Sea World, Gold Coast - 2014 Photography Competition



Sea World, Gold Coast - 2014 Photography Competition
Sea World, Gold Coast - 2014 Photography Competition
Sunday, June 8th, is World Oceans Day. A day to celebrate life beneath the waves, to reflect on how much we depend
on the oceans, and what we can do to protect our seas.
This World Oceans Day, Sea World is launching its 2014 Photography Competition for all secondary students to
promote enjoyment and appreciation of the ocean, and share the beauty of its inhabitants through photography.
Who can enter?
 Open to ALL students in year 8 to 12
What to enter:
 Inspiring and artistic digital images that celebrate the oceans and the diversity and beauty of marine life
 Your image can include animals, habitats, behaviours, relationships, the movement of water (e.g. waves); or
any marine scene that celebrates the oceans in a positive way
Conditions of entry:
 Photograph must be original, captured by the competition entrant!
 Photograph must be accompanied with a completed student entry form
 Respect must be shown to animals (safe distance kept and no harm inflicted to capture images)
 Entry constitutes agreement for photo(s) to be published or displayed by Sea World as they see fit in any
related publication or event
How to enter:
 Submit high resolution image and entrant form and to [email protected]
 Entries close on August 8th, 2014 at 3pm
Presentation Evening:
 Finalists will be selected by a panel of marine scientists and photographers
 Finalists will be contacted and invited to attend a presentation evening during National Science Week at Sea
World, mid August
 Finalists’ images will be printed and showcased at the presentation evening where family and teachers are
welcome to attend
 Winners will be announced on the evening and great prizes will be awarded, including interactive animal
experiences at Sea World, Gold Coast
 Please direct any queries about the 2014 Photography Competition to [email protected]
Sea World, Gold Coast - 2014 Photography Competition
Student Name: _________________________________
Year Level: ______________________________________
Student Email: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian’s Name: ________________________
Parent/Guardian’s Phone No.: ______________________
School: _________________________________________________________________________________________
Teacher Authorising Entry: _________________________________________________________________________
Teacher email: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Image Title: _____________________________________________________________________________________
Image Location: __________________________________________________________________________________
Image Summary:
(approx. 100 word description of the image, why you chose it and how it celebrates the world’s oceans)
Image Originality and Release:
I, ____________________________________, confirm that the photograph(s) I am submitting into the Sea World
2014 Photography Competition is an original image that I personally captured. I also consent to my photo(s) being
published or displayed by Sea World as they see fit in any related publication or event.
(Please attach/insert two or three other images from the same series as your photo entry for proof of originality.
These secondary images do not have to be good quality and will not be used for judging.)
Please print, complete, scan & email this form, or digitally complete & email, to [email protected]
along with your high resolution photo entry and your secondary images by August 8th, 2014.

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