Introduction to MMP



Introduction to MMP
Manure Management Planner
Version 0.12
Brad Joern and Phil Hess
Agronomy Dept., Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Welcome to Manure Management Planner.
To create a new manure management plan, click the New button.
Select the operation’s state and enter the length of the new
plan (1-10 years).
The General panel is the first of 10 panels where you’ll enter
plan information. Click on a tab at the top to move to a
different panel.
Here’s the General panel for a sample plan whose information
has already been entered.
The Fields panel is where you define the operation’s crop
The Soil Tests panel is where you enter soil test data for the
fields that you defined on the Fields panel.
The Crops panel is where you enter each field’s crop rotation.
In this 5-year example plan, 5 crops have been entered for
each field.
The Storage panel is where you define the operation’s manure
storage facilities.
The Animals panel is where you define the operation’s animal
The Rations panel is where you select amendments that are
used with the animal groups.
The Analysis panel is where the estimated manure analysis
and production is displayed. You can enter your own manure
analysis and production here too.
The Equipment panel is where you define the equipment used
to apply manure.
The Manure Apps panel is where you plan manure field
applications for the length of the plan. The calendar at top
estimates when manure will exceed storage capacity (red).
The Rate Calculator can calculate application rate based on
manure N, P or K and the crop’s nutrient requirements. In this
example, rate is based on manure available N at application.
Once the application rate has been calculated, the number of
loads, total amount applied, and acres covered are displayed
and the storage inventory and field status grids are updated.
Scrolling to the right in the application grid shows the
estimated amount of N (75 Lb/A) available to the crop after
losses and the amount of commercial N needed (70 Lb/A).
In this sample plan, manure has been allocated for all plan
years, demonstrating that the operation has sufficient acreage,
seasonal land availability, storage capacity, and equipment.
Once enough information has been entered, you can generate
reports. Clicking the Tools button brings up a list of MMP’s
built-in reports.
MMP also supports custom reports that can be developed
with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access and added in to
Here’s MMP’s nutrient needs report viewed with Microsoft
Here’s MMP’s projected soil P and K report generated by
Microsoft Access.
MMP can also export all plan information to an Access
database or to dBASE files.
For more information or to download the current version of
Manure Management Planner, go to this Web site:

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