Ash Class web term 4 (2)


Ash Class web term 4 (2)
C&L/Speaking and Listening
Show and Tell will continue on a
Monday and Friday. Please
can you ensure your child
only brings something in when
it is the turn of their show and
tell. The list of groups is
attached. We will continue to
send Nemo the fish home for
the weekend with a child who
has worked really hard during
the week. Please encourage
your child to add a short
sentence and a picture to the
diary so they can share their
activities with the class on
During this term we will be thinking
about our family and friends. And
what is might be like when we lose
something that is special to us and
how it might make us feel. We will
also be talking about sharing and
taking turns and playing nicely with
each other.
During our RE sessions with Mrs
Thornton this term we will be
learning about the Easter story.
This term we will be learning about the Great Fire
of London. We will be finding out when and how it
started. We will be looking at and comparing
present day London to London 1666! We will be
looking at map of the UK and plotting where
London and Warminster are. We will
also be learning the 4 different
countries that make up the U.K.
Ash Class
Term 4
The Time
Our weekly PE sessions will continue
with PH Sports and we will be using the
outdoor area to develop and enhance
the skills we learn in PE.
The children will be
creating a series of
instructions and planning
a journey for a Beebot to
navigate it around a
street map.
This term we are going to
be making bread and
thinking about different
textures and using the
correct words to describe
those textures.
EA&D/Art and Design
Linking to our learning about
the Great fire of London we
will be creating a silhouette
picture of the flaming skies
of London. In the run up to
Easter we will be doing
Easter craft activities using
various resources in the
creation station.

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