WATER - Student Notes


WATER - Student Notes
HS 20 - Weir
 Water is a _________________________.
 Water is essential to our health and is a nutrient that we cannot live without.
 Although water is not needed for energy is it required for your body to be able to
get energy from carbs & fats.
The Functions of Water in Your Body
1) ______________________ - blood is largely made up of water – blood carries
oxygen to all parts of your body – also transports nutrients, hormones &
2) Lymph – is a fluid in your body found in your ___________ system – helps fight
off illnesses
3) ______________ – need water to digest your food and to get rid of waste from
your body
4) Structure – provides structure in cells and body parts. Water is needed by every
single cell in your body in order to function normally!
5) ___________________ – keeps joints lubricated, moistens eyes, causes tears
when something is in your eye
6) Temperature – regulates body temperature with ____________– it draws heat
away from your body and cools you down.
 Approximately __________of your weight is made up of water
 It is your responsibility to maintain this percentage
 The average person loses ______________ cups of water a day through urine,
feces, breathing & ____________________
How much water do I need?
 To replenish lost water you should drink _____________cups of water a day.
HS 20 - Weir
 This makes up about 80% of your daily water intake, the other 20% comes from
foods you eat.
 The amount of water you need varies on your body, diet, exercise & even ________
 14 – 18yr old female needs _____ cups/day
 14 – 18yr old make needs ______ cups/day
**Note: This includes getting water from foods as well.
When do I need to INCREASE my water intake?
 There are no situations in which a person requires __________ water
 But there are times when you need MORE:
 _________________: diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, running nose, your body
loses water and needs more.
 Overweight: causes body to _________________________ and sweat more –
both causing the body to need more water
 ________: a high protein – low carb diet requires an increase in water
 Medication: Some medications work better when taken with lots of water.
Others cause the body to absorb less water - Check with your pharmacist
before filling a prescription.
 ________________: when you are being physically active you lose water
through sweat therefore need to stay hydrated.
 ________ weather: Again causes an increase in sweat = dehydration. So drink
lots of water in a warm climate!
Water Deficiency:
 If you do not get enough water it leads to _______________________
Signs of Dehydration:
 Mild Dehydration = _______________________, increased thirst, tired,
____________________ (sticky saliva) loss of concentration, ________ urine (&
less urine output)
 Moderate Dehydration = severe headache, feeling ___________, extreme thirst,
nausea, increased body temp & heart rate, dark/amber urine (usually ____ or less
urinations in a 24 hr period)
HS 20 - Weir
 Severe Dehydration – can be
__________________________________. Altered
behavior, faint/light headed, lose consciousness, little to
no urination
 If dehydration becomes severe enough it can result in
Causes of Dehydration:
 Certain foods and even liquids can actually cause dehydration:
a) Caffeine  Caffeine is a ________________!
Examples of Diuretics:
Diuretic  something that
____________ urine output
and therefore actually CAUSES
b) Alcohol
c) ______________________ (pickles, popcorn, fried foods)
d) Sugary Drinks
e) High _____________ Diet
f) Increased _____________________
g) High Temperatures
What will keep me hydrated?
 Not all liquids do a good job of keeping us hydrated:
a) _________________________: supply some water – but high amounts of
sugar make it an unhealthy option
b) Sports Drinks: Provide electrolytes and sodium which are beneficial…
They are designed to rapidly __________ fluids and increase sugar in your
 But unless you’re a serious _____________experts say it’s too much
 Plus they still contain high amounts of _____________
HS 20 - Weir
c) Energy Drinks: Contain sugar and __________________ - remember this is a
 May provide fluid and energy
d) The best way to stay hydrated is ___________________!
 Some foods also provided a lot of water:
Cucumbers, ________________, _________________, strawberries,
 The easiest way to check your hydration is looking at your

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