School Support Assistant


School Support Assistant
Thank you for your interest in this position
Education and Children’s Services
School Support
Welcome to Fife
I am proud to be Chief Executive of Fife Council. Working with colleagues and
councillors, together we provide vital public services for over 360,000 people and
believe our role is to help improve lives and communities.
We are ambitious for Fife but our most challenging years ever lie ahead. More and
more people need our help and we’re focussed on reducing inequalities and
increasing opportunities throughout our communities. And yet, like the rest of the
public and voluntary sector, we have less money and fewer staff to get the job
These are challenging times, but it’s also an exciting time to be in local
government. We’ve got a unique opportunity to redesign the way we provide
services and make a positive difference.
We’re looking for enthusiastic people with compassion and respect for the
residents of Fife, who are ready to help us transform local services for the future.
Steve Grimmond
Chief Executive, Fife Council
If you have any queries about the job information pack or application process, please contact the Transactions Recruitment Team.
You can do this by telephoning 03451 550088, (VOIP 2000 if internal to Fife Council), or by emailing [email protected]
.The Transactions Recruitment Team are located in Fife Council, Fife House, Glenrothes, Fife, KY7 5LT. We value diversity and are
striving towards equality of opportunity. All applicants will be considered fairly and on merit.
Job Profile
Job Title:
School Support Assistant
File Reference Number:
Directorate and
Education and Children’s Service
Reports to:
Headteacher/Business Manager
Para Professional 1 FC3
Job Purpose:
To assist the class teacher by undertaking a range of general and clerical tasks including preparing and maintaining
classroom materials, supporting activities that contribute to the care and welfare of pupils and assisting pupils.
These will normally be undertaken within the school or classroom.
All activities undertaken will be under the overview of the class teacher who is responsible for delivery of the
curriculum and welfare and education of pupils and will direct activities and staff in support of this.
Key Tasks &
Under the direction and supervision of a class teacher or Senior member of staff, you may be required to undertake
any of the following tasks. It is not intended as a complete list of tasks.
Activities Include:
 Duplicating, making booklets, setting out and clearing away equipment.
 Making displays e.g. mount pictures, create interest tables.
 Organising, maintaining, distributing and collecting resources as required and directed e.g. record TV and
radio programmes, extract pictures from magazines, find suitable references in books.
 Reinforcing good standards of pupil behaviour.
 Supervising non-teaching areas e.g. corridors and cloakrooms or pupils during non-teaching times e.g. wet
playtimes, break-times, school outings, practical class activities, etc
 Escorting pupils within and out-with the premises.
January 2016
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Job Profile
 Contributing information to the planning and review process of individual pupils.
 Supporting individual pupils or groups of pupils by overseeing set work, as directed by a Teacher or senior
member of staff.
 Developing working relationships with pupils, parents and staff.
There may be a requirement, as directed by the Headteacher, for you to undertake duties as a First Aider, for
which training will be provided and a First Aid allowance will be paid.
General Tasks &
Supervisory Responsibility
 You will have no staff supervisory responsibility
Supervision Received
 Your immediate supervisor will be the class teacher from whom guidance should be sought. You will also
have one nominated supervisor amongst the school Management Team who will provide general support
and guidance.
 You will work closely with class teacher who will provide regular updates
 Review of CPD by line manager
Work Contacts
 Daily with pupils and school staff
 Where appropriate with specialist staff within the Education Service and parents
Creative Work
 Creating and arranging displays in the classroom
 Developing and organising a system to maintain resources
January 2016
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Job Profile
Other Duties
You may be required to perform duties, appropriate to the job, other than those given in the job profile. The particular
duties and responsibilities attached to a job may vary from time to time without changing the overall purpose of the
job and would not, therefore, justify reconsidering the grade of the job. Such variations would be reflected in an
updated job profile.
Special Conditions:
January 2016
Before confirming appointment, you will be required to obtain PVG scheme membership through Disclosure
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Person Specification
School Support Assistant
Within Education and Children’s Services
Experience of working with children
Previous experience of supporting young
people with additional support needs.
General all round education with a minimum of
2 standard grades or equivalent, which
demonstrates a satisfactory level of literacy and
Skills, Abilities &
Knowledge gained in the workplace and
through experience of working with children.
Experience of team working
Training and
Knowledge and understanding of the
development needs of pupils.
Able to produce simple written reports.
A flexible, creative approach to problems.
Able to demonstrate good organisational skills
and attention to detail.
Interpersonal &
Able to maintain confidentiality.
Able to communicate with a range of people.
Demonstrates tact and patience.
Health & Physical
January 2016
Ability to provide a regular and effective
health screening
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Person Specification
School Support Assistant
Within Education and Children’s Services
How We Work
OD12 How We Work Matters details the
behaviours are required for successful
performance in the role.
January 2016
Working Together
Delivering Results
Taking Ownership
Customer Focus
Embracing Technology and Information
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