Employee Instructions


Employee Instructions
How to access and use the Human Resource Employee Kiosk
1. To utilize the HR Kiosk to access your position details, attendance, leave balances, paycheck
information and online leave requests, you must first create a user account by going to
2. Click on “New user? Click here to register”.
Enter either your Employee ID number OR your Social Security Number in the
designated box.
Click on the drop-down arrow and select your school district’s county.
Click on the drop-down arrow and select your district.
Enter your email address that your district has defined in the payroll system (BIOSCN).
Click on the Submit button.
8. After you click on the Submit button, a message will be displayed notifying you that the
account request has been created and that a temporary password will be emailed to you
9. After you receive the email stating that your account has been created and giving you a
temporary password you can log into the Kiosk (see instructions on page 1). Enter your
username and copy and paste your password into the login screen. The password is case
sensitive (lower case) so it is best to copy and paste the password into the screen, however,
the username is not case sensitive. You will be immediately asked to create a new password.
The new password must be at least 8 (eight) characters in length. It will be your choice of
alpha and/or numeric characters. You can bookmark this login page for quicker access.
10. After changing your password, and in future logins, the “Employee Profile” screen will be
displayed. This screen will show the biographical data that is on file with your district’s
payroll office. If any information is incorrect or needs to be updated, please contact your
payroll department.
There may also an Announcement Board that will display messages from your district
administration if your district chooses to use this feature. If your district posts any announcements
you will see the “KIOSK Announcement Board” and arrow.
11. To view the announcement board, click on the arrow. You can also close the announcement
board by clicking on the arrow a second time.
Changes in
information can
be requested by
clicking here.
Updates are not
automatic and
will be made by
12. When you click on the “Position Details” button the screen will display your job information
that is on file with your district’s payroll office. If you have any questions regarding this
data, please contact your payroll department.
NOTE: If you have multiple active jobs in your district, you will have a “Current Positions” box
that will be displayed. You will need to click on the “Display Details” link to display the detailed
data for a specific job.
a. You can also create a spreadsheet with this data by clicking on the “Export to .CSV”
13. When you click on the “Leave Balances” button the screen will display your leave balances
and the details regarding the leave that is on file with your payroll office. If you have any
questions regarding this data, please contact your payroll department.
This is the number of entries –
not page numbers.
By clicking on the “Export detail activity to .csv” link, you can create a spreadsheet with your
leave balances.
The “Filter Detail Leave Activity” section will allow you to click on the drop-down arrow(s) and
filter your leave activity. You can also include a start and end date to further filter the data.
16. When you click on the “Payslip” button you will be able to view your paycheck stub
summary data. The “Pay Slip Summary” will also display leave days used and balances.
Click on the arrow by the Pymnt Date to sort the
checks by ascending or descending date order.
Click on the check date to view details regarding
this check. See the example on the next page.
Check Detail Example:
16a. You can also click on the “Export to .CSV” link to create a spreadsheet with all payslip data.
The “Leave Request” feature will allow an employee to create a leave request and submit
it for approval to their supervisor via email. Click on the “Leave Request” button then
click on “Create New Request”.
17a. If you have multiple active jobs with leave, click on the drop-down arrow in the “Job” section and
select the job for which you are requesting the leave.
17b. Click on the drop-down arrow beside the “Leave Type” field and select the type of leave you
are requesting.
Professional leave requests will open up a new window for additional expense information.
17c. Type in a brief description of the reason for the leave in the “Reason” field if required or
you can also type in more description in the “Comments” section.
After selecting the leave
type, the balance for the
selected leave will be
Leave can be requested in values of:
1 – whole day or whole hour
.5 – ½ day or ½ hour
1.5 – 1 ½ days or 1 ½ hours
depending on your districts leave
benefit unit defined in payroll.
17d. Next, select starting and ending dates for the requested leave. Click on the calendar icon to select
dates from a pop-up calendar box. When the date is selected, click the “Close” button to close the
calendar. Then click on the drop-down arrows and select start and end time for the leave.
This will be your current starting and ending times for your work day (ex. 7:30 am – 3:00 pm).
This will be most useful when requesting a partial day of leave so that your supervisor will know what
part of the day you will be out.
17e. Additional information for a substitute in your absence can, also, be added.
17f. After the leave request is completed, click on the “Submit” button to send the request to the
supervisor shown in the “Supervisor’s Name” field that will be approving this request. You also
have the option to “Clear” the request and start over or “Cancel” the request entirely.
17g. A notice of successful request submission will be displayed on your screen. You and your
supervisor will receive an email message regarding this leave request.
18. To view a leave request in process, click on the “Leave Request” button and select “My
Request(s) in Process”. Click on “Details” link next to the request you want to view. The
“Status” for the request will be displayed. After this request has been approved, you will
need to view the status and/or details by clicking on “My Processed Requests” (see
Processed Requests section on following pages).
19. To view a processed leave request, click on the “Leave Request” button and select “My
Processed Request(s)”. You can also filter the processed requests by entering starting and
ending dates and/or clicking on the drop-down arrows for leave type and status. Click on
“Details” to see request details. The “Status” will show as “Approved” or “Rejected”. After
the leave is approved or rejected, you will receive an email notification
20. If you don’t receive a response from your supervisor, you can escalate the leave request to your
district’s leave administrator (usually will be someone in the HR or Payroll department) by
clicking on Leave Request and selecting Leave Requests in Process. Next, click on Details. In
the Leave Request Detail section, click on the “Escalate to HR Leave Administrator” button.
20a. The screen will display the message “Escalation successful” and the status will change to
21. You can also Cancel the leave request or Add a comment to the request after it has been
submitted. Access your Leave requests in process and open the request detail. Click on
either the “Cancel Request” button or enter a comment then click on “Add a Comment”
21a. After clicking on the Cancel Request button, leave status will be change to “Cancellation
Requested”. The cancellation request will be displayed in your Transaction History.
21b. To Add a comment to this request, open the detail Leave Request. Enter your comments in
the Comment section and click “Add a Comment”. The comments will be added to the
request and displayed in the Transaction History.
Your password in the HR Kiosk will never expire. It will remain the same until you
choose to change it. To change your password, click on the “Change Password” button.
22a. Enter your old password, new password, and re-enter new password. Remember that the new
password must be at least 8 (eight) characters in length and IS CASE SENSITIVE. It will be
your choice of alpha and/or numeric characters and upper or lower case. Click on Login to
accept the password change.
23. The Calendar Tab on the top of the screen is a feature that will be available on a future
update of the software.
24. The “Other Links” button will allow the user to access predefined links to useful websites
and will also allow you to click “Edit Links” and add personal URL links to your account.
NOTE: A global link can also be added by the “District Link Administrator”.
24a. To add a personal link, click on “Other Links”, then click “Add Folder”.
24b. Enter a Folder Name, the URL and a URL Description and then click the “Add Folder” button.
24c. You will see that the personal link folder and the URL you entered has been added to your
“Personal Links” section.
24d. Your personal links can be modified by clicking on the “Maintain Links” button.
24e. Click on the
icon next to the link you wish to modify.
24f. You can choose to delete the link or apply the changes after updating the link. The “Cancel and
Return to Links Maintenance” button will cancel the edit and return you to the links section without
making any changes. You also have the option to delete the link from your personal links.
25. You can also create IPDP plans in the Kiosk as required. Your district IPDP administrator must first
create an IPDP Committee and add Committee members before you will be able to use this feature. Click
on IPDP then click on “Create Plan”.
25a. Below is an example. NOTE: The certification information comes from ODE. A file is
sent periodically containing this information. The IPDP user must also have a valid state
Cert ID (Credential ID) assigned to them in payroll so that the Select Certification box
can be populated.
NOTE: This screen shot is of the bottom of the IPDP plan.
25b. There are options available at the bottom of the IPDP plan:
i. Save for Later – will allow you to return at a later date and complete the plan
ii. Submit for LPDC Approval – will email the committee members a notice that you have
completed the plan for their review.
iii. Cancel – cancel the current plan and allow you to start over.
26. When you are finished accessing your personal employee data in the Kiosk, please click
on the Logout link. Your personal information would be accessible to anyone who would
access the computer after you if you do not logout.
Revised: 7/30/08

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