Chamber Fumigation


Chamber Fumigation
Chamber Fumigation
David K. Mueller
Fumigation Service & Supply, USA
Various Sizes
Various Shapes
One common theme is that they all should
hold fumigants long enough to affect a kill on
the target pest (s).
Pressure Chambers
• These special chambers hold 20-30 bars
of pressure and 100% carbon dioxide.
Carvex Pressure Chamber
treats spices in 2 -4 hours.
Vacuum Chambers
• These special chambers
hold 1 – 3 bars
of vacuum to help
the fumigants
penetrate into the
• Four main fumigants
– Phosphine
– Methyl Bromide (CUE and QPS only)
– Sulfuryl fluoride
– Carbon dioxide
Plastic ‘bubbles’
• A special system invited in UK by Rentokil
called the Rentokil Bubble can be
• Larger plastic chambers can be created in
various sizes.
Construction Materials
Most chambers are made of
Epoxy coated walls
Impermissible plastics
Truck trailers
Sea-land containers
Custom designed chambers
Export / Import
• Many items that are shipped throughout
the world get treated prior to unloading or
• Chambers are a convenient way to treat
high valued and quarantined products.
Leakage of fumigants in public areas
Monitoring for human safety
Human deaths of illegal passengers
Boundary line emissions
Special needs (Port of Rotterdam)
Available fumigants
Resistance management
Quarantine and preshipment
Common characteristic
Simple Tarp or Chamber fumigation using
Carbon Dioxide
Inert gas and oxygen scavenger for several days to 3 weeks
This is not a job for methyl bromide…
why? What fumigant would you use?
Organic Rice being fumigated with
Carbon Dioxide in Bangkok
Pressure Chamber
Spices treated in Germany with pressure and carbon
dioxide for 2-4 hours at 25 C
Fumigation Chambers
Ho Chi Minh City
UNIDO: Methyl Bromide Alternative Project
Heat Treatment Chamber
ISPM 15 treatment of wood pallets
Ivory Coast: Cocoa beans
Vacuum chambers made in Belgium, 24 m long, 3 wide, and 3 meters tall
50 tonnes/year of methyl bromide used for QPS: UNIDO Project

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