Zeng Chengkui Tseng
Leading Chinese Phycologist
Born 1909
Early Education at Xiamen & Lingnan
China’s First Practicing Phycologist
1st Paper was on Economically Important Algae
in USA
• University of Michigan
• Scripps Institute of Oceanography
• USDA and agar during WWII
• Gelidium
• Kelco Inc. and Giant Kelp
• Phycological Society of America 1946
Laminaria (Kelp)
• Artificial Substrate
• Sporophyte germination competitors and greenhouse alternatives
• Fertilizing the ocean
• Adapting to new climates
• Massive Workshop to
teach the masses
Barriers To Good Science
• Communism, Mao
• Red Guard, Cultural Revolution
• Torture, Kill, Isolate, Re-educate and Re-assign
• Tseng, Tortured, Isolated and called a traitor
Life After Communism
• Travels the World and Meets President Ford
• Catches up on Phycology outside of Chine
• Appointed Director of Institute of
Oceanography in Qingdao
• 1985 Tseng elected as member of the Third
World Academy of Science
• Tseng continued his research in the 1990s
and advocated the “farming and ranching of
the sea”

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