Typography Tutorial


Typography Tutorial
Typography Tutorial
Typography - is the art and technique of arranging type.
Read and follow all of the steps:
Choose a photo you would like to manipulate using typography. Tips: Choose a
simple photo with higher contrast- adjust the contrast if needed.
Create a new document in Photoshop. It should be about the same size or
smaller than the photo you want to use.
Use the T, text tool, to write different words in different fonts. You may want
to choose a more straight/bold font. Curvy words can get tricky.
Select the rectangular marquee tool and select one word on the document.
Click Edit, Define Brush Preset, name the brush
Now, switch over to your photo that you have opened in Photoshop.
Click New Fill Layer on the layers bar, Solid color then choose white.
Right click on the background layer and select Duplicate Layer.
Move that layer to the top of the layers bar. And click
the eye to hide the layer
Create a new layer
You can title the new layer text, if it helps you
Change the opacity of the fill layer to 50%
Select the text layer.
Select your one of the brushes you made with a word
Start putting the words down. Use your different brushes in various sizes to try to
fit within the different subjects, sections or colors of the photo for some
differentiation. You can also create different text layers for the different sections.
Tip: to change the brush size easily you can right click while using the brush, or use
the [ ] keys as a shortcut to increase or decrease the size quickly
Select the fill layer, and put opacity back to 100%
Make top Layer visible again
Right click, Create Clipping Mask
When you are completed with the words you will be able to see through the words
to the photo. Its like creating a Cookie Cutter through to the photo.
Change the fill color
Right click on the text layer, select Blending options and add drop shadows etc.

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