chilly bear`s news-week beginning 30th November 2015



chilly bear`s news-week beginning 30th November 2015
Week Beginning 30th November 2015
Hello everyone, chilly bear here. What a busy week we have had!
Here are some of the things we did/learnt last week
Health and Well- being
Some of us were struggling to share and got a bit upset. We had a discussion about
who our best friends are, what we like to play and do at playgroup, how to play fairly
and how we feel when others don’t share. Some people said they feel “sad” and
“cross” when others don’t share. This helped us to learn that friendship, caring,
sharing, fairness, equality and love are important in building positive relationships
with others.
Maths and Numeracy
A few children enjoyed sorting and matching at playgroup. They sorted a big pile of
gloves and socks that were all muddled up into the correct pairs. They then sorted
them in different ways. (socks/gloves, striped items/spotty items). We looked at some
picture cards and decided to sort them into things you can eat and things you can’t
eat. Can you do matching and sorting with anything in your house?
Literacy and English
We sang some nursery rhymes at story time, exploring and playing with patterns and
sounds of language. We sang twinkle twinkle little star, incy wincy spider, and wheels
on the bus! The children decided there was a lion on the bus, who said RAR RAR
RAR and a dog on the bus who said woof woof woof.
Science – some of us enjoyed playing with the magnets in playgroup. We then read
the book called “Magnets” and thought of things that WOULD stick to a magnet, and
things that WOULDN’T stick to a magnet. Here is what we said
Would – pins, a spoon
Wouldn’t – wooden door, a cat, fruit, the floor
People in society – a police officer was in visiting us all at playgroup. His name was
Sergeant Maylin. He spoke to us all about what a police officer’s job is. Can anyone
remember???? Here’s a clue …. “keeping people ……. (safe)”
We also learned what to do if we get lost from our grown-ups in busy shops etc. (find
someone who works in the shop, tell them your name and that you have lost your
grown up, know your grown-ups name, or tell them your own name, and then they
will send out a loud message for you that your grown up will hear and can come and
collect you)
A small group of children went with Hazel and Katrina to the recycling point in
Aberdour. We took all the glass bottles that needed recycled and put them into the
correct bins.
Here are some of the things we hope to do/learn this week
Health and Well-being
For St Andrews day we will be discovering some Scottish foods for snack! Yum!
Literacy and English
It’s time to start learning some Christmas songs!! Yippee
Science – we will hopefully make/ play a game all about magnets
Make bird feeder which we haven’t had time to do!
Community Nurse Katie Dryden will be visiting on Monday 30th November.
Some dates for your Diary
Monday 7th Christmas Party-Alexander the Great from 1pm onwards
Friday 10th Visit by train to Kinghorn Lifeboat station (Ally will send out
separate email with more info)
Friday 18th Nativity & carols- Time TBA-End of term Playgroup closes
11.45 am
Here’s to another fun filled busy week!!
Chilly Bear x

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