THE CZECH REPUBLIC The Czech Republic The Czech Republic


THE CZECH REPUBLIC The Czech Republic The Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is located in central
Its total area is 78 867 km2
Official language is Czech
Neighboring states are:
The Czech Republic is divided into 14 regions
The Primary
• Moravian-Silesian region is located in
the northeast of the Republic
• The area of the
region is 5 555km2
• The main city in Moravian-Silesian region is Ostrava
• The Primary School and Kindergarten
are located in the town of Frýdek Místek
• Frýdek - Místek lies on the banks of the
river Ostravice
• The town is located in the foothills
of Beskydy
• At present the town counts 59 867 residents
• Places to see: Castle in Frýdek, Jewish
Cemetery, Pilgrimage Basilica of the
Annunciation, Church of St. John the Baptist
• Founding of our school is dated to the
1st January 1994
• In 2009 we celebrated 15 years of
• In the school year 1993/94 was opened
only one class with pupils from different
years of studies
• In the school year 2010/11 in total 15
classes were opened
• The Primary School is attended by
98 pupils
• 55 children attend the Kindergarten
• In the school year 2010/2011 our
school has 4 workplaces, 29 teachers
in Primary school and 12 teachers
in Kindergarten
• The headquarter of Primary school with
secretariat and the headmaster office
• In this building is a total of 6 classes of
General primary school and Special
primary school
• Furthermore there is the school cafeteria,
relaxation room, computer lab and
daycare school
• In this building there is a Special primary
school with 2 autistic classrooms
and a kindergarten with 4 classrooms
• Then there is an excellent school kitchen
• A large garden with modern play
equipment for pupils is also located on
• This building belongs to another Primary
school. However, since this school year our
school has started to use the free
classrooms located on the top floor of the
• In this building there are 5 classes of
Primary school
• On campus there is also a large outdoor
Our school is involved in a number of major
projects such as:
• Comenius
• FM education
• Learning by image
• Bookmarks bring people together
• Urquell for people
These projects contributed
substaintially to the purchase
of playground equipment,
interactive whiteboard,
projector, school desks etc.
The Primary school and Kindergarten Naděje
Škarabelova 562
Frýdek- Místek 738 01
The Director:
The Deputy Director:
The Head teacher of Kindergarten:
Phone: 558 633 480
595 173 204
734 585 628
E-mail: [email protected]
PaedDr. Dana Zemánková
Mgr. Iveta Chlebková
Mgr. Lenka Nakládalová

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