Issue No. 3
This is the 3rd Issue of the new IRRICAD News Column, produced by AEI Software, the makers of IRRICAD™
Welcome to IRRICAD news. This
newsletter is produced every six
months to inform you what is on the
IRRICAD and FastQuote horizon,
tips to make using IRRICAD™
programs even easier and giving
ideas how to go about a particular
job. If you have a short article or tip
you would like to contribute or ideas
of what you would like to see in forth
coming newsletters please pass
these on to your IRRICAD or
FastQuote support team.
Hot Tips
IRRICAD has many features and
tools to help make design work
Although all tools are
available regardless what type of
system you are designing there may
be some tools which are used more
frequently than other for a particular
system. Here are a few tips to help
you get the most out of IRRICAD in
the quickest time.
Agricultural Users
IRRICAD makes possible designing
difficult and very large designs.
IRRICAD allows for multiple water
supplies (up to 18), 10 pumps,
multiple looped (ringmain) pipe
systems, 2000 on/off control valves.
as they would be in the field. When
calculating flows and pressures
using Analyze, LP Design or Velocity
Design we are using nominal flows
and pressures and calculating
nominal flows and pressures.
IRRICAD does not use detailed
analysis in sizing pipes as it would
be time consuming and very slow.
Therefore LP Design and Velocity
design, along with Analyze use
nominal pressures and flows as you
would working it out on paper.
To set the pressure for a water
supply in order to run Detailed
Analysis for the mainline, select
Change and click on the water
supply. Enter a design head and a
maximum head. You can use the
Mainline Analyze, LP Design or
Velocity Design, or enter a pressure
of your choice.
Zone Detailed Analysis
To run Detailed Analysis for a zone,
the valve pressure needs to be
To set the pressure for a control
valve in order to run Detailed
Analysis for the zones, select
Design|Zone Design Configuration
and type in the pressure. You can
use the pressure calculated from
Zone Analyze, LP Design or Velocity
Design, or enter a pressure of your
choice. You may check the pressure
in the Zone Summary Report
(Present pressure downstream of
Mainline Detailed Analysis has the
greatest advantage when mainline
outlets (excluding demand points)
are being used instead of control
valves and normal zones. This is
because control valves are expected
to have a pressure reducing
Blocks of Laterals
Blocks of spraylines or tapes are
easily entered using the Block or
Tape Block options in the Zone
Editing a Block of Laterals
IRRICAD has been and can be used
to design stock water systems,
travelling irrigator systems, surface
and subsurface drip systems,
orchard irrigation systems, mainline
supply designs, frost protection
systems and many more.
Detailed Analysis
There are also some tasks that
would take a very long time to work
out on paper. One of those things is
Detailed Analysis. Detailed Analysis
calculates the pressures and flows,
The situations where Detailed
Analysis is pointless are when
Pressure Compensating emitters
and demand points are being used
for the obvious reason that pressure
does not effect the flow, so the flow
is fixed.
Mainline Detailed Analysis
To run Detailed Analysis for the
mainline, the water supply pressure
needs to be entered.
It is usually quicker to enter the
whole area as one block and then
cut out or delete the areas or laterals
not required. One tool you can use
is the Cut Lasso tool in the Tools
menu. Simply lasso the area you
wish to delete and select the Cut and
Delete option.
Express Pipe Connection
To join the laterals to a submain use
Zone|Cut Pipe to avoid having to
click on every lateral you wish to
connect to. Cut Pipe will connect to
every zone item it crosses.
Creating Zones
To help divide the large block into
zones turn on the Flow Check in
Settings|Irrigation Items. Enter the
maximum flow for each zone (this
can be the limitation on the water
supply) and using Cut Pipe connect
laterals until the maximum flow has
been reached. This is one zone.
Restart Cut Pipe and connect other
laterals for the next zone.
Turf Users
IRRICAD has been used to design
parks, reserves, sports fields, golf
courses and many more. IRRICAD
allows you to create large and small
turf designs. If you are a small turf
designer, see FastQuote.
Electrical Items Input
IRRICAD provides an Electrical
menu so you can draw wires,
controllers, transformers, solenoids,
and many other electrical items on
your design.
All Electrical items
included in the design are calculated
and priced in the Bill of Materials and
Costing reports.
All pipes and wires are reported with
their 3-D lengths if elevations are
This allows for correct
lengths, numbers and pricing for all
Automatically Placing Sprinklers
For those irregularly shaped areas
IRRICAD has a tool called Autohead.
Autohead attempts to keep the
precipitation of the entire area the
same, even when selecting part
circle nozzles to the corners and
edges, and full circle nozzles for
An extra aid to use with Autohead is
the Area tool so that all wetted radii
are orientated within the area you
wish to water. You can also change
the outlet spacing for Autohead in
Settings|Irrigation Items. The trick
with Autohead is to use a Matched
Precipitation Rate sprinkler (where
the flow changes as the arc
changes, and the flow changes as
the pressure changes). This means
that the precipitation will be
maintained automatically as the
different arcs are selected. You can
use Fixed sprinklers with Autohead,
as long as the sprinkler has many
nozzles for the different arcs and the
precipitation can be relatively
maintained as
nozzles are selected.
Variable sprinklers can be used –
where one sprinkler can have its arc
varied – if the precipitation can be
relatively maintained.
The time has come to have a
We are very
interested in what you think and how
you feel about our software. The
answers from this questionnaire will
help us provide you with a better
product and better service.
You will automatically go into a draw
to win a case of New Zealand wine
when the questionnaire is sent back
before Friday 18th January 2002.
Please take the time to answer the
questions and send it back.
FastQuote Users
FastQuote has been used to design
residential, commercial and small
turf systems.
It was specifically
developed for landscape designers.
FAQ's and Upgrades on
the Web
There's nothing quite like getting
your quote out with blinding speed
Especially if your client keeps
changing his mind!
Check out the Frequently Asked
Questions on our web site to solve
minor problems and get help on how
to troubleshoot certain messages. If
the answer isn't found there, feel free
to contact your IRRICAD Support
team for specific help.
Pipe and Sprinklers in One Action
The Sprayline tool is a quick and
easy way of laying out pipe and
sprinklers at a fixed spacing in one
action. Though you can specify the
distance between each sprinkler and
even indicate that you require an
extra outlet on the end of the pipe if
there is half the distance of the
spacing left, what about getting the
sprinklers evenly spaced on a pipe
regardless of the pipe length?
FastQuote does this without even
thinking. Simply uncheck the Fixed
Spacing check box in the Options
dialog for Hydraulic|Sprayline and
FastQuote will adjust the sprinklers
on the pipe so there is one at the
start and one at the end of the pipe,
all evenly spaced, approximately the
spacing you entered.
What's been happening?
IRRICAD 7.35 and FastQuote 3.35
have been released.
The new
enhancements to existing features
and bug fixes. For a full list of the
work completed between 7.33 / 3.33
and the new versions, see the
Readme.txt when the new version is
Visit our Upgrades page on our web
site The latest
versions are IRRICAD 7.35 and
IRRICAD FastQuote 3.35, which are
available for downloading from our
web site. Note you can download a
minor upgrade if you already have
7.33 / 3.33 or 7.34. If you have an
earlier version of IRRICAD or
FastQuote, please download the full
upgrade. Note the new upgrades
are always available from the web
site so that it easy for you to
upgrade. Check this regularly to
upgrade your current version.
Forgotten what was in the last issue
and you can't find it?
newsletters are also made available
to download from our website.
Current Projects
In the near future we have the
following projects on-going:
 upgrade the Report Editor
 upgrade to use Visual CADD V4
engine with better AutoCAD
translation and other V4 features
Jo and the IRRICAD Team

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