The Kwakiutl Indians


The Kwakiutl Indians
The Kwakiutl ate fish, hunted deer.
 They didn’t grow anything.
 The woman had a part and collected
shellfish, seaweed, and berries.
 The Kwakiutl fished the most out of any
thing. They mostly caught salmon and
see animals in there canoes.
Tools and weapons
The Kwakiutl used harpoons, nets, and
fish traps made out of wood.
 They used bows, spears, and war clubs
for hunting.
 Kwakiutl warriors wore armor made out
of rods to protect them from enemy
Kwakiutl crafts
Kwakiutl are known for there fine woven
 They are also known for wood carving
masks and totem carvings.
 There is a whole website about Kwakiutl
dance masks
Kwakiutl used deer skin and fur for
 They also used feathers for head
 They would use fish skin.
 For shoes they used wood for the
bottom and plants for the top!
On land they traveled by walking and
 When they traveled on water they used
canoes made out of cedar logs.
 also they used canoes for fishing,
trading, hunting, and warfare.
Family life.
The children go to school, help around
the house, go hunting or fishing with
their father.
 Women gathered plants, or herds, and
 both men and women took their part in
story telling.
The real name for Kwakiutl is
Kwakwaka’wakw means the people who
speak kwak’wala .
4 % of kwakiutl speak Kwakiutls native
What contributions have kwakiutl
made to the present day?
They used pots to cook in like we do
 They used weapons like we do today
like bow and arrows.
 They used canoes like we do today!
There was a date In winter where they
would have numerous ceremonies.
Also in winter there was a ceremony that
greeted new members of the tribe.
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