Chemical Crossreference



Chemical Crossreference
KellerOnline’s Chemical Crossreference
Are you confused with who regulates the chemicals at your facility? OSHA
may call it one name, EPA another. With KellerOnline®, you can see which
agencies list your chemical or it’s synonym.
Use the Search feature to search
for chemicals by name or CAS#.
You can also flag chemicals that
you refer to often and then search
your flagged chemicals by name or
The same substance might be referred
to under a variety of names by different
government agencies. KellerOnline will give
a list of synonyms for your chemical. Each
of these synonym variations has the same
CAS# but may have a different name. [email protected]
KellerOnline’s Chemical Crossreference
KellerOnline will show you which regulations
your chemical is listed under for EPA, OSHA,
and DOT.
Many different agencies regulate certain chemicals.
Each agency has its own set of criteria as to what they
regulate and how they regulate it. With KellerOnline®,
the research has been done for you and can help you
make sense out of the tangle of regulations and standards. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today!
You will also be able to link to the
MSDS search in KellerOnline to find
the MSDS for your chemical. [email protected]

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