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Finnish company "Puumala Kotasaari Oy" is the sole owner of 21 hectares of land – a full
separate Island. It also has valid permits for construction of elite cottage settlement (individual
ownership is an option) located in Finland near the town of Puumala (“1000 Saimaa Lakes”).
The project location is quite unique:
1. Proximity to the the Russian border:
70 km from the auto border crossing Brusnichnoe.
110 km from Vainikkala Railway Station, right across the Russian border in Finland.
Vainikkala is 2 hours by train from St. Petersburg and 7 hours from Moscow.
2. Vainikkala. Availability of infrastructure centers:
Sulkava – 11 km - local township with hotel, shops, restaurants, car rental, etc).
Puumala - 20 km - district town with shops, restaurants, yacht clubs and other services.
Lappeenranta – 70km – the administrative center with airport.
Untouched by urbanization, ecologically clean area. The island surrounded from three sides by
the Saimaa Lake - Saimaa Lakes system stretches from South to North in Finland for over 900
km). Via Saimaa Lakes system you can get into the Baltic Sea, to Vyborg and St. Petersburg as
well. The plot is covered with pine forest. Rich flora and fauna: mushrooms, berries (blueberries,
cowberry, cloudberries, cranberries), wild hares, mooses and deers.
Waters abundant in fish including salmon (salmon trout), grayling, pike, burbot, perch, roach,
ruff, bream.
Transport accessibility
An asphalt highway leads all through to the Island with just 300 metres of local access by a
breack-stone road in perfect condition. The highway is maintained and kept clean of snow.
In summertime you can use water transport via Saimaa Lake – just 20 minutes to Puumala town.
In Winter - snowmobiles on ice.
The plan of the road on the half-island
Communications in the area (21 hectares)
The gravel road leads to each house plot.
160 kW own power substation is connected and operating.
Complete layout (underground) of electrical cables to every house on a permanent basis. There
are three intermediate electrical panels with the ability to connect on a temporary basis. Street
lighting arrangement done with foundations for the lanterns set-up.
Water supply
Consists of the equipped well with a pump, pumping station house with central heating and
expansion tank. Water supply is under pressure. Complete layout of water pipes leads to each
house (there are six of them). All pipes are insulated with polypropylene.
Centralized Sewerage
Full layout of sewer pipes and connections to every house. Underground multi-level treatment
facilities are built in accordance with the Finnish environmental requirements and standards.
Sewage lifting - at the very bottom of the plot the well with two pumps (primary and backup) is
equipped. Wastewater is pumped to the waste treatment facilities.
Building permit
At the moment on a plot of 21 hectares it is allowed to build five houses of 200 m2 each and one
house of 100 m2. In addition - outbuildings (garage, shed) of 70 m2 and a yacht club facility of
30 m2. Thus total construction area is 1200 m2.
Please be aware that all the terraces, balconies, canopies lower than 1,60m height can be built
additionally without constraints (the second light and stairs not included). After the construction
of the above mentioned structures on the general plan you may appeal to the local municipality
for further increasing of the number of buildings. The main target of the local municipality is to
preserve the environment. Experience of a positive reaction does exist.
General Plan
General plan is developed for the 21 ha plot with a precise indication of the buildings (6 houses,
a yacht club, a shed building). It also identifies the areas of environmental and historical security
(on the Island there have been found traces of ancient settlements - about the cabin yacht club build up in this zone is prohibited).
Location of Yacht Club is developed and pontoon berths for boats is at the end of the half-island.
Depth of 1,5m allows quite big boats and yachts.
The proximity of water wells and the electrical communication provides an opportunity for a
pontoon berth.
All areas for houses are located on the waterfront (with sea view). The facades of future houses
face South-West, thus prividing maximum Sunlight.
Yacht Club location is caused by the headland after which the water is always calm (no wind).
Also on this bay seaplane (small aircraft) can be parked - the use of which is widespread in
Finland. The descent and ascent of boats is in "B" on the road, owned by Kotasaari. There are all
conditions: the road approaches to the edge of water, gentle slope, it is already used by local
fishermen in agreement with Kotasaari.
Construction and Investment
Location of building points in organized so that not to disturb the neighbors and at the same time
not to be isolated. The distance between the houses is 100 -110 m
Fences in Finland are not customary. Thus, you have the opportunity to build a house in one
floor or two floors (recently more and more popular is the construction of one stored buildings).
Construction of houses can be made of different materials: laminated veneer lumber, logs,
timber, frame house with a filling of insulation, foam and blocks and bricks.
Based on the availability of high-level wood, known to the whole world, in Finland: Honka,
Portio, Kuusamo and so on, we advise you to build houses of laminated veneer lumber 205x200.
Approximate calculation of the price for house made of laminated veneer lumber 205x200
with the area of 200 m2:
House Kit
= 135 000 EUR
House building
= 30 000 EUR
= 25 000 EUR
= 30 000 EUR
(heating, water, sewage in the house)
Finishing the inside sanitary ware, kitchen
= 75 000 EUR
Landscaping and small architectural
=15 000 EUR
elements (gazebos, tents, etc.)
310 000 EUR
According to approximate calculations for one house:
5 Houses
310 000 EUR х 5 = 1 550 000 EUR
1 house (100 m2)
170 000 EUR х 1 = 170 000 EUR
35 000 EUR х 1 = 35 000 EUR
20 000 EUR х 1 = 20 000 EUR
Pier for boats and yachts
25 000 EUR х 1 = 25 000 EUR
Capital investments to the construction of facilities
1 800 000 EUR
Earth, communication and documentation of construction
1 300 000 EUR
and licensing
The total amount of investments
3 100 000 EUR
Commissioning and start up of all systems
10 000 EUR
2-year warranty 1%
18 000 EUR
Total amount
3 128 000 EUR
In case of constructing frame-panel houses the price can be reduced by 10 - 15%, and when
using brick - increase by 20 - 30%. But laminated board is proved to be environmentally
friendly, high-tech in terms of construction, durable, fashionable and modern material.
Finland - one of the countries with the lowest crime rate in Europe. Many owners (certainly not
in the cities) do not lock their houses. But, despite this in cottages Alarm systems are generally
used, which allows you to monitor the safety of structures by web cameras connected to the
police. Also Alarm systems control heating, water leakage, fire, and other settings via the
Internet and mobile communications.
As a rule, a manager who keeps track of all the buildings and manages them by sending an SMS
to the remote control at home is hired. He also organizes at any time cleaning, snow cleaning,
any small construction and service work.
Documents and Legal Form
“Puumala Kotasaari Koy” is set up as a homeowners association: 5 share-holders/founders Russian citizens and a director - (employed) Finnish citizen. Each founder owns equal 20%
shares. Registered shares are attached to a particular plot for the construction of a house. The
sixth house is currently stated as a guesthouse, and each shareholder will own 20% of the
structure, if not take in the sixth shareholder. After the construction of the house, the shareholder
draws it to himself and assigns to a particular location, owned by him in accordance with the
registered shares. The land outside of the houses (the rest of the Island) is under “Puumala
Kotasaari Koy” (including all roads, electricity and other facilities and communications) - in
which each shareholder has at the moments 20%. In case of further sale of a single plot of land
(the house), the shareholder sells his house together with his shares on joint ownership. This
form of association quite common and legal in EU.
At the moment, the annual land tax on 21 hectares is minimal – just 150 EUR/annum. No other
costs except electricity. After registration of the house of 200 m2 tax will stand at approximately
400 EUR/annum.
We tried to give you a general overview this unique location.

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