I. Area Ministry Functions



I. Area Ministry Functions
Job Title: Area Director II ________________________________________________________________________
Reports To: Metro Development Team ____________________________________________________________
Department: Field Ministry ______________________________________________________________________
Salaried or Hourly: Salaried
Exempt or Nonexempt: Exempt
Scope of supervision: (Must meet the following requirements)
Number of full-time staff supervised:
Zero to one
Number of clubs/ministries supervised:
Four to Six ___________________
May supervise the following job titles:
Interns, direct ministry staff, student staff,
Part-time staff, office staff, leaders, team leaders
Through spiritual leadership and good management, lead in developing a team in his or her area to carry out
Young Life’s mission of introducing kids to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.
“Because of Young Life’s exclusive Christian purposes of evangelism and discipleship as set forth in its Articles of Incorporation and in these Bylaws, and to reflect
what has always been and will continue to be the position of Young Life, specifically the Christian belief that each and every employee and volunteer of the
corporation should minister as a servant of God with the primary responsibility of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and, as such, is an integral part of the
Christian mission and ministry of the corporation, Young Life shall only employ individuals or enlist volunteer leaders who: (a) profess a belief in Jesus Christ as
their personal Savior and Lord; and (b) subscribe to the statements and policies required of all Young Life staff, including the Young Life Statement of Faith.
Therefore, employees and volunteers of Young Life, during working and nonworking hours, shall: (i) be ready, willing and able to fulfill such ministry functions as
may be required by the organization; (ii) refrain from conduct and statements that detract from the biblical standards taught and supported by Young Life, and (iii)
abide by all policies and practices of Young Life including, without limitation, those related to religious belief or ministry activities.”
The position description establishes the Four Core Functions necessary to every Denver Metro Young Life area.
Within each function are “Essential Works” that describe general areas of responsibility and the “Critical Results”
which define the performance measures for each function.
I. Area Ministry Functions
A. Spiritual Development – focuses individual and team efforts on “following Jesus” through …
The Essential Work of …
 Practicing Prayer and Spiritual Disciplines through the use of individual and communal prayer,
Scripture, worship, fasting, etc.
 Gathering for Fellowship to build the area teams (committee, staff and leaders). Faith and ministry
through fun, lament, inspiration and teaching.
 Promoting Growth and Health in Young Life ministry, spiritually, emotionally and socially.
 Establishing Church Relationships through regular worship and positive ministry relationships with
local congregations.
Critical Result – An authentic focus on God, personally and in community, which results in testimonies of
increased shalom; evidence that the God of the way things should be sanctify people and communities
through and through in mind, body, and spirit (2 Thes. 5:23).
Area Director I
Range 22
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B. Leadership Development – “developing committee, leaders and staff for the mission”
through …
The Essential Work of …
 Developing Key Leaders by gathering, mobilizing and retaining a core group of committee, leaders and
staff for implementing the Denver Metro vision.
 Recruiting the people and talents needed for expanding and accomplishing the Denver Metro Area
 Teambuilding and Training a thriving Young Life ministry by recruiting, mobilizing and retaining
individuals to carry out the work of the Denver Metro Area.
 Supervising by providing the resources and experiences needed for implementing the “essential works”
of the area; building individual and team morale using the “Back to the Basics” tool.
 Vision Casting an inspiring goal for reaching more kids and all kinds of kids; ensuring Young Life is done
with excellence. Develop a strategy with the area leadership team (key committee, leaders and staff)
asking God for His direction to reach the next school (ministry).
Critical Result – Increase numbers of leaders working with kids and particularly increased numbers of team
C. Resource Development – focuses on “fueling the ministry” by acquiring time, talent and funds through …
The Essential Work of …
 TDS Team gathers and directs a talented team of individuals by using the Field Development Tool to
raise the annual budget.
Donor Relationships that provide a personal touch to each donor to update, thank and “ask” on behalf
of Young Life.
Events which reflect Young Life’s capacity to impact kids and warrant the investment of a participants
personal and corporate resources; these are coordinated, quality gatherings.
Public Relations build the Young Life Brand as an excellent tool for working with adolescents in the
Critical Result – Area consistently in surplus (goal is a one-month cash reserve minimum); Followthrough on the area’s fundraising strategy and there is excellence in communication to donors.
D. Ministry Support – focuses on administrative systems needed to support the core functions of YL
ministry through…
The Essential Work of:
 Accounting keeps “user friendly” records which are accurate and accessible for all financial transactions.
 Administration follows all Young Life policies and procedures.
 Internal Communication plans and implements a strategy for timely information to all staff and leaders
for effective operation of area ministries.
Data Management maintains and updates the area database to provide accessible and current
information regarding donors, finances, direct ministry, etc.
Strategic Planning develops and implements a multiple year plan for ministry that aligns with the
mission goals of Denver Metro Young Life.
Critical Result – Area director develops systems and teams to maintain a reputation for
administrative excellence in the Area.
II. Training
A. Missionwide Training
Area Director I
Range 22
Successful completion of Area Director School and the successful completion of Young Life’s ‘Training
Timeline’ experiences.
Participation in “All Staff Conference” every four years.
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Participation in additional training or experiences as deemed necessary by the Denver Metro
Development Team.
B. Regional Training
Attend regional training as directed by the Regional Director and Metro Development Team
C. Personal Development
Encouragement to pursue continuing educational opportunities including graduate degrees.
Pursue seminars designed to enhance professional skills.
Participate in programs designed for personal spiritual maturity or personal enrichment.
III. Portfolio Assignments
Accept a 1 to 4-week summer assignment (camp or other assignment) 2 to 3 out of three summers.
Accept both short and long term assignments of projects as needed.
College degree preferred but not required.
A Desire to continue education.
Working Conditions
Will include the extremes of a camp assignment; e.g., heat/cold, long hours and the physical demands of hiking,
horseback riding, boating, etc. Will also include every-day office work and meetings.
Experience/Qualifications Required For the Job
Proven leadership skills.
Relational skills with adults.
A call to reach kids with the Gospel.
Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills.
Ability to maintain confidentiality.
This description is not intended, and should not be construed, to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills,
efforts or working conditions associated with this job. It is intended to be an accurate reflection of the principal
job elements essential for making compensation decisions.
I have read the above job description and I believe I can perform the job.
Staff Person’s Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: ______________________
Supervisor’s Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: ______________________
Area Director I
Range 22
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