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April - BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington
The Monthly Newsletter
of the BMW Bikers of
Metropolitan Washington
Volume 33, Number 4
April 2007
Monthly Features
Feature Articles
President’s View from the Saddle By Mike Enloe
Mexico Adventure By Steve Anderson
Editor’s Two Bits By Bob Steele
Every Picture Has A Story Provide by Floyd Keim
Membership Report
Meet Paul Brown
April Events By Tina Fraembs
Square Route Rally Update By Jody Douglas
BOD Meeting Minutes By Jody Douglas
Central Piedmont Group Rides By Dale Coyner
Rider Safety—Survival Vests By Billy Rutherford
Breakfast Rides, Contacts & Directions
Membership Market
2007 Calendar of Events
Urgent: April Meeting VENUE CHANGE, see pg. 5
April 2007
Marsh Brothers Band By Greg Marsh
Scavenger Hunt Announcement By Nancy Oswald
Making A Liquid Line Manometer By Chris Lanye
Between the Spokes ©2007 BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington
Mexico Adventure
Between the Spokes
By Steve Anderson
Editor: Bob Steele
Roving Reporter: Wes Fleming
Between the Spokes, the monthly
newsletter of the BMW Bikers of
Metropolitan Washington, is published
solely for the use of its members. Any
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BMWBMW is strictly prohibited.
What do you get when you send 20
friends of Morton's BMW to Mexico? A
great time, of course! Look in the next BTS
newsletter for stories of the group's escapades as they partake in the Morton's
BMW / MotoDiscovery custom tour of
Mexico. Find out what it's really like south
of the border!
Morton's BMW sales manager Steve
Anderson atop the Pyramid of the Moon
at the ancient city of Teotihuacan, Mexico.
Advertising: Classified ads are free to
BMWBMW members and will run for two
months. Commercial vendors can see our ad
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bmwbmw_btsadrates.shtml . We request that
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month preceding the month of publication.
Deadlines and Submissions: All
submissions must be received by the editor
no later than the 10th day of the month
preceding the month of publication.
You never know what you'll find around the turn
in Mexico. Sometimes, it's a stray cow; sometimes,
it's washed-out road. This time, it's both!
The riders pose for local media outside the
Hacienda Santa Engracia in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico.
Bob Steele, BTS Editor
13114 Blue Willow Place
Clifton, VA 20124
[email protected]
Left—Riders pose at the marker for the
Tropic of Cancer.
Wes “Chiba” Fleming
Roving Reporter
[email protected]
Address Change: Please use the
membership application/address change
form on the newsletter’s last page and
mail to:
Don Catterton
793 Stinchcomb Road
Severna Park, MD 21146
Club Affiliations:
BMWBMW is chartered as
BMWRA Club No. 15 and
BMWMOA Club No. 40.
Front Cover Picture: Floyd Keim,
Editor of the Lehigh Valley Chapter BMW
MOA (#277) provided picture taken by Kosan’s sister, Judy, in September, 2005 during
a week-long tour in the Alps.
President: Mike Enloe
[email protected]
H: 540-338-1263
W: 703-265-5087
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Find us on the Internet at:
2007 Committee Chairmen
Membership: Don Catterton
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Newsletter: Bob Steele
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Sales: Francis Gunde
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H: 301-352-4273
Mtgs & Events: Tina Fraembs
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Safety: James Monroe
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Technical: Ray Sufczynski
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April 2007
View From The Saddle
By Mike Enloe
Spring is almost here. Spring is almost here. Spring is almost here. I figure if I say it enough times maybe it will actually
happen. As I write this, the warm temps of upper 70's just a day
ago have been replaced by a bitter wind and worse yet, more of
that frozen white stuff. Five inches and still falling. Boo!
Hiss! Hopefully by the time this issue actually goes to press, the
sun will be back out and all that nasty frozen stuff will be
gone. I can handle the cold but I can't ride when there's frozen
precipitation on the ground.
Most of my riding these days has been limited to commuting
and going to club meetings/events. Even in the cold, a ride to
work is better than no ride at all. Between work and learning to
be a dad, there isn't much time to be away from home. Plus I
don't WANT to be away from home too much. Heather
took Michael to see my parents in NC and in the four days
that they were gone I think he grew 2" and started doing all sorts
of new things. I was amazed at the change in such a short
time. So for the time being I am happy getting my touring via
ride reports. And speaking of such, the March meeting was held
at Morton's and those in attendance were treated to a presentation
of photos from the recent Morton's BMW/MotoDiscovery trip to
Mexico. Steve Anderson is a great photographer and captured
many striking images of the architecture and people they encountered along the trip. The sights and sounds of old Mexico
make for a good adventure story. The roads looked absolutely
phenomenal, except for the cows and the crater. Oh well, it will
be a long time before I can ride to Mexico so I'll settle for living
vicariously for now.
Another source for good reports is our own website. Members are constantly posting new ride stories on BMWBMW's
forum. Many of our members are superb photographers. Combine that with good writing and all you need is a high-speed connection and a cold beverage. Even local day rides can be interesting when the author adds in personal tidbits and history of the
area they visited. I encourage you to take a look and then, on
your next ride, take a few pictures and write your own report. Those of us who don't get a lot of fun riding time in will
thank you.
That's it for this month. Ride safe, ride well, and always ride
to work. mikeout...
Here’s a picture of Mike running things at the meeting at Morton’s—so he
does get out once in a while!!
April 2007
Editor’s Two Bits
It Feels Good!
By Bob Steele
What feels good, you might ask? These days, lots of things.
Let me start with the obvious, daylight savings and warm
weather indicating that spring is just around the corner. Shortened, cold days and limited time in the saddle are coming to an
end. But no, that’s not what I’m talking about! It’s the return of
my confidence, as in, I’m confident that my GS is working
Some of you might have read my forum thread about the
clutch going out while riding. While it happened three times,
one of those events was worse that the other two. Basically, I
shifted gears (no, not grinding) with only the slightest of a clutch
to get home. After the first and worst incident, I had lost confidence in my beloved Belize (GS) and, to my surprise, had become indifferent to her. It reminded me of love that has died
after a breakup, but I shouldn’t digress too much.
I had called Stuart Beatson at Morton’s to describe the symptoms, and he made the diagnosis immediately. The real question
was whether the leaking slave cylinder had corrupted the clutch.
I made an outpatient appointment, meaning they were going to
fix it while I waited. As it was on the Saturday of the Morton’s
Vanson Open House, I hung around talking to club members and
looking at MCs. I paced while waiting on the verdict. Finally, as
I sat on new R1200 GS, contemplating placing affection on a
new filly, Dr. Beatson emerged from the operating room. I won’t
bore you with the details but the slave cylinder’s rubber grommet
looked like mince meat when it was finally extricated. I went
back to see Belize, and almost didn’t recognize her (shown naked below) in the state of complete disassemblage (MC term).
Belize and I had been very lucky as the clutch had not been
contaminated. They put her back together and she is now fully
recuperated. To celebrate, I doted on her: new Ohlin shocks so
that she doesn’t feel the bumps; a Garmin GPS so that she can
always find her way; new Tourance tires to give her confidence
in the corners; and new brakes so that she can safely stop. The
old gal is back and better than ever. I think I’ll keep her.
Many thanks to Morton’s for their help and great service and
Ricknut, the club’s “have trailer, will travel” towing service.
Keep the rubber side down. Bob
PS Don’t bother calling as I’ll be out on the town with Belize
showing her off and doing some road dancing. You go girl!
Between the Spokes ©2007 BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington
Every Picture Has A Story
By Don Catterton
February 2007 Membership as of January 28th,
Membership Stats:
Full members: 442
Associate members: 45
Total Members: 497
364 Download BTS
New Members: 14 Full; 1 Associate
Joseph Collins: Rockville, MD
Steven Donald: Columbia, MD
Scott Dougall: Great Falls, VA
& Sue Corcoran
Nathaniel Eagle: Alexandria, VA
Eric Ide: Woodbridge, VA
Richard Johnson: Fredericksburg, VA
John Lintner, Springfield, VA
Peter Lozis III: Noresville VA
David McLaren: Severn, MD
George McLean: Ft. Washington, MD
Ashton Menefee: Towson, MD
Collin Turner: Washington DC
Jeffrey Willis: Haymarket, VA
Terry Wolters: Sterling, VA
Renewing Members:
29 Full and 4 associate
eBTS NOTICE! eBTS is the norm for all members unless requested otherwise! If you are unable to
view the newsletter on line, please write, call, or email
Don Catterton
793 Stinchcomb Road
Severna Park, MD 21146
phone 443-829-6539
[email protected]
By Bob Steele from input from Floyd Keim
Fred Huganir of the Dutch County Riders suggested that the
BMW motorcycle clubs in the mid-Atlantic region share their
newsletters so that the collect BMW club members can get the
word regarding things going on in the region. BWMBMW participated by sending out our most recent newsletter and a link to
our web site so other BWM riders can learn more about our
Floyd Keim, Editor of the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the
BMW MOA (#277), sent us their February 2007 Newsletter.
The picture on the front cover of this edition of the BTS, which
was in their newsletter, caught my eye. Floyd was kind enough
to provide some background on this picture and the trip it was
taken on.
The photograph was taken by Dave Kosan’s sister, Judy, in
September, 2005, when she and her husband, Pat, accompanied
five members of LVC BMW MOA and a member’s friend on a
weeklong motorcycle tour. The eight member group went spent
a week riding the Alps in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. Floyd and his two sons were part of the group from the
Lehigh Valley Chapter of the MOA. That was Floyd’s fourth
trip to the Alps. Last year, Floyd and two others were scheduled
to go again in September but one of the fellows had an intestinal
problem so the trip was cancelled. Floyd is not sure if he will go
this year as he is thinking of doing the Four Corners Tour (8,500
miles) in May and might not want to (or be able to ) to go on this
year’s Alps trip too.
Tentative plans are being made by some members of the
Lehigh Valley Chapter for a week-long motorcycle tour of the
Alps in late August or early September of 2007. Floyd suggested that if any BMWBMW members were interested, you
should contact him at 610-965-2361 and he’ll get you in touch
with Dave Kosan, one of their members from Newtown, PA
who is planning on going this year. “Dave was born and reared
in Germany so he is a great ride companion,” according to
Floyd. Alternatively, check the internet for Knopf Motorradreisen and click on the American flag for additional information about the trip.
A bit more on the trip! The week would be spent riding the
challenging roads of the Alps in Germany, Switzerland, Italy,
and Austria where views such as the one seen on the front cover
of the BTS. An international driver’s license is not needed, only
a current passport. The motorcycle would be a BMW of your
choice rented from Knopf Motorradreisen, Heidelberg, Germany. Airline pickup and drop-off at Frankfurt would be provided and the first night’s and last night’s lodging would be at
Stefan Knopf’s B & B in Kirchheim, a suburb of Heidelberg.
BMWBMW Club Merchandise!
Remember to order your BMW2 caps,
shirts, pins and decals.
email Francis Gunde at: [email protected]
We still sell customized items such as
Square Route Rally teeshirts at:
Between the Spokes ©2007 BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington
April 2007
Meet Paul Brown
Hello, Paul here. I first learned of BMWBMW a couple
years ago while out for a ride near Thornton Gap. I saw a group
of BMWs parked just off Route 211, so I stopped to say hello. I
met a few folks and rode with them for the balance of that very
fun day. One of the gang handed me a membership application
and I finally sent it in last summer. As with my riding, I’m slow
but I get there!
Paul with his stripped down 1200 GS at JVB’s getting the MC ready
for this summer’s three month west-bound trip.
After growing up in Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, and
Ohio, I moved to Virginia in the summer of 1991. I rode into
town on my Virago 750. I left motorcycling for a number of
years and returned to it in 2003. Having had romantic notions of
motoring around in the dirt, I considered a few different dualsport bikes. I decided on the 1150 GS and found one I liked in
Rhode Island. After years away from riding, that first trip - from
New England back down to Arlington - was one to remember.
When I got home, a friend asked if I had named the bike. I hadn’t, but if you consider what I said to it the most often, it’s name
would certainly have been “oh sh!t.” Cont’d page 8
April 2007
April Event
By Tina Fraembs
In April, there are many, let me repeat, many events to attend
or participate in. Starting with April 7th, a day dedicated to help
sort out and clean up the equipment for the Square Route Rally.
All volunteers are welcomed and needed too. Please check the
On-line Forum for details and to sign up to volunteer. On April
14th, Morton’s BMW is having their Spring Open House in
Fredericksburg, VA. On April 28th, Bob’s BMW is having their
Spring Open House in Columbia, MD. Both of these open
houses are well attended by BMWBMW club members so come
check it out. Then, on April 28th, Nate Kern, who is a
BMWBMW club member if you didn’t already know it, will be
racing at the VIR in Danville, VA. Better make your reservations
fast as the track-side hotel fills up fast for VIR events.
APRIL 15, 2007
The General Membership Meeting (GMM) has
been moved to Battley’s Cycles at 7830 Airpark Rd,
Gaithersburg, MD. The BOD meeting will start at
9:30 with the Club meeting starting at 11am. There
will be a Tech Seminar given by Ray Sufcinzski and
Jim Bade on “Roadside Troubleshooting” after the
Between the Spokes ©2007 BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington
THIS MONTH – Entertainment
Who’s Playing? The Greg Marsh Band will
be playing acoustic music from 7:30 to
11:00 PM on Saturday night. Go to page 10
for more info on the band.
Left to right in the photo, are Marty
Pell (keyboards), Greg Marsh (guitar,
vocal, songwriter), Hal Squires (drums),
Doug Marsh (bass, vocal) and Steve
Gillies (guitar, vocal).
Anything to Drink? Yes, there will
be the beer truck to keep cold beverage flowing. BMWBMW members,
many of which are hanging around the
beer station to the right, will be serving all who attend. Small charge for
the beer—just trying to break even
and make up for what those guys will
be drinking!!
Anything to Eat? Yes, and there’s
more than the roach coach which will be
on-site to sell snacks. On Saturday
night there will be our traditional feast
of BBQ, chicken, vegetarian lasagna and
all the fixings.
Between the Spokes ©2007 BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington
April 2007
Square Route Rally
June 1– 3, 2007 Camp West Mar, MD
Door Prize Drawing Saturday Night • Speakers •
• Scavenger Hunt (Limited to first 33 applicants) •
• Tech Sessions • And MORE!!!
Three days and two nights of excellent
rides in the Catoctin Mountains with
Washington, DC and historic Gettysburg only an hour’s ride away.
Rally pin and mug to the first 400. Saturday night feast and door prize coupons included with your registration.
Loads of vendors
Cabin space available on firstcome, first-serve basis
Wooded, open and quiet camping
areas available. Motels available in
nearby Thurmont.
Updates and registration form at
DIRECTIONS: From U.S. Rt. 15, north of Frederick,
MD, take exit at Thurmont, MD marked Rt. 77 West. Continue through parks and make left turn on Brown Road. Go
about 1/2 mile and make left into Camp West Mar.
BMWBMW, c/o Jim Bade
5013708 Marbury Lane
Woodbridge, VA 22191
Checks payable to:
Pre-reg postmarked: May 15
Info: Call Mike at 703-772-8296
or email [email protected]
OTHER: Gate registration opens 12 noon, Friday, June 1st. Beer is
available on site. Pins and mugs to first 400 registrants. Registration awards are based on information from this form and will be
awarded to BMW motorcycles and their riders/passengers.
NO PETS - Sorry.
Thank you for your continued support.
Pre-Registration $30/Adult Children: $1 per
up to age 15
At the Gate
$35/Adult Children: $1 per year
up to age 15
STATE/ZIP _________________________________________________
This rally is open to BMW motorcycle riders and
their guests.
I/We hereby waive, release, and hold harmless the BMW Bikers of Metropolitan
Washington, Camp West Mar, caterers and entertainers, for any liability resulting from
damages, loss or personal injury while attending the 2007 Square Route Rally, or for
any cause of action I now have, or in the future may have against them. This waiver
extends to my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.
Rider Signature __________________________________________
April 2007
__ Adults x $30 = __________________
__ Adults x $35 = __________________
__ Children x $1/yr. = _______________
Check # __________________
Rider: Sex M F Age _______________
Passenger: Sex M F Age __________
Direct Mileage to Rally from your home__
Local Club (one only & spell out name)
and the Club’s # for MOA ___________
OR the Club’s # for RA _____________
Check Below:
___Yes—I plan to participate in the Scavenger Hunt. My email address is:
___No—I do not wish to participate
Motorcycle information:
Model ___________________________
Between the Spokes ©2007 BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington
Meet Paul Brown Cont’d from page 5
In 2006, I swapped out the first GS for an ’02 Adventure and
I’ve become a compulsive gear addict since then.
I’ve been active with BMWBMW for only a couple months.
In that time, I’ve attended the annual dinner, gone on a group
ride, attended a couple of tech days, and pitched in at the Timonium bike show. The people I’ve met so far have been great. A
friendly and welcoming lot, not to mention knowledgeable! I
have learned more about bike maintenance and repair in the past
two months than in the forty years prior. THANKS! I look forward to contributing back to the group as best I can.
My riding preferences lean toward day-long or multi-day
trips. I’ve made a few week-long trips so far: to the Maritime
Provinces, to Cape Cod, and to the MOA rally in Vermont. I
plan to fully test my “the more time on the bike, the better” perspective when I duck out of the DC area for a few months starting this May. I plan to head west, then north, then more north,
then home. Planned stops include an off-road riding school in
California, foot races in Idaho, British Columbia & Alaska, a
bike tour up to Prudhoe Bay, and the MOA rally in Wisconsin;
then up and over the great lakes as a way home. On the trip I
plan to feed both my love for motorcycling and my love for running. I figure that I can run 360 miles in three months if I average only four per day. No sweat! I regret that I’ll miss the
Square Route Rally, but count me ‘in’ for 2008.
Other than motorcycling and running, I enjoy, bicycling,
playing bass in my rock band (no, you’ve never heard of us),
spending the day with my dog and studying the wonders of beer.
Fully noted that some of these activities do NOT mix! On the
message board, my name is “griffin738” (after my dog, the more
credible among the two of us). I’ll be happy to post status of my
summer adventure if you all would be interested. Thanks for
having me on board with BMWBMW – I’m glad to be here!
Central Piedmont Group Rides
By Dale Coyner
Putting together a group ride can be tricky. Everyone has
different interests, preferences, and riding styles, so it’s tough to
find a location that is not too far away and offers a range of activities. That’s why, whenever anyone asks me, “Where can our
group go for a good weekend of riding?” I often recommend the
central Piedmont Virginia.
Laced with pastoral lanes, a diversity of food and lodging
options, and a variety of group-friendly activities, Culpeper
(http://www.visitculpeperva.com) is a good base for a weekend’s
worth of riding and relaxing. Culpeper is located about an hour
and fifteen minutes south and west of the Beltway along US 29.
A half-dozen good loops come to mind; here’s an example.
One easy group ride featuring scenic routes, historic homes, and
vineyards begins out of town along US 15 south. In Orange, pick
up VA 20 and turn south toward Charlottesville.
A few miles out of town brings you to Montpelier
(http://www.montpelier.org), home of James Madison, the fourth
U.S. president and sponsor of the Bill of Rights. Extensive restoration in the past decade has brought the estate closer to its appearance at the time Madison called it home. After a guided tour,
you are welcome to roam the grounds. I’m a simple guy, so I
enjoy sitting on the front porch and gazing west where the Blue
Ridge looks like a tidal wave about to rush over the swells of the
Oenophiles are probably aware that the central Piedmont
produces some respected vintages. Located just a few miles beyond Montpelier, Barboursville Vineyard (http://
www.barboursvillewine.com) is the recognized pioneer of the
Virginia wine industry. The grounds include an extensive visitor
complex, complete with a restaurant featuring northern Italian
fare and a recently-opened restored manor house, the 1804 Inn.
The ruins of James Barbour’s mansion, one of only five residences designed by Thomas Jefferson, are also located at the
Join Nate in Baja!
Nate Kern has teamed with Edelweiss Bike Travel and Carlson Wagonlit Travel to host a special guided tour of Baja California. This 8-day vacation (6 riding days) will take place Dec.
1-8, 2007. Cruise the entire length of the Baja Peninsula, from
Cabo San Lucas to San Diego. Enjoy 8 days of the most amazing
motorcycle riding. Edelweiss Bike Travel gives you the choice
of riding with the group and tour guide or riding alternate routes
on your own with detailed itineraries and maps.
For more details and a flyer (or to book), contact Jodi Martinez at [email protected] or call 800-234-5670.
vineyard. Those who aren’t into wine will still enjoy walking
around the remains of this grand home. Return via VA 20 to VA
231, then turn right onto VA 230 at Pratts to make a loop back to
US 15 and return to Culpeper. Cont’d page 18
Between the Spokes ©2007 BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington
April 2007
Rider Safety—Survival Vests
By Bill Rutherford
I have written several articles and made presentations at
many club meetings about the importance of making yourself
as conspicuous as is reasonable possible when riding a motorcycle. I have several types of reflective vests that I routinely
wear to help motorists see me. For those riders who dress in
all black and ride a black motorcycle, they are almost invisible
when riding against a dark background such a dark car, a tree
line, or mountain road. Riding at night makes it even more
difficult to see someone on a motorcycle and poses another
challenge particularly if you have a single tail light. Someone
riding or driving behind a single tail light will often perceive
that the tail light is moving up and to the right --it is just a trick
your eyes play on you --but it gives the driver in the following
vehicle the impression that your bike has changed positions. It
is difficult to argue against wearing something that will make
you more visible day and night.
I then thought about the situation where I might crash and
get separated from my bike and not be able to get to the bike
where I carry my first aid kit, telephone, and other items that I
would need if I crashed -particularly if riding alone. I have
vivid memories of riding alone on long trips in the Western
U.S. If I had crashed, I am not sure that I would have been
found because the terrain was so rugged. Riding from Lake
Tahoe across the mountains to Eureka, California with one of
my sons was a wonderful ride. It was rugged, beautiful country but we would go for many miles without seeing another
vehicle and kept reminding each other to stay in sight in case
one of us went over the mountain. We wanted the rescue team
to have a general idea of where to start looking. My fire chief
friend in Arizona has a lot of stories to tell about motorcyclists
going off a mountain road and how they “finally” find the
I asked several riding friends what items they thought
should be in a riders safety vest. Joe Grant, who has ridden the
Alps and other challenging areas many times, suggested adding
a whistle, a small signaling mirror, and matches. Bob Higdon
mentioned that he wears an AMA “Dog Tag” with his name,
emergency phone number, and blood type.
Others reinforced the items that had been suggested and
Norm Smith added a solid list of items for the emergency information card. I started looking for a signaling mirror and whistle
and found a Coleman survival tool in a sporting goods store that
had a whistle, waterproof match case, compass, flint and signal
mirror – all in one. ($3.99) I have worn a Vision Vest for several years and contacted the manufacturer who agreed to modify
their basic vest to meet our requirements.
The first version of the emergency information card had all
of the information on one side. My son, Ron, suggested that
many people would not want to advertise this information. Good
thought, so we now use the front of the card as a name tag with
large print and indicate that the emergency information is on the
other side of the card. I think we will also add the club logo to
the front of the card.
This is the
next version of
the prototype
showing the
items in pockets on the vest.
We added
lower pockets
on each side of
the front of the
vest. These
pockets can
carry a tourniquet that can
be put on with
one hand, coins, and a handkerchief. The telephone is the only
item that is not waterproof so we put it in a plastic baggie.
Three of my sons and I are wearing the vests when we ride.
It is really hard to tell that you have the vest on and it does not
interfere in any way with operating the bike. We all feel safer
wearing the vest. Our company is moving forward with a patent
and national marketing plan. We plan to have the survival vest
available in the near future. If you have any suggestions or questions about the vest, please send me an email at [email protected] Ride Safely. Billy
Billy wearing one of the early prototype survival tool, cell
phone, flashlight, and emergency card.
April 2007
Great idea Billy. Let us know when it become available.
Between the Spokes ©2007 BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington
The Marsh Brothers Band Con’t from page 6
By Greg Marsh
There's some information about the band on our Web site
http://www.marshbrothersband.com, and more on our MySpace
page, which you can get to from the Web site, but here's some of
the background on the Marsh Brothers Band.
We all grew up around D.C., except Hal, a Jersey boy who
has lived in these parts for at least 30 years. I've been writing
songs and playing in bands off and on since I was 17. What is
now the Marsh Brothers Band formed in 1993 as Country Jah
and the Koolrockin' Daddies when my brother Doug moved back
to the D.C. area after spending some 15 years in a variety of
bands in California. Later, we shortened the name to the Koolrockin' Daddies. But I guess you could say we really got our
start, thanks to our cousin Steve, who played in a couple of
wildly popular bands in Northern California as a teenager (Us,
December's Children). That's what really gave us the notion that
playing in a band was totally cool -- visiting Steve's house on
holidays and seeing all the band gear in his basement.
Anyway, we played as a trio or quartet at coffeehouses, parties and the occasional club gig for years, calling ourselves the
Marsh Brothers when we played our more acoustic material and
the Koolrockin' Daddies for more rockin' gigs. It was sort of a
hobby; most of the guys in the band were playing with other
bands as well, and some still are. All the while, I was pining for
a keyboard player in the band. We'd have people sit in with us at
parties, but never found the right player at the right time until
last year, when Marty joined the band. Cont’d page 14
Morton's BMW Announces Track Days
Morton's BMW Motorcycles has announced a series of three
Track Day events for 2007, featuring club favorite Nate Kern.
The track sessions on April 23 and June 11 will be held at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia, and the October 1 event
will be at Virginia International Raceway in Virginia.
The track days are designed for all skill levels. Each rider
goes at his or her own pace, and each raceway is fully staffed
with corner workers and safety crews. Proper riding gear is required, as is a tech inspection of each participant's bike. Morton's is offering free pre-track day inspections to make sure each
motorcycle complies with safety requirements. Required hard
shell back protectors, if you don't already have one, it can either
be rented for $25 from Team Pro-Motion (our track day partner)
or purchased from Morton's BMW.
Due to Morton's sponsorship of his racing efforts, Nate Kern
will be on hand to work with attendees and lend moral support.
Each track day, held on Mondays, will cost BMWBMW club
members $225 and will include track school, lunch, and a free
gift from Morton's BMW.
Those interested in attending are encouraged to contact Morton's BMW ASAP to register and reserve their spots on the grid.
mailto:[email protected]
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April 2007
Scavenger Hunt at the 33rd Square Route Rally
By Nancy “Kitty” Olswald
Have you ever fancied yourself competing in the Iron Butt
Rally? Overwhelmed at the thought of riding for 11 straight
days, averaging 1,000 miles a day while searching for strange
things and trying to consistently follow a bunch of rules? Just
curious about how such an event is run? Or maybe you’re just
looking for something fun to do on Saturday afternoon during
the Square Route Rally? Well, Miss Kitty has just the thing for
Ed Phelps, Chaz Fisher, Tim VanVranken and I are planning
a Scavenger Hunt for attendees of this year’s Square Route
Rally. The Hunt will be similar in format to the Iron Butt Rally,
but MUCH, MUCH, MUCH shorter! In other words, you will
be given a list of bonus locations with corresponding point values. Your goal is to gather as many points as you can within the
rules of the rally. All participants must be registered for the
Square Route Rally but there is no additional charge, You must
pre-register for the Scavenger Hunt which means you need to
pre-register for the rally as well! Registration is simple. On the
form to register for the rally, there is a section for you to complete if you plan to participate in the Scavenger Hunt. PLEASE
make sure that you provide complete and legible information so
that I can contact you! Rally registration form is provided on
page 7 of the this BTS issue.
Morton's BMW Sponsors Nate Kern
BMW racer extraordinaire an AMA National
Champion Nate Kern will be pursuing more success
in 2007 with the help of Morton's BMW Motorcycles.
Morton's will be preparing R1200S race bikes for
Nate's mid-Atlantic racing efforts, primarily events at
Summit Point Raceway and Virginia International
Raceway. A Morton's technician will also be on site at
each race to service the race bike.
Morton's BMW is particularly proud that Nate
chose us to partner with in his racing efforts. The last
BMW rider to win and AMA National Championship
was our own service manager Stuart Beatson, so there
is a wealth of knowledge and experience on both sides
of this equation.
In addition, Morton's BMW will have a hospitality
tent at each of these events to provide a gathering
place for fans and friends of Nate. All BMWBMW
club members are encouraged to come out and cheer
Nate on as he defends his #1 plate!
The schedule is as follows:
5/19/07 Scavenger Hunt Registration closes
6/1/07 Mistress of the Hunt (me!) available for general questions
at the SRR
6/2/07 7:30 AM – Late registration for folks who didn’t register
on Friday
6/2/07 8:00 AM – Rider’s meeting begins – Hunt details distributed during the meeting
6/2/07 9:00 AM – Riders depart
6/2/07 3:00 PM – Riders return (thru 3:30 with penalty points)
6/2/07 3:30 PM – DNF (did not finish) begins
6/2/07 4:00 PM – Riders must have paperwork complete and be
ready for scoring
The event is limited to a total of 33 bikes in two categories:
solo rider and two-up. Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers
in each category.
I can be reached for questions about The Scavenger Hunt at
[email protected] Or, on the club’s message board, you are
welcome to PM me – my ID is Hello Kitty.
Tally Ho!
Here’s who you are
looking for.
April 2007
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Making A Liquid Line Manometer
By Chris Layne (BchrisL)
There are several tools available to measure the differential
intake pressure between the injector tubes of the BMW aircooled twin engine. This is done every time we perform throttle
body sync as part of a regular tune up procedure. Some call this
balancing the throttle bodies. There are many people, myself
included, who have purchased an electronic differential pressure
meters to accomplish this task. The cost of these units varies, but
they usually are in the $80 to $90 dollar range, depending where
you buy them. However, there is a simpler, accurate and less
expensive tool that can be made at home to measure the differential pressure between the two intake tubes of the engine.
This tool is called a Liquid Line Manometer. It is a differential pressure gauge. Pressure gauges that measure pressures
less than atmospheric pressure are called manometers, from the
Greek manos in this case meaning slight, thin, or rare.
Unlike its fancy name, the device is really simple to fabricate. It is nothing more than a long clear flexible tube looped in a
U shape with some liquid to fill the bottom of the U. It is then
held plumb so the force of gravity pulls equally on both sides of
the liquid in the tube. The device must be held accurately in a U
shape and also be oriented so the tubes are held plumb. The last
requirement is a way to connect to the system under test.
Theory:The force of the pressure applied on either side
causes the liquid to move against the force of gravity directly
proportional to the amount of pressure applied. Since there are
two openings, a pressure difference can be measured by connecting the tubes to two sources of pressure.
In our case it is the vacuum ports on the injector tubes of our
engines. When the engine is running, the liquid in the tube will
rise in the side that has the least pressure, as the side that has the
most pressure will push the liquid down. When the pressure is
balanced between the two sides the liquid will rest evenly across
the two tubes when they are held plumb.
Construction Parts List
1 In. x 3 In. x 6
Ft. pine board
KILZ Universal
Sealer-PrimerStain Blocker
Top Fin® Airline
Pet Smart
4" Nylon Wire
Ties (30-Pack)
Radio Shack
One needs a frame to hold
the tubes parallel and maintain
the U-shape. A simple economical frame is a piece of
wood to which the tube is attached.
I used a 1 by 3 inch pine board, 6 feet long from my local
building supply store that had been primed white. This makes the
liquid easier to see against the white background. I then drew
two lines down the board dividing it into thirds, and a short centerline at the bottom. I then drilled
a series of paired
holes in the board
centered along the
lines starting 3
inches from the
bottom and spaced
6 inches apart. I
drilled holes up to
the 54 inch level (8
pairs). The holes
were sized to allow
plastic wire wraps to
go through and were
paired 5mm apart),
the width of the vinyl tubing (4mm
ID+ .5mm tube
wall= 5mm), centered on the lines of
the board. One and
one half inches from
the bottom, I drilled
a pair of holes in the
centerline to secure
the bottom loop of
the tubing to the board. Near the top of the board I drilled a larger hole to accept a string or a hook to hang the completed apparatus to a wall or ceiling support.
The tube must be clear so the one can see the liquid inside
during the measurement. I used clear vinyl tubing 4mm ID, 5mm
OD, and 25’ long. I attached the tube to the wood with plastic
cable ties inserted through small holes drilled through the wood.
I first attached the center of the length of the tube near the lowest
point on the board. I then attached the tube in a straight line parallel to the sides of the board almost to the top of the board.
From there the tubes can be used as “test leads” to connect to the
injector tubes.
I started mounting the tube by putting a Sharpie mark in the
middle of the tubing, about 12 ½ feet from either end. I then attached the vinyl tubing to the bottom pair of holes using plastic
cable wraps that were 4 inches long, and .10 inch wide. Any
plastic ties will do if they are long enough, just make sure the
holes drilled in the board are about the same size as the width of
the tie, and make sure you do not cinch them too tight and crimp
the tubing.
The Liquid: The liquid can be any type, but, for various reasons, some liquid is better suited than others. While mercury can
be used, it is quite toxic and expensive. Moreover, it is very
heavy moving only a small amount for a given pressure and
therefore making the gauge less accurate to read by eye. Water
or some petroleum liquid is a better choice, as they are very light
per volume by comparison. There may be some discussion as to
which liquid is more suited as an indicator due to its effects on
the tubing, visibility, and its effects if accidentally ingested into
the engine. This is up to you to select the liquid indicator.
Cont’d page 14
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April 2007
April 2007
Between the Spokes ©2007 BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington
Manometer cont’d from page 12
I used water, as it quite easily obtained, non flammable, non
toxic and is easily removed from the apparatus for storage, and I
believe, if accidentally sucked into the engine in such a small
quantity (1 teaspoon), will not do any damage.
Use: For 4mm tubing, pour 1 teaspoon of liquid into one of the
tube openings using a syringe, or what ever method you may contrive to introduce the liquid into the manometer. I used the soda
straw method and drew the water into the end that way. If you
have a hand held vacuum pump this will do nicely. This is enough
liquid to provide about 24 inches of water on either side. Hold the
tube as high as possible and allow gravity to draw the water to the
U area of the manometer. The capillary action of the tube will tend
to trap bubbles in the water. This should be avoided!
THE WATER, AT REST, MUST LIE EQUALLY ON EITHER SIDE. The system will not work correctly if there are any
bubbles in the water in the tube, as they will trap air pressure and
unbalance one side.
Careful: Do not allow the vinyl tubing to crimp, as this will
not allow air pressure to be uniform throughout the tube. Hang the
manometer from a support so that it hangs plumb and does not list
to either side. Be careful not to allow the “test leads” to pull the
manometer off plumb when connected to the engine.
Connect the tubes to both sample ports on the motorcycle engine injector tubes.
Start the engine, and observe the water in the tubes. If the
pressure in the intake chambers is equal, then the water will be
equal in both sides of the manometer. If the pressure is unequal,
then the side with the LOWER level of water has HIGHER pressure, and the side with the HIGHER level of water has LOWER
pressure. Adjust your idle air control screws as necessary, then
adjust throttle cables off idle as usual.
Stop the engine after the adjustment BEFORE removing the
tube ends to avoid drawing the liquid into the engine.
For storage I would remove the water to keep it from freezing
or getting stagnant inside the tubes.
Happy Motoring! BchrisL
Marsh Brothers Band cont’d from page 10
Adding him to the mix has really re-energized us all. That's
when we decided to end the confusion and just call ourselves the
Marsh Brothers Band.
We bring a wide variety of influences to the band, and we
like them all, so we don't try to limit ourselves to any particular
genre. I think of us as the D.C. area's premier folk-rock-bluescountry-reggae band. We're excited to be playing at the rally;
Steve is a motorcyclist, so I'm sure he's particularly pumped.
We’ll be seeing you on Saturday night.
Hey ya’ll, be there or be square ….more like be there and
join the “Square” Route Rally. Hey, I’m originally from the
mid-west and we like stupid stuff like that—right Tina!!!
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April 2007
Virginia Governor Renews Motorcycle Council
Richmond, Virginia –Virginia’s effort to promote motorcycle
tourism, safety and economic development continues to grow as
the Governor’s Motorcycle Advisory Council and its Motorcycle
Virginia! initiative are renewed for 2007.
The Council, comprised of representatives from a wide range
of public and private institutions, including motorcycle groups,
state agencies, the Governor’s cabinet and Virginia General Assembly, recently announced the signing of Executive Order 45
by Governor Timothy Kaine, renewing the charter of the council.
Governor Kaine, in continuing the initiative established by
Governor Mark Warner in 2005, appears in a public safety announcement developed by the Council with the cooperation of
the Virginia State Police. The PSA is featured on the Motorcycle
Virginia! website. The Council has also secured approval
from the Virginia Tourism Corporation to borrow the state’s
well-known tagline “Virginia is for Lovers,” modified to read
“Virginia is for Motorcycle Lovers.” The Council will use this in
promoting motorcycle tourism in the state.
The Virginia Tourism Corporation has also approved
$10,000 to match funds raised by the Council to promote motorcycle tourism in Virginia. More information regarding the initiative, including the full Executive Order, Virginia motorcycle
events, and travel resources can be found at the Motorcycle Virginia website http://www.motorcycleva.com.
Report From the AMA
Traffic deaths dropped substantially in 16 states last year, in
many cases reflecting stepped-up enforcement and education
campaigns, according to a USA TODAY analysis of statistics
reported by the states. Highway fatalities fell by at least 5% in
those 16 states. In nine other states, deaths rose by at least that
April 2007
much. Texas and Georgia reported preliminary declines of more
than 5%, but traffic safety agencies in those states expect the
final totals to rise significantly.
While the fatality numbers are preliminary and unofficial,
they show startling drops in some states. Safety officials attribute
the declines in part to coordinated programs aimed at careless or
reckless driving.
Among other factors cited in states that had drops in traffic
fatalities: stiffer drunken-driving laws, police checkpoints aimed
at aggressive driving, improved highway design, and graduated
license programs and other safety efforts targeting young drivers.
Several states are still collecting data from county and local
law enforcement agencies and say their 2006 fatality figures
could rise.
States report their highway death numbers to the National
Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which analyzes the figures before issuing a preliminary national fatality
total. The 2006 total is not likely to show major changes from
2005. Since 1995, the annual total has ranged between 41,000
and 43,000.
In states where fatalities rose substantially, agencies cited
increases in pedestrian deaths, aggressive driving, drunken driving and speeding as factors.
Sunday April 15th, Battley’s Cycle, Battley’s Cycles at 7830
Airpark Rd, Gaithersburg, MD, after General Membership
Meeting on “Roadside Troubleshooting” provided by Ray Sufcinzski and Jim Bade.
Friday May 4th through Sunday May 6th, Club Meeting, Tech
Day and Camping out at Jed and Nancy Hargrove's place,
Between the Spokes ©2007 BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington
Battley Cycles
BMWBMW breakfast rides are informal
gatherings of members who meet for
breakfast and ride afterward. Not all
members participate in the after-breakfast
rides, and many members like to show up
solely for the breakfast. Interested? Show
up early, look for tables with motorcycle
helmets, and don't be shy about
introducing yourself! If you'd like more
information, or to volunteer to lead a ride
one weekend, call the rides chairman.
Note: Schedules for breakfast
rides are not fixed in stone nor will a
ride take place if there is a club
meeting or other major event
scheduled on that day. Consult the
message boards for late breaking
changes or announcements.
Baltimore Breakfast Ride
1st Sunday, 8 a.m.
Old Country Buffet, 2033 E. Joppa Road,
Parkville, MD 21234. 410-882-3155.
Directions: Satyr Hill shopping center at
Satyr Hill and Joppa roads, across from
the Home Depot at I-695 & Perring
Parkway. To have a reminder email come
to you the week before the breakfast,
send your email address to:
[email protected] or call Jim at 410256-0970.
Maryland Breakfast Ride
3rd Sunday, 10 a.m.
The Cozy Restaurant, 103 Frederick
Road, Thurmont, MD 21788. 301-2717373. Directions: Take I-270 north to
Frederick, MD and continue north on
U.S. 15. Take the first Thurmont exit.
Turn right at stop sign, then left at traffic
light. The restaurant is 1/4 mile on your
7830 Airpark Park Road, Gaithersburg MD 20879. 301-948-4581. From I-270
take Shady Grove Road east. At Muncaster Mill Shady Grove becomes Airpark
Road. Go straight another 2.1 miles. Battley's is on the left.
Bob's BMW
10720 Guilford Road, Jessup MD 20794. 301-497-8949. From I-95 take Exit 38A east. Go about one mile and exit onto U.S. 1 North. Go to the first traffic light
and turn right onto Guilford Road. Bob's is less than one mile on the right.
Lap's Quality Cycle
3021 Colvin Street, Alexandria VA 22314. 703-461-9404. From I-395, take Duke
Street east to a right turn onto Roth Street. Make another right onto Colvin. Lap's
is a few doors down. From Old Town Alexandria, take Duke Street west to a left
on Roth, then same as above.
Morton's BMW
5099A Jefferson Davis Highway, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408. 540-891-9844.
From I-95 south, take exit 126 to a traffic light at U.S. 1. Turn left (north) on U.S.
1, go one mile to the light at Courthouse Road/Rt. 208. Make a left onto
Courthouse Road, then right at the next light into the parking lot at Morton’s
BMW Motorcycles.
Speed’s Cycle
5820 Washington Blvd, Elkridge MD 21075. 410-379-0106. Take I-95
North to Route 100 East. Take first exit to Route 1 North. Go about 3
miles. We are on the left just before Levering Avenue.
Rides to Eat (RTE) are informal gatherings of BMWBMW members who meet for
dinner. These gatherings are regularly scheduled for the first and third week of each
month and are always planned and announced on the club’s web message board.
Typically, the Virginia RTE is the first Wednesday and the Maryland RTE is the third
Thursday. The restaurant is always different and the dates occasionally change.
Additionally, impromptu ride-to-eats are always popping up. Interested?
Check out the message boards Events section and look for Ride-To-Eat or RTE.
Virginia Breakfast Ride
4th Sunday, 9 a.m.
Town 'N Country Restaurant, 5037 Lee
Highway, Warrenton, VA 20187. 540347-3614. Directions: Take I-66 west to
exit 43A (U.S. 29 south) toward
Gainesville/Warrenton. Follow U.S. 29
south for 6.5 miles. The restaurant is on
the left.
Between the Spokes ©2007 BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington
Membership Meeting
The meeting was held
on a Saturday, which
happened to be sunny
and warm. Pretty good
turnout for the Mexico
presentation. Our
“white space” volunteers, from left to right,
Jim “JVB” Bade,
Bruce Slvblt, Pam
“Lionlady” Fisher,
Sufczynski, and Chaz
“Guitardad” Fisher.
April 2007
2002 K1200RS – Color: Black Equipped with ABS, HTD Grips, Cruise
Cntrl, Michelin Pilot Power Tires, 5.5 in
Rear Wheel, K&N Air Filter, BMW Sport
Wind Screen, helmet lock, clear turn signals,
BMW Tank Bag, BMW Tail Case, BMW
Saddle Bag mounts and more. BMW
serviced since new. Garaged stored, never
down, like-new condition w/9,800
Miles. Price: $9,950. Email for pictures or
more details: [email protected] or
Tel: 443.994.2840.
1981 R100RS. 4,500 miles, serviced by
Battley's, immaculate, no rust, smoke red
color, black luggage frame, new still in the
box set of progressive shocks, never dropped
or abused; needs the fluids changed, carbs
cleaned, needs a new battery and tires; "as
is" for $9,000. Call George at 301 963 2911
(home) or 202-623-1839 (office). (12/06)
2002 R1100SA with 6500 miles.
Perfect condition, many extras. Asking
$9500/obo Please call Allison or Lex
for additional info. 410-849-3015 (after
1984 80ST 24K mi, Red w/ matching
Hanigan fairing (including pin strips),
BMW saddle bags, a red Eclipse tank
bag, Teleflex fork brace. BMW pwr
socket in the fairing and a front light
toggle switch (for starting w/ a low
battery). Newish battery. One (mostly)
adult mechanical engineer owner. Looks
sharp, mechanically and cosmetically
excellent except one smallish tank dent
(quarter size) and a mark on the seat.
Owner will email pictures or answer
questions if you are in the market for an
80ST. Price: $4800 Location: DC Area
Contact Tom Kawecki
[email protected](7/06)
2002 R1150RT Silver, 35K miles,
radio, heated hand grips, motorized
windshield, great road touring bike or
commuter bike for HOV. Save gas.
Asking $8,200. call Richard 703-9634036. (7/06)
1993 K75S/ABS Silk blue; 53k miles;
stock and tall windshields; stock and
Staintune exhausts; Givi 45 litre top and
sidecases; very good condition. A great
commuter (50+ mpg) or light-duty
tourer. $3,300. Glenn Weiland (703)
450-8131, day or evening. (8/06)
76 R 90/6 RS, 47,300 miles, an updated
April 2007
classic - RS faring, custom painted
BMW RS colors Savanna Beige(79)
and Smoke Black(80), 78 S dual front
brakes, forks, 6.3 gal tank, fenders &
seat pan, Corbin seat, Krauser bags &
bag liners, Reynolds rack with rear
rack, BMW tank bag, Eclipse tank
bag, tank cover, RS pocket bags, Bike
cover, Lester wheels, ride off, Engine
- dual plugged, electronic ignition,
K&N air filter, top end rebuild at
39,000, balanced and blueprinted from
rods up, light flywheel, clutch replaced
at TE rebuild, updated shift kit, /7
valve covers, deep oil pan. Suspension
- San Jose Fork brace, triple clamp,
anti dive kit, Koni shocks, ME 33 &
ME 99 2000 miles, new Westco
battery, Instruments - oil pressure, oil
temp, amp meter, clock. 35 yrs of
BMW stuff. New /6 mufflers in box, S
back rest with rack, books, sales
brochures, spare parts...my life! You
get the bike; I keep the trophies!
$7,500.00 Contact Steve Flesner 410586-8179 or [email protected]
for good photos (11/05).
Kenny Freitag, Blackstone, Va.
#25105 with gear for sale: 1] black
leather jacket, size 36, good condition,
$50. 2] Helmut - ARIA full face,
grey, " Renegade", 7 1/4 to 7 3/8,
good condition, $75.00 . Both items
add shipping. Kenny - 434-292-5187
[email protected]
Please notify the Editor if For Sale
items that have been sold so ads can
be kept updated.
Ray trying to figure out how to ride
an LT!
Pam Fisher trying to “look busy a
the GMM”—Not!
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Central Piedmont Group Rides cont’d from page 8
Off the bike, Culpeper features an attractive and walkable
downtown. When I was kid, the corner at Main and Davis was
anchored by venerable retail institutions like J.J. Newberry,
Lerner’s Department Store, and the locally-owned drugstore complete with lunch counter and a rack of racy magazines in the back
where young men tended to congregate (as I am told).
Many of those stores are long gone and I miss them. The good
news is, most of the buildings have been renovated and an entirely
new generation of new and unique shops have filled in the gaps
while a few reminders of the past remain. Newcomers like The
Cameleer, featuring arts and crafts from around the world, and
Irish-goods specialist Rathuil, blend in seamlessly with long-time
downtown institutions like Knakal’s Bakery and Clarke’s Hardware.
The corner drugstore is now home to the Frost Café. This fifties-style restaurant has a low-key, genuine retro feel unlike some
Disneyesque chain malt shop. I wouldn’t be surprised if I walked
in some time to find Marilyn and Bogey at the counter being
served by Elvis.
Need a little walk after that big old slice of pie at the café?
Here’s an idea. Check out Virginia Morton’s walking tour of
downtown Culpeper (tinyurl.com/2o84d5). You don’t have to be a
Civil War buff to enjoy Virginia’s narrative because many of her
stories focus on the people and personalities of the conflict, not the
usual “this happened on this date” type of narrative.
Lodging options in Culpeper range from the rider-friendly
Fountain Hall B&B (http://www.fountainhall.com) to accommodations suitable for larger groups like the Comfort Inn and Best
Western on the south side of town.
Ready to head out on another ride? I thought so.
I like Skyline Drive, but the lumbering traffic on some
stretches irritates me. Really, I had no idea so many people had
yet to see a deer that they need to stop in the middle of the road
to take pictures. You can avoid much of that hassle if you take a
little different approach and ride a less-traveled section of the
Drive. Follow US 29 out of town toward Charlottesville for just
a couple of miles to Reva, Virginia. Just past Reva, turn right on
VA 609, a delightful back road through rolling farmland that
ends on VA 231 at Banco. Head south on VA 231 to Madison.
Rejoin US 29 briefly, then turn right on VA 230 to Stanardsville.
Ascend the Blue Ridge on US 33 and pick up the Drive heading
north. Unless you’re riding on a peak foliage weekend (when all
bets are off), you’ll likely find this section of the Drive less traveled and more enjoyable. Drop off the Drive 33 miles north at
Thornton Gap.
On your return, follow US 211 into Sperryville. You’ll often
find a group of riders congregated at the Sperryville Emporium
and Parkway Gift Shop on the left as you enter the Fruit Stand
District. Need an Elvis towel set? A carved cedar gift box? Did
your significant other recently smash your decorative
“Footprints” plaque in a fit of rage? You’ve come to the right
Heading out of Sperryville, stay on US 211 north to Ben
Venue. Here you can pick up VA 729, Richmond Road, to return
to town. This back door into Culpeper is a hilly romp through
high pastures and mountain meadows with long views of the
Blue Ridge. Cont’d page 19
Between the Spokes ©2007 BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington
April 2007
April 7, 2007—SRR Clean Up Day and Flea Market
April 14, 2007—Morton’s BMW Spring Open House
April 15, 2007—BMWBMW General Membership meeting at
Battley Cycle, http://www.battley.com/
April 21, 2007—Bob’s BMW GS Show & Shine Day
April 28, 2007—Bob’s BMW Spring Open House
May 4-6, 2007—BMWBMW—Club Meeting, Tech Day and
Camping out at Jed and Nancy Hargrove's place, Stoneleigh Farm
in Thurmont, Md.
June 1 - June 3, 2007—BMWBMW 33rd Square Route
Rally http://www.bmwbmw.org. This year will have a scavenger
hunt; details at http://bmwbmw.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6821
Link to Event on Forum:
April 15, 2007—Third Annual Purple Heart Ride
sponsored by the Blue Knights (MD); Steve Martin 410-8045721; mailto:[email protected]; http://www.blkmdix.org
April 20-22, 2007—Cape Fear 1,000 Motorcycle Rally
http://www.capefear1000.com/ to support the Valley Junction
Gang http://www.victoryjunction.org/aa_home/index.html.
covering great roads in the southeast and ending in NC.
April 28, 2007—N8 Kern @VIR#1 Sponsored by the Gonzo
Touring Team – N8! Kern will attempt to win another SunTrust
MotoST 500km Endurance Race at Virginia International
Raceway. VIR website: www.virclub.com
May 4-6, 2007—17th Georgia Mountain Rally, BMW M/C
Owners of Georgia www.bmwmoga.info
May 25-27, 2007—Mason-Dixon 20/20
June 7-10, 2007—BMWRA International Rally - Biltmore
Estate, in Ashville, North Carolina http://www.bmwra.org/rally/
June 16-17, 2007—Blue Grass Book Bank Benefit campout
in Highland County, VA http://bluegrassbookbank.org/
June 23-24, 2007 -N8 Kern @VIR#2 sponsored by the
Gonzo Touring Team at the seventh annual Virginia Festival of
Speed at Virginia International Raceway. The 2-day gate ticket is
$25. Go to http://www.virclub.com for directions, gate fees,
schedule, and more information about the racetrack.
June 23-24, 2007—Oriole and Crab 1,000 24-Hour
Motorcycle Rally, starts and ends in Frederick, MD
June 30 to July 6, 2007—Beast in the East – Statesville
Holiday Inn, 1215 Garner Bagnal Boulevard Statesville, NC28677
July 12-15, 2007—35th BMWMOA International Rally,
Washington County, Wisconsin
August 16 - 19, 2007—30th Dan'l Boone Rally, NC Carolinas BMW Motorcycle Owners Assoc.
August 31st to September 3, 2007—Finger Lakes Rally,
NY http://www.fingerlakesbmw.org/rally/flrallynext.php
September 7-9, 2007—Beemers in the BlueGrass MiniRally, Frankfort, KY; contact Roy Rowlett 859-223-5459 or by
email at mailto:[email protected]
October 13, 2007 The VOID III Rally http:/www.rallythevoid.org/
Central Piedmont Group Rides cont’d from page 18
Whether you’re looking for a day ride or a weekend group
ride, Culpeper offers enough diversity and amenities to make it
an attractive base. No matter what direction you ride, you’ll find
fun roads, interesting sights, and good food. That’s a recipe for a
memorable weekend that is sure to please any group of riders.
Dale Coyner is a Culpeper native and owner of Open Road
Outfitters (http://www.openroadoutfitters.com), a motorcycle
travel accessory shop in Sterling, Virginia. He swears he enjoyed those drug store magazines for the articles alone.
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April 2007
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