July Campaign Webinar Substance Abuse and Retention Transcript



July Campaign Webinar Substance Abuse and Retention Transcript
July/August in+care Campaign Webinar Chat Transcript and Polling Results
Substance Use and Retention
NQC: do these trends in Dr. Cunningham’s slides mirror what you have seen at your sites in your
Jocelyn Loren: yes
Sarah Cook-Raymond: For those interested in HRSA's Special Projects of National Significance work on
treating opioid abuse (e.g. heroin and prescription pain medications) with buprenorphine, you can view this
monograph: http://www.hab.hrsa.gov/abouthab/files/hab_spns_buprenorphine_monograph.pdf
Sarah Cook-Raymond: Also, HRSA's Special Projects of National Significance will be conducting a training
series on how you can build capacity to deliver buprenorphine into HIV primary care settings to treat opioid
use. The first Webinar will be Tuesday, August 28 at 1 pm EST on their technical assistance site
(http://www.careacttarget.org/); more will follow in September. There will also be a training guide, a
curriculum to train your staff, and an online forum to post questions and network with other providers doing
this work. All of these materials will be live in time for the August 28 Webinar launch. Any questions can
also be sent to me at: [email protected]
Paul B. Goulet: Are slides going to be available after the presentation is over?
July/August in+care Campaign Webinar Chat Transcript and Polling Results
Substance Use and Retention
NQC: Hi Paul! Yes you can access the slides right now at www.incarecampaign.org under RESOURCES it
should be right at the top of the page
Paul B. Goulet: Great thanks!!
Jennifer Carmona: How high is too high for a medical appointment? Is there a reason that someone who is
high cannot have a primary care visit?
NQC: (Dr. Cunningham responded live – listen to the recording to hear her response to Jennifer’s question)
Angela: I do not see the 8/28 webinar on the calendar: http://www.careacttarget.org/calendar/%2A
Sarah Cook-Raymond: Hi Angela. It will be posted shortly. We're finalizing all of the slides with grantees
and SPNS staff and working with the TARGET Center representative currently so it should be added on there
any day now.
Angela: Thanks!
Scott Parker: Our FQHC is working towards Patient Centered Medical Home status (PCMH) and I think many
changes related to this designation will address harm reduction i.e. same day appointments, after hours
appointments, etc.
NQC: (Dr. Cunningham responded live – listen to the recording to hear her response to Scott’s question)
Terri Moncus: Great response to that question.
Maurice Evans: (16:35) My problem has been getting people housed but not being able to maintain
housing because of Alcohol & drugs issues. how do i apply harm reduction here?
Jackie Tulsky: It's really not a serial intervention issue, but a parallel issue - work on housing, with psych
and addiction care at the same time seems the way to successful way to have sustained success with this
population (Dr. Cunningham also responded to Maurice’s question – listen to the recording to hear her
response to this question).
Maurice Evans: Thanks Jackie that's helpful!
Bruce Vancil: Shanti has been instructing clients on methods for self-advocacy and getting some positive
feedback from clients.
Angelique: Yolada B Hartford have a travel clinic that works well in the rural areas
Mercedes Chavez/Edwin Cabassa: Can someone comment on the role of the adherence counselor in
working with active drug users who need ART?
Jackie Tulsky: For adherence counselors having them have the tools to do the substance use assessment
and use Motivational Interviewing to do ongoing assessment of the patient's view of the relationship
between addiction and adherence can be helpful. It's clear patients can be very adherent to ART even if
actively using, it seems to be very individualized.
Rafael Abadia: Are their training for medical providers ?
NQC: www.hivguidelines.org is one resource. Drs. Cunningham and Tulsky provided additional information
and resources – listen to the recording to hear their responses to this question.
July/August in+care Campaign Webinar Chat Transcript and Polling Results
Substance Use and Retention
PARTICIPANTS (41 Self-Identified of 87)
Michael Hager – NQC, New York, NY
Marlene Matosky – HRSA, Rockville, MD
Amy Zarr, Linkage to Care Specialist in Milwaukee, WI
Hunter Robertson, Richmond, VA - HIV Service Planner
Julia Schlueter - St. Louis, MO - Quality Director
Amy Zarr AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin
Jennifer Carmona Bellevue Hospital, NYC. QI manager for Virology Services.
Jocelyn Loren Quality Coordinator, Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center
Melissa Tiffany-AIDS Project of the Ozarks-Clinic Director
Helen Ferlazzo APN, Part C program manager, VNACJ Community health center, Asbury Park, NJ
Yolanda Benjamin, Hartford, ct. Nurse Quality Manager
Diane Hermes - Medical Case Manager - Rural AIDS Action Network - Rural Minnesota
Jackie Stith queens nursing supervisor Elmhurst hospital ID clinic
Rich Fowler, Consumer & Community Relations Manager at AIDS Care in Rochester, NY
Bruce Vancil, Case Manager, Shanti Orange County, Calif.
July/August in+care Campaign Webinar Chat Transcript and Polling Results
Substance Use and Retention
Lynn Nagel - CQI Coordinator, AIDS Activities Office, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Allentown, PA
Yvette Buckhaulter Linkage to Care Specialist in Milwaukee, WI
Gloria Bean, Quality Coordinator, Austin TX TGA
Maurice Evans Cacade AIDS Project, Portland OR
Sarah Corella, Public Health Nurse / LTC Coordinator, Orange County, CA
Scott Parker Western NC Community Health Services, Asheville, NC
Diane Granberry-Bates -St. Louis, MO - Patient Retention Specialist
Jessica Jimenez- Program Coordinator, Mount Sinai in New York
Shawntrell Miles Quality Manager- Anthony Jordan Health Center- Rochester, NY
Mindi Tambellini, Bilingual Case Manager for HIV + youth, Larkin Street Youth Services
LaToya Gates, Prevention Specialist
Mercedes Chavez/Edwin Cabassa St. John's Riverside Hospital/HOPE Center
Paul Goulet Consumer Office Director, MA Dept of Public Health Office of HIV/AIDS
Kim Hadank-Swinson, NH RW CARE Program services
Sarah Ornellas: Health Services Case Manager at Larkin Street Youth Services in San Francisco
Claudia Cameron: Case Manager Tech, Orange County NY
LaToya Gates Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
Angela Bonaguidi, Assistant Director of Adult Outpatient Substance Abuse, University of Colorado at
Rupali Doshi, Clinical Advisor, HRSA
Terry Beard Peer Advocate Springfield, Il
Pau Crego, Bilingual HIV Prevention Peer Advocate, Larkin Street Youth Services
Sarah Cook-Raymond, Impact Marketing + Communications, Washington, DC, Health Resources and
Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau consultant
Efraim Padilla MA LPC-S Mental health coordinator FFACTS Clinic San Antonio, TX
Taneesa -Care Outreach Specialist The Partnership Comprehensive Care Practice in Philadelphia, PA
Ethel Ruff: HIV Peer Counselor

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