why light tape® is different


why light tape® is different
is different
Light Tape® The Unorthodox Alternative to a
the innovative alternative to a conventional routine
Conventional Routine.
Stop using outdated sytems, take a leap...
Even illumination: a uniform lightsource
without diffusion , no hot-spots, at any size!
Custom shapes: allow your creativity to
determine your lights design.
No heat: Unlike LEDs, Light Tape® can run for
40,000 hours and never gets hot. Ability to
withstand extreme tempatures.
Energy efficient: Light Tape® uses 40%
less power than traditional LEDs
Made in the USA: Built with pride,
manufactured to last.
Durability: Extremely impact resistant,
heavy load capable. Light Tape® can
withstand a bullet and still illuminate.
Thinner than a credit card: Light Tape®
can fit into any tight area with ease.
Easy Installation: Our technology is easy
to install. Interior or Exterior, Light Tape®
illuminates 150 feet on a single connection.
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