ximea mq022


ximea mq022
 Model: Ximea MQ022CG-­‐CM Website: ] http://www.ximea.com/en/products/usb3-­‐vision-­‐standard-­‐designed-­‐
cameras-­‐xiq Connection to PC: USB 3.0 (power over USB 3.0) Total cost: approx. $1,800 Frames per second: 90-­‐250 depending camera resolution and processor load Resolution: up to 1920x1080 Sensor type: CMOS RGB Bayer Matrix Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor TrackMan rating: 9.5/10 (Indoor) 9.0/10 (Outdoor) Notes: Highest recommended indoor camera. Must have at least 1000 lux of light Connects to the desktop PC (desktop recommended) using USB 3.0 PCIe card. PCIe card should be purchased with camera from Ximea and computer must have an open PCI-­‐e x4 or greater port. • PC recommended Alienware Area 51 with i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 2GB dedicated graphics card and 500GB+ of hard drive space. • Must install Ximea XiCamTool: http://www.ximea.com/support/documents/14 • With the XiCam Tool you can adjust the image (shutter speed, gain, RGB, etc) and save the profile for each camera and use in TPS, for more information view this video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7xlhtztse3az6fz/ScreenCapture_7-­‐23-­‐
2015%209.31.13%20AM.wmv?dl=0 • When purchasing the camera you must purchase, the following: 1 Camera, 1 Lens, 1 Camera to Tripod mount, 1 USB 3.0 PCIe card and correct length USB cable. • The lens tested and recommended is the Tamron Vari-­‐focal 4-­‐12mm. This will accommodate distances from 7 feet to 18 feet from camera to player. • Ximea camera purchasing: Rainer Szymanski [email protected] • Tamron Lens available to purchase from Ron Byran 1st Vision [email protected] • To view video quality download the TrackMan Stroke files from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/odmwgc4746hrn5r/Ximea%20Use.tms?dl=0 •
Down The Line at 1,000 LUX (1440x1080 @148fps @1/2000 shutter) Fcae On at 1,000 Lux (1440x1080 @148fps @1/2000 shutter)