competitive Analysis Module
Automated bank reconciliation
Kardin Software Integration
Standard traffic reports provide
unparalleled market intelligence
Custom checks available
Proper t y View S o lu t i o n s , In c .
ResidentCheck Applicant
Screening Integration
PropertyBridge (ACH/EFT)
ROPERTYVI EW SOLUTIONS I NC. is a leading provider of financial software and
services to the Real Estate Industry. Our staff is comprised of experienced professionals who have been
developing, selling, and implementing Real Estate software for over 20 years.
PropertyView Solutions is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Our mission is to provide the most advanced, easy to use,
property management software in the market. The satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority. We look
forward to serving you as a customer.
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