Data Collection for Stream Names



Data Collection for Stream Names
Delineation of the Texas Hill Country
Watersheds with Named Streams
Team Members:
Justin McInnis: Project Manager
Matt Anding: Assistant Project Manager
Brent Bernstein: GIS Analyst
Chris Colman: GIS Analyst
Hill Country Water Resources
• Clean and adequate water supplies are critical.
• Water quality is very sensitive to disturbances caused by development.
Hill Country Water Resources
• Endangered species are also present and must be protected.
Texas Blind Salamander
(Photograph courtesy of Joe N. Fries, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
Hill Country Water Resources
• Water quality protection regulations are most effective when based on
watershed boundaries, rather than county lines.
•We will help the Hill Country Alliance in their quest to educate the
public regarding these water bodies and watersheds.
Find the names of as many streams possible in the region
Delineate watersheds for these streams.
• 29 Shapefiles of the 29 Sub basins
that make up the Hill Country
• This data came from the National
Hydrography Dataset which is an
extension of the USGS website.
• These Sub basins are delineated by
the streams and rivers that flow in a
given area.
• They were downloaded in High
• Used for stream names
• Shapefile showing the 17 counties
of the Hill Country Alliance.
Source: HCA
• Digital Elevation Model of the
Texas Hill Country. Used for the
Analysis of the delineation of the
Data Collection for Stream Names
• Initial data download from USGS NHD dataset.
• USGS 7.5’ topographical maps and gazetteers were used to find
more stream names. No additional stream names were found.
• Only NHD data will be given to HCA. It is more data than they
previously had.
• Delineation of Hill Country Watersheds
Arc Hydro extensions
Use digital elevation models with flow directions
• Major and Minor Watersheds Defined using the DEM
• Fill Sink reconditioned DEM
– Filled in any “holes”
• Flow Direction and Stream Order
• Catchment Polygons created
– Delineates each stream’s catchment of water
• Adjoint Catchment Process attempted
– Dissolves polygon lines/ creates watersheds
– Did not work
• Catchment polygon lines had to be manually merged to produce final
• Watersheds for Hays and Kendall Counties were then named.
Final Deliverables
•Delineation of watersheds for 17 Counties in the Hill Country.
•Naming of as many streams as possible in the Hill Country area.
•Naming of watersheds in Hays and Kendall Counties

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