Lab Trial For Dombivali Chemical CETP


Lab Trial For Dombivali Chemical CETP
Ionic Permutit System Pvt. Ltd.
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Wastewater System Evaluation
Name of Industry: Address: -
Phone: -
E-mail: Contact Person: -
Type of Industry: -
Products manufactured: -
Ratio of organic to inorganic waste
Wastewater Characteristics
Flow m3/day
BOD (mg/lit)
COD (mg/lit)
Total Dissolved Solids (mg/lit)
Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
Heavy metal (mg/lit)
Oil & Grease (mg/lit)
Phenol (mg/lit)
Sulphide (mg/lit)
Chlorides (mg/lit)
Ammonical Nitrogen (mg/lit)
Untreated wastewater
Treated wastewater
(out of secondary)
Ionic Permutit System Pvt. Ltd.
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Email: - [email protected]
Details of Existing Treatment Plant
Equalization tank capacity in m3: pH and type of mixing in Equalization tank: Neutralization tank capacity in m3: Type of mixing in Neutralization tank: Primary Clarifier tank capacity in m3: Additives added in the primary: Biological treatment
Anaerobic tank: -
Aerobic tank: -
No. of Aeration tanks: Aeration tanks capacity in m3: HP & No. of Aerators: Dissolved Oxygen (DO) maintained: Percentage Recirculation of sludge in the secondary: Frequency and quantum of sludge wasting from secondary: ______________________
Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) maintained: Secondary Clarifier tank capacity in m3:Nutrients added in the secondary
Brief Description of ETP along with a Flow Chart:-
Main problem to be attended:

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