The power of the traditional stethoscope, amplified


The power of the traditional stethoscope, amplified
for Cardiology
The power of the traditional
stethoscope, amplified
for Cardiology
Introducing a new
horizon in cardiac care
The Eko Core digital attachment transforms a
cardiologist’s favorite analog stethoscope into a
powerful digital tool. The HIPAA-compliant Eko
Mobile App and Web Dashboard enable patient
heart sound visualization, annotation, and EHR
integration, making virtual consultations and
auscultation training easier than ever before.
“The Eko team has put together a
remarkable device that brings cardiac
auscultation to the digital age. The Eko
Core attaches to your own stethoscope
quickly and easily, and provides a simple,
intuitive interface to record heart sounds.
I've started using it in my daily practice
and even incorporated it into my teaching
Dr. Pavan Cheruvu, Cardiologist
San Francisco General Hospital
How it Works
Eko Core
Eko Mobile App
Eko Web Dashboard
The Eko Core is a digital attachment
to the analog stethoscope. It is the
first to enable seamless transitioning
between analog and digital modes
and the only stethoscope on the
market to wirelessly connect to a
mobile device.
Bluetooth wirelessly connects
the Eko Core to the Eko Mobile
App. The user-friendly and HIPAAcompliant app enables heart sound
visualization, sharing, saving,
and electronic medical record
integration anytime, anywhere.
The Eko Web Dashboard facilitates
consistent patient monitoring and
virtual consultations by allowing
specialists to review and annotate
patient heart sounds. Secure data
storage allows patient records
and annotations to be shared
easily between practitioners.
Eko for Cardiology
© 2015 Eko Devices, Inc.
for Cardiology
Eko Core & Mobile App
Analog & Digital
Mobile & Wireless
Visualize, Save, & Annotate
Eko Core is the first digital
stethoscope attachment to securely
transfer heart sounds directly to a
cardiologist’s smartphone or tablet.
Bluetooth provides real-time
connection between the Eko Core
and the Eko Mobile App. Eliminate
inconvenient and unwieldly cords.
Eko Mobile App displays heart
sound waveforms in real time.
Phonocardiograms can be used
to identify relevant heart sound
characteristics and saved for
future reference.
Eko for Cardiology
© 2015 Eko Devices, Inc.
for Cardiology
The Central Dashboard
Generate PDF Reports
Integrate with an EHR
Share & Collaborate
Conveniently generate PDF auscultation reports that can
be shared with referring GP’s
or consulting specialists. The
reports will hyperlink back to
the associated recordings in the
central dashboard.
Integrate patient heart sounds
and annotations with existing
EHR, telemedicine, and care
coordination systems so that
patient data is accessible to the
entire authorized care team.
Send and share patient heart
sounds and accompanying notes
to referring PCP or cardiology
specialists to improve continuity
of care or request a second
Eko for Cardiology
© 2015 Eko Devices, Inc.
for Cardiology
Use Cases
By the Numbers
Diagnostic Precision
Experience significant audio enhancement using Eko Core through
the digitization, amplification, and filtering of heart sounds. The
accompanying Eko Mobile App aims to refine diagnoses by enabling
visualization and annotation of phonocardiograms in real time. A
study in the Journal of Clinical Cardiology reported 18 and 32 percent
improvements in detection of S3 and S4 heart sounds respectively by
cardiologists when a phonocardiogram was used in conjunction with
Source: Clinical Cardiology 2010
specialist detection of S3 and S4 heart
sounds improved up to 18% and 32%
respectively when a phonocardiogram was
used in conjunction with auscultation
Coordination of Care
79% of specialists have indicated that a lack of timely reports from
referring physicians limits their ability to provide high-quality care. Eko’s
PDF Auscultation Report aims to coordinate care amongst practitioners
by allowing cardiologists and referring clinicians to properly document
referral justification, heart sound recordings, phonocardiograms, and
Source: JAMA Internal Medicine 2011; Pediatrics 2006
only 50% of initial referrals are
accompanied by information from
the PCP
Virtual Consultations
A study in Clinical Cardiology reported 70% of all pediatric cardiac
referrals for heart murmurs to be unnecessary. Seamless recording,
saving, and sharing of heart sounds allows the Eko Core to be used as an
echocardiogram pre-screening tool. Digital recordings of heart sounds
have proven sufficient for cardiologists to differentiate between innocent
and pathologic heart murmurs. Cardiologists can review patient heart
sounds recorded remotely by a clinician before deciding to schedule an
in-person visit.
Source: Clinical Cardiology 2008; Pediatrics 2002
83% of parents experience anxiety
surrounding their child’s referral
to a cardiologist for an innocent
Effective Teaching
Teach auscultation to cardiology residents and fellows with simple
sharing and demonstration of heart sounds. Both traditional analog
and digital auscultation skills can be refined by seamlessly transitioning
between modes at the touch of a button. Allow students to experience
real examinations virtually using the mobile connectivity and smartphone
Source: Annals of Internal Medicine
Contact Us:
[email protected]
Eko for Cardiology
Jason Bellet
Co-Founder and COO
[email protected]
diagnostic auscultation accuracy
of cardiology fellows is low, at 22%
Nicole Gaskari
Director of Corporate Development
[email protected]
© 2015 Eko Devices, Inc.

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