This guide explains how to add a public


This guide explains how to add a public
How to add a public engagement activity
This guide explains how to add a public engagement (PE) activity to the University publications system.
Why should I add these activities to the system?
PE activities are promotion relevant
(; the system can act as your
storage place.
Submitted activities along with outputs automatically feed through to the REF-supporting system
IRIS, helping you to build REF case studies.
The University has to report to HESA for its Business and Community Interactions survey and that
includes PE activities; this new process makes the figures more reliable, diminishing under-reporting.
Create a new record
1. Log in to the University publications system using your IT login.
2. Scroll down to Professional activities and click on the +add button.
3. Select the Public Engagement Activity field
4. Fill in the fields (fields marked by an asterisks are required)
May 2017
Event type: We have tried to capture as many different forms of public engagement. Feel free to use ‘Other’
if yours seem not to fit to the listed ones.
Event description: Describe the event in more detail.
Contributors: This will list you automatically. You can add colleagues and external people as well.
Audience entry fee: Were people charged (by you or another organiser) to attend the activity?
No of Attendees: How many people took part/attended? If you do not know, please put a ‘0’ in.
May 2017
Purpose of activity: Tick all that apply and/or state any other purpose if you tick ‘other’.
Research cycle stage PE activity relates to: Tick all that apply.
Used or created resources: List resources you have created for this activity, e.g. websites, toolkits, demos,
games, etc.
Feedback/Evaluation data and where held: State what feedback/evaluation technique you have used and
where you hold the data (this is for your information only to make it easier to retrieve it when needed).
Other relevant information incl. urls: Use this field for anything else you find important to associate with
this activity.
Press the Save button in the bottom right
For questions contact the [email protected], x31149.
May 2017

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