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Remember - Croydon Public School
Remembrance Day
A Collection of Acrostic Poems
Mr Seeley’s 2008 Yr2 Reading Group
Lest we Forget
Red poppies rule over war
Ever more run away from war
Make peace stop war
Every time war ends some don’t return
Murder then death
Broken hearts broken
Remember them
Another day another life gone
Nothing left after war
Come away from war
Every family worried
Death lies in war
Away from war away from death
You might love someone who went to war
Red blood nothing more than red blood
Exciting war is very hard to forget
Make people with tears for one minute
Every day people screaming and running
Murder is all they want to do
Bend crunch snap screams from other lands
Run run quickly war is coming
Axes guns bazookas and tanks crashing and banging
Never forget WWI and WWII
Cutting bodies with red blood
Every day for many years you could hear guns
Day one day 11.11.1918 lest we forget
And always cry with big tears
Yay the war is over WWI
Remember the people who died for us
Even the animals died
Murder was a crime
Every day was sadness
Miserable days came behind the war
Before the war started it was peace
Run run and don’t give up
Another day another dead body
Never give up
Courage is the spirit
Even I feel sad
Don’t forget them
Another day there is a tear of sadness
Yesterday was history but tomorrow is a mystery
Remember the soldiers who died in the war
Everybody who died will be in peace
Make people stop the war
Everybody make friends war will never be heard again
Make way war is coming
Beg men not to go to war
Roaring rage goes through the people in war
After the war there is still misery
Not one person has ever forgotten about war
Could war be replaced by talking it over
Even people who weren’t there feel sad
Doctors in the war are a great help
Almost everyone dies in the war
Yesterday is the past so is war
Red is the colour of the poppy
Everyone remembers them
Maybe war still goes on today
Everyone remembers the people who fought for us
Many years later war was finished
Broken hearts broken legs broken everything
Remembrance Day to remember
Anyone could have died
Nothing stopped them from fighting
Courage ran inside all of them
Even the soldiers were scared
Daisies poppies and lots more
Anyone and everyone remembers them
Yet we have a saying lest we forget
Red blood lies on the ground
Emergencies all around
Memories are things people remember
Everyday people crying tears
Murders make screams and shouts
Brave adults went to war
Remember the wars that have passed
And people shot to death
Nobody likes WWI and WWII
Courage people bring
Everyone dies each day
Disgraceful things make people die
Awful things change
Yesteryear we must not forget
Red is the colour of war
End we would all like the war to end
Make it all go away
Everyday I think about it
May Australia have luck
Be strong be brave and fight
Remember those that were brave and went to war
Always remember
Never forget
Cries moans and screams are heard
End it end it end it
Death lies in the hands of war
Another day one by one
Years pass by more red remains in the fields
Remember all the young men that went to war
Every man woman and child still remember the sadness
Men went to war with bravery
Even now people still cry
Maybe the wars has stopped
Big tanks killed lots
Race through the blood
All the fields were covered in poppies
Never start a fight
Can we still be as brave
Evil died evil lived
Dawn has come we still remember
Australians lost their lives so did others
Young men had to go to war
Remember the people who died
Everybody never forgets
Murder and screams were all you heard
Every day people died
Many poppies may still be around
Be sure countries never fight
Ruined houses and ruined countries
Any two countries can start a war
Never try to start a war
Clever people would not start a war
Everybody knows you can lose a life in a war
Days went by and we didn’t forget
Australia lost thousands of people in the war
Young people died (too young) and never came back
Remembrance Day is to remember
Every war is very bad
Murder is very bad
Evil people lived and died
Make people get more bazookas
Bones are a symbol of death
Rifles are old guns
Adolf Hitler was very bad
Nazis are evil German people
Cool no more war
Every war lots of people die
Don’t die
Another day another death
Yay the war is over
Red poppies in fields
Emergencies like legs chopped off
Memories of people who died
Every day of the years tears in your eyes
Murder murder as sadness spreads
Battle fields bodies dead
Remember remember those years
All over battle fields screams and moans
Nothing good all around the fields
Courage all over
Every day someone died
Day and days have past but it did not stop
And some died and some did not
Yay yay it is finally over
Red is the colour of violence and blood
Every country has a fight
Murder murder murder and it never stops
Electric tanks and guns
Most guns are rifles, cannons, bazookas and other guns
Bodies covered with red
Red poppies the colour of blood
Atomic bombs can kill
Never ending wars in the wars
Courageous people fight for their country
Ending to some hearts
Donate flowers to the grave
And most of all red poppies
Yesteryear was murder and today I don’t know about it
Red is the colour of blood and war
Every person gets guns guns guns
Must remember about the people who saved our lives
Everyone comes to listen about those in war
Murdering can cause war
Bombs exploding can end people’s lives
Red poppies lie around when it’s finished
Armies fighting for their lives
Never has anyone been forgotten
Count how many people have died to save our lives
Enough fighting or there will be more graves
Day and night warriors go and fight
A soldier your family will be remembered
Yesteryear was a history but today is a mystery
Remembrance Day is important
Ever since the war finished there was peace
Make way for the tanks
Every second one life lost
Murder murder murder
Blood everywhere
Remember the people who died
Another day 1000 lives lost
Nothing good comes from war
Courage for everyone
Every family has patience
Dead dead dead
At last the wars finished
Yay I’m still alive
Red blood goes all over the ground
Every person nearly died
Many many men died
Eyes are full of tears
Maybe everyone who went to war died
Be careful of the bodies
Red poppies go all over the country
A person will die again
Never look at the dead human
Can you see a gun
Each person who went to war was fighting
Daddy might be dead
A bad day today
Yay we might have got saved
Wang Wang
Remember all who have gone through war
Ever since war came
Memories running everywhere
Every year counts
Murder comes and it never stops
Bringing hopes through war
Red poppies everywhere
After war poppies grow
Nothing makes their hearts stop
Crying children sobbing mothers ran away from war
Everyday people die
Death comes from murder
Always don’t give up
Young ones grow and more people die
Ride through the fields of red
End of the quiet days
Man and woman nearly all dead
End of the silent days
More than just lives lost
Broken hearts and lives
Remember the days of cruel and bad
And a minute of silence
Never starts again
Closing the war
Ending it
Do not go to war
And lose
Your life
Remembrance Day is really sad
Every person dies down there
Might the people be alive
Every human has sadness
Might the parents have happiness
But now they’re dead can’t be alive
Red poppies come alive
Another day more death
Now we share share a tear when we hear bad news
Courage doesn’t cry
Every person is miserable that goes to war
Dead people have no brain
Anyone could go to battle
You could be in the battle too
Remember who died
Every day was sad
Murder is death
Everyone has sadness
Murder has lots of death
Be sad because they died
Receive your sadness
Any person can die
Navies were scared
Courage doesn’t cry
Even I feel sad
Day became night and it was still on
A family was terrified
Yesterday became tomorrow
Red is the colour that presents poppies and blood
Everyone needs time to remember in peace
Murder spreads in war
Even harmless animals have gotten shot
Many people have lost their lives
Boasting and crying people are sad
Remember them
Anyone can die
Nothing is good every war has an end
Cooperation is nowhere to be heard in war
Everything must be quiet to think
Day after day more soldiers are killed
Anybody could be found dead
Yesterday war was still on
Red poppies symbolize the blood
Emergencies are everywhere
Make your life better by stopping the war
Every bit of blood means death
Moments pass and days go by
Bones are found in the ground today
Run away with silence but be happy
Australia is a great country
Nearly everyone who went to war was killed
Courage makes the soldiers strong
Evil people died and evil people lived
Don’t explode bombs
A happy life is a life without war
You have to stop the war people are getting hurt
Remembrance Day is a very important day
Everything and everyone was killed or shot
Many people feel sadness and miserable
Everything still and silent
Millions of people die or injured
Blood lying everywhere
Remember everyone who died for us
All aren’t lucky but some are
Not everything and everyone survived
Chilling cries heard miles away
Every family with broken hearts
Dead people lying everywhere
Anything’s better than war
Yesteryear it happened but not it’s over
Red poppies cover fields of death
Everyone is waiting
Moments are passing stop the war
Eat the badness and let out the goodness
More we lose more we cry
Burning hearts are crying
Remember the lost ones who fought for our world
Australia is still a good country
Nearly every Jew was killed
Call the pigeons to send messages
Eager to win the battles
Days are passing more we lose
Another day has passed more injured
You have to stop the war

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