Nota de prensa - Torresol Energy



Nota de prensa - Torresol Energy
Press Release
A group of students from the International Advanced Seminar on
Solar Thermal Energy visit the plant Gemasolar
Fuentes de Andalucia, Seville, November 22, 2012. The solar thermal energy plant Gemasolar
has received the visit from a delegation composed by students from the International Advanced
Seminar on Solar Thermal Energy organized by the Spanish Advanced Technological Center
for Renewable Energy (CTAER in its Spanish acronym) together with the Euro Mediterranean
academies Groupe Inter-académique pour le développement (GID, Paris) and the Euro
Mediterranean Academic science Network (EMAN).
As part of the seminar taught from November 19 to 24 at the Engineering School of the
University of Seville, this group of students from all over the world has been able to visit the
most innovative thermosolar facility worldwide, the first plant in the world to combine a
technology of tower receiver with a molten salt storage system.
During the visit to the facilities, the delegation has been able to receive firsthand an explanation
of how this technology works by the person in charge of this visit, Santiago Arias, Technical
Director of Torresol O&M.
Gemasolar was the first project of Torresol Energy to enter into operation in May 2011 and has
an installed capacity of 19.9 MW of power being capable of supplying 110 GWh per year. Thus,
it generates enough power to supply 27,500 households. Also, being a clean energy, it reduces
by more than 30,000 tons per year the CO2 emissions.
Moreover, last week the management of Torresol Energy has been recognized with the final
prize in the CSP Today Seville awards in the CSP Dispatchability 2012 Solution’ category.
Gemasolar has been able to export more than 100 GW this year.
About Torresol Energy
Torresol Energy, a joint venture between SENER and Masdar, was created with the goal of becoming a leader in
concentrated solar power (CSP) and with the mission of promoting the technological development and operation of
large concentrated solar power plants around the world, especially in the so-called sunbelt: Southern Europe
(including Spain, North Africa, the Middle East) and the southwest United States.
Each of Torresol Energy’s new projects will introduce and test out new technologies, with the support of SENER, in
order to make concentrated solar power a financially competitive option and transform it into a real, feasible,
environmentally friendly, and sustainable alternative to traditional energy. In this sense, environmental conservation
for future generations is a fundamental commitment of Torresol Energy.
The company currently operates the 19.9 MW Gemasolar plant, with central tower receiver and heliostat field
technology, located in Fuentes de Andalucia, Seville, and the Valle 1 and Valle 2 plants (50 MW each), two twin
installations located in San Jose del Valle, Cadiz, with parabolic trough collector technology.
SENER is a private engineering and technology group founded in 1956 in Bilbao that seeks to offer its clients the
most advanced technological solutions and enjoys international recognition thanks to its independence and
commitment to innovation and quality. SENER has a workforce of over 5,000 professionals and revenues of 1.160
billion euros.
SENER engages in the specific activities of Engineering and Construction, and also has industrial holdings in
companies involved in Energy and Environment, as well as Aeronautics.
The Engineering and Construction Division, SENER Ingenieria y Sistemas, S.A., has become one of the leading
Spanish engineering firms, with revenues of over 653 million euros, around 2,500 employees, and offices in Abu
Dhabi, Algeria, Barcelona, Bilbao, Buenos Aires, Busan, Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico City, Okayama, San Francisco, São
Paulo, Seville, Valencia, and Warsaw.
In addition, SENER has promoted different projects through its Energy and Environment Area, in which it also has
holdings through the contribution of proprietary technology in renewable energies and waste to energy, such as
Zabalgarbi, Tracjusa, Valpuren Comatur, Valpuren Bañuelo, and Torresol Energy. The latter project, a joint venture
with Masdar, aims to promote the technological development, construction, operation, and maintenance of large
concentrated solar power plants around the world.

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