summer 1 enchanted woodland scennted garden



summer 1 enchanted woodland scennted garden
Caldecote Primary School
Happy Healthy High-Achieving
Summer 1 “The Enchanted Woodland and Scented Garden’
Daily / Weekly
- Reading: read with your child for a minimum of 15 minutes each day and discuss
books that are read.
- Number: Mathletics every week.
- Spellings: Given out on Fridays to be tested the following Friday.
Topic related activities
These can brought into school at any time before Tuesday 23rd May and will be
shared each week on Tuesdays.
We would like you to complete at least 3 of these (but you can do more!)
- Plant some daisies, poppies or other wild flowers and draw and write a flower diary
about the changes you see each week
- Take photographs or draw pictures to show your flowers as they grow and change
- Take your family for a woodland walk near your home
- Take photographs of interesting flowers on or trees to show your friends at school
- Search the web for images and facts about amazing woodlands or forests around the
world; make a scrapbook showing your favourite ones
- Go on a tree hunt - can you show an adult a coniferous (evergreen) and deciduous
- Make patterns and sculptures using natural materials in your garden and take
photographs of your artwork
- Find out about famous artists who use the woodland and flowers for inspiration
- Have fun building a den with your family or friends; draw a picture or take a
photograph to show your friends at school
- Write about how you made your den and what materials you used
- Make miniature homes and gardens for fairies and pixies from natural materials such
as bark, pebbles, twigs, leaves and pine cones
- On a visit to a supermarket, find plants you can eat including herbs, vegetables and
fruits. Which part of the plant are they? The roots, leaves, flower or stem?
- Visit a garden centre. How many plants can you name? Find out the names of plants
you don’t recognize.
- How much do different plants cost at the garden centre?
- Research poetry that is inspired by flowers and plants. Which poem is your favourite?
- Grow your own herb garden at home. Can you make a delicious recipe using your
home grown herbs?
Have fun!

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