Backup of Silverback Carbon Bond s


Backup of Silverback Carbon Bond s
Silverback Carbon Bonds © Great Forest Holdings Silverback Carbon Bonds
$10,000 offsets carbon footprint for up to 1,100 five day safaris
A Silverback Carbon Bond is comprised of 950 tons CO2e1 priced at $10,000 per bond. Each bond is ⅔ REDD2 credits and ⅓ reforestation credits associated with the expansion of the world renowned Volcanoes National Park (PNV) in Rwanda ‐ home to approx. 350 of the last 700 surviving Mountain Gorillas on earth. Silverback is a term used to describe a mature male gorilla whose dark hair turns silver on their backs when they mature. The government of Rwanda plans to expand the Volcanoes National Park and Great Forest Holdings has co‐
developed a plan to increase the area suitable for gorillas, by 33%, using an innovative business model that incorporates the Silverback Carbon Bond as a primary instrument to finance this dream of the government and conservationists. 1. CO2e = Carbon dioxide equivalent ‐ a measure of green house gas emissions
2. REDD = reduced emissions from avoided deforestation and degradation 3. Great Forest Holdings is a joint venture between Great Plains Conservation and SFM Africa. These bonds are designed for Tour Operators to use to offset the carbon footprints of the safaris they sell and for private individuals wan9ng to offset their personal footprints
The map shows the remaining forested areas of the PNV in a sea of de‐forestation. The yellow line represents the proposed Park expansion of 3,600 ha (8,900 acres)
Silverback Carbon Bonds © Great Forest Holdings Help secure the Mountain Gorilla’s…
Your Investment in a Silverback Carbon Bond will:
Expand the gorilla habitat in Rwanda by 33%
Protect the current Volcanoes National Park forests
Capitalise a community owned Development Corporation
Facilitate community partnership in a world class ecotourism lodge
For more information:
Kevin Leo-Smith - [email protected]
Colin Bell - [email protected]
Silverback Carbon Bond
One $10,000 tranche enables the offset
of up to 1,100 five day safaris.
• The Great Forest Holdings safari
carbon calculator enables tour
operators to determine the footprint of
each safari sold
• A register will keep track of the carbon
stock left in the bond
• Bonds will be registered in the Lands
registry office of Rwanda
• Bond holders will receive a certificate
of title of the bond
• The 3 ha of land associated with the
bond will be clearly identified on a
satellite image
• The whole project will meet the
Voluntary Carbon Standards (VCS) and
will be 3rd party certified to highest
international standards.
The proceeds of the bonds will be placed in ESCROW with a commercial
bank, pending the achievement of defined measurable milestones and
only released to Great Forest Holdings once the milestones are certified
by independent 3rd party agencies.
“As we look back at life, staring into the eyes of extinction is not something we
want to remember with deep regret. We prefer to reflect on the small role we
played in finding solutions for a prosperous Rwanda, a prospering community and
a prospering gorilla population!” - Dereck and Beverley Joubert

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