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us military
Some of the industrial participants in FARGIS have already major involvement with
important actors in sea transport related activities in USA.
The following information represents only minor extracts of the present activities.
C-MAP has enjoyed and long relationship supplying electronic charts to US Military forces,
including the US Navy, US Coast Guard, and the US Army. C-MAP’s professional electronic
chart database, CM-93, is found onboard the most advanced ships in the US Navy fleet,
including the aircraft carriers USS Nimitz, USS Kitty Hawk, USS Abraham Lincoln, and over
40 other navy vessels. These US navy vessels are using CM-93 charts on a subscription basis
enabling the navigator to receive electronic chart updates throughout the year.
The US Army has chosen to use the CM-93/3 electronic chart database as their primary
electronic chart format. Currently the US Army is sailing with C-MAP charts onboard the
HSV Joint Venture, a high-speed catamaran being used as a test platform for the latest high
technology platforms. Other Army vessels currently sailing with CM-93 include the USAV
William Bunker and the USAV Frank Besson, with over a dozen other Army vessels
scheduled to have C-MAP compatible systems installed by the end of 2002.
The US Coast Guard has over 130 vessels sailing with C-MAP charts, including the entire
fleet of 47 foot Motor Lifeboats. C-MAP has also supplied electronic charts and software to
US Coast Guard Stations to be used in Homeland Defense operations and for enhanced
situational awareness.
C-MAP/Commercial Reference List
US Navy – USS Kennedy, USS Kitty Hawk, USS Nimitz, USS Peleliu, USS Bonhomme Richard,
USS Constellation, USS Abraham Lincoln, USS Wasp, USS Rushmore, USNS Pecos, USNS Guadalupe, USNS
Diehl, USNS Sioux, and more…
US Army – USAV William B. Bunker, USAV Frank Besson, HSV Joint Venture
Princess Cruises – Sun Princess, Sea Princess, Grand Princess, Dawn Princess, Golden Princess,
M/V Oriana, Ocean Princess, Star Princess
Celebrity Cruises – M/V Mercury, M/V Century, M/V Galaxy
Carnival Cruise Line - Carnival Triumph, M/V Inspiration, M/V Elation, M/V Destiny, M/V Paradise, Carnival
Victory, Carnival Pride, Carnival Spirit
Norwegian Cruise Line – M/V Norwegian Sky, M/V Norwegian Dream, M/V Norwegian Wind,
M/V Norwegian Sun, M/V Norwegian Star
Royal Caribbean Cruises – M/V Millenium, M/V Infinity
Silver Sea Cruises – M/V Silver Shadow, M/V Silver Whisper
Holland America Line – M/S Volendam, M/S Zaandam, M/S Rotterdam, M/S Amsterdam
Polar Tanker – M/V Polar Endeavor, M/V Polar Texas, M/V Polar Trader, M/V Polar Alaska, M/V Polar
Crowley Petroleum Transport – SS Coast Range, SS Blue Ridge
Alaska Tanker Company – M/V Kenai, M/V Tonsina, M/V Prince William Sound, M/V Denali
Teekay Shipping – M/V Kyeema Spirit, M/V Koa Spirit, M/V Kiowa Spirit
Container Ships
Matson Navigation – M/V Mahi Mahi, M/V Mokihana, M/V Manoa
APL – M/V President Kennedy, M/V President Jackson, M/V President Truman, M/V President Polk,
M/V President Adams
Cable Ships – C/S Tycom Responder, C/S Tycom Reliance, C/S Asean Restorer
Research Vessels – R/V Melville, R/V Atlantis, R/V Alpha Helix
Training Ships – T/S State of Maine, T/S Empire State
For Immediate Release
Contact: Eric James
Phone: 508.477.7537
Fax: 508.477.7549
[email protected]
USS Nimitz Becomes C-MAP’s
Latest US Military Subscriber to the CM-93 Electronic Chart
Cape Cod, Massachusetts - The USS Nimitz was recently outfitted with a Raytheon Pathfinder ECDIS
system, which is compatible with the CM-93 Edition 3 database and has joined the over 50 other US
Military vessels using CM-93 electronic charts.
Over the past several years, C-MAP has been supplying CM93 to the United States Navy as well as thousands of other
military and commercial vessels sailing throughout the world.
“During the past few years, we’ve been taking care of
electronic charting needs for customers worldwide,” said
Eric James, Operations Manager at C-MAP/Commercial.
“Our detailed coverage, up-to-date charts and excellent
customer support are only a few of the reasons that most
naval and commercial vessels won’t leave port without
their CM-93 charts onboard -- a true testament to our
superior product,” he said.
Some of the most recognizable US Military ships using
CM-93 electronic charts include the USS Nimitz, USS John
F. Kennedy, USS Kitty Hawk and the HSV-XI Joint
CM-93 is C-MAP’s most recent electronic chart format and is compliant with all S-57/3 specifications.
Over eighty ECS/ECDIS equipment manufacturers currently use CM-93/3 including Atlas, Simrad,
Klein/Raytheon, Sperry, JRC and many others.
Located on Cape Cod Massachusetts, C-MAP/Commercial is a member of The C-MAP Group, one of
twenty companies located in seventeen countries around the world. This division is responsible for the
sales and marketing of CM-93 for the Americas. For additional information regarding CM-93/3, contact
C-MAP/Commercial at 508.477.7537 or visit their web site at
Miros has the following contacts:
Navatek Ltd, Honolulu.
Shipyard and provider of services - engaged in high speed vessels also for
US Navy.
Miros has supplied 7 microwave altimeters to Navatek in 2000-2001 for vessel
monitoring purposes.
Mr. Gabriel Zee, V.pres. E-mail: [email protected], and Mr. Gay
Shimozono, E-mail: [email protected]
NOAA/NOS/N/OPSI Silver Spring + NOAA/NOS/Co-Ops Chesapeake
Miros has in 2001 & 2002 supplied 3 Microwave Range Finders for the
monitoring of sailing clearances under bridges.
One of the units delivered have been used for monitoring safe passage of
large harbor cranes under San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge - will thereafter
be install on New Orleans Crescent City Bridge in cooperation with U.S.C.G.
Mr. Thomas N. Mero, Chief Requirements and Development, E-mail:
[email protected]
Mr. Mark Bushnell, Ports Development Manager E-mail: [email protected]
USN/Naval Surface Warfare Center, Seakeeping department
Miros delivered in 2000 a Wavex directional wave monitoring system to the
joint USN/UK DERA trimaran frigate prototype.
Mr. Dennis A.Woolaver, Seakeeping dept. E-mail: [email protected]
others informed this project:
Mr. Bruce Dyer, Director, Office of Naval Research, Dept. of the Navy E-mail
[email protected]
Mr. L.Patrick Purtell, PhD, Program officer, Hydromechanics, Office of Naval
Research, Dept. of the Navy, E-mail: [email protected]
Mr. Martin D.Fink, Advanced Projects group, Program Executive Office Expeditionary Warfare, E-mail: [email protected]
Other projects in US:
Project with FFI/Fireco/Island Engineering in 2001 to install Miros
Microwave Altimeter and Miros Wavex on KNM Skjold whilst in demo service
with USN. US Cooperating partner was Island Engineering, Inc., Piney Point,
Maryland (This project has so far not materialized):
Mr. William McFann, President, or
Mr. Timothy Pannone, Electronics Engineer, E-mail:
[email protected]
Island engineering have used a microwave altimeter on High Speed Vessel
prototype tests.
Delivered Miros Wave Radar to Sea Launch Commander 1996.
Delivered Wavex system to AMHS ferry "Taku" 1999.
Although not for US it should be noted that a Miros Wavex system has been
supplied to the Swedish Navy for their Visby Class Stealth Corvette.
Miros is a foremost supplier of Remote Ocean Sensors based on Radar and
Microwave technologies.
<<SM-050 DB_079_01.pdf>> <<Wavex Brochure DB 086 rev.3.pdf>>
<<SM-048-2 DB-097-01.pdf>> <<SM-094 DB-095-03.pdf>>
Mailed separately!
Norcontrol IT Wins Major U.S. Contract
Norcontrol IT has won the contract to replace the Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) at
the Marine Exchange of Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbour, with its latest Norcontrol IT,
VTS 5060 Vessel Traffic System. The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are jointly the
largest and busiest harbour complex on the West Coast of North America, and rank 4 th
worldwide in cargo activity. LA/LB Harbour has a unique vessel traffic control requirement,
since it is the first (and only) “partnership” operation between the private sector (represented
by the Marine Exchange) and several various state, local and federal government agencies,
including the U.S. Coast Guard.
VTMS at LA/LB Harbour links the Marine Exchange Vessel Traffic Centre in San Pedro with the
two pilot stations -- Jacobsen Pilot Service at the Port of Long Beach, and the Los Angeles
Harbour Pilots at the Port of Los Angeles. The system also includes a remote display at the
U.S. Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Office at LA/LB Harbour for monitoring all vessel movements
and locations, and to assist with search and rescue missions, port state control activity, and
law enforcement matters. These entities all run identical Norcontrol IT systems that are
interfaced via a network to the Marine Exchange. The VTMS shares radar input and target track
information to allow the monitoring and facilitation of all commercial vessel traffic along this
busy waterway and coastal approaches. The Marine Exchange handles approximately 35,000
vessel transits annually within its “Area of Responsibility”, which extends 25 N/M to seaward
from Point Fermin.
Norcontrol IT installed the original VTS 5000 system at Jacobsen Pilot Service In 1992, and following
its proven success there, the other installations at the Marine Exchange, the U.S. Coast Guard, and
the Los Angeles Pilot Station followed.
On announcing the award of the contract to Norcontrol IT, Capt. M.H.K. “Manny” Aschemeyer,
Executive Director of the Marine Exchange & VTS said, “We have, in our studied opinion, and after an
exhaustive review process, selected the vendor with the best plan and the best equipment and
systems to successfully address our specific needs, meet our particular expectations and maintain our
unique budget performance requirements as we move into the 21st century”.
The new VTS 5060 to be installed at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbour complex provides an even
more flexible system of modular design and has been developed with fully integrated sensors offering
AIS, P.O.R.T.S. information, Lloyd’s vessel data, etc. to meet future requirements. The replacement of
the entire integrated system is a major contract for Norcontrol IT, which specialises in providing
advanced Vessel Traffic Management Systems for many of the busiest ports in the world.
Øyvind Taugl
Director R&D
Norcontrol IT as
Tlf: +47 33 08 48 00
Mob : +47 91 85 26 80
1990 American Trader grunnstøting Long Beach California
Etter oppdrag fra guvernøren i California fikk Oceanor i oppgave å foreta en vurdering av de
aksjonene man hadde satt i gang for å begrense og rense opp etter oljesølet som fulgte etter
grunnstøtingen av American Trader. Oceanor stilte med eksperter på oljesøl,
oljedriftsimulering, skip og oseanografi samt marinbiologi. Vi ble bedt om å levere en rapport
og presentere denne for State Lands Commission i Sacramento. Rapporten ble senere benyttet
under forberedelse til en høringsrunde som ble holdt kort tid etter. Videre dannet rapporten
grunnlag for et erstatningssøkmål mot BP. Denne rettsaken kom opp 5 år etter at ulykken
hadde intruffet. Vi deltok i den sammenheng som vitner. Saken ble avsluttet med et forlik
mellom partene.
4 Wavescan bøyer til
Department of Navy
Naval Ordnance Test Unit
Cape Canaveral, Florida
Disse er i nå i ferd med å bli oppgradert.
I tillegg har de kjøpt en Smart bøye
1 Wavescan bøye
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution .
Woods Hole, MA 02543, USA.
1 Wavescan bøye
Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center, CA, USA
Description of OCEANOR
OCEANOR is a high-tech company specialising in delivering integrated real-time
environmental monitoring and information systems for oceans, coastal areas, rivers, lakes,
groundwater and soil. The company's multidisciplinary background within meteorology,
oceanography, biology, hydrology and chemistry, as well as water engineering and
instrumentation, has contributed to its development of multiparameter environmental
monitoring and forecasting systems. Information systems for the marine environment have
been deployed worldwide for a range of customers, and similar systems for freshwater have
now been developed and implemented
Best regards
Jan-Petter Mathisen
OCEANOR, Pir-Senteret, 7462 Trondheim, Norway
Tel : +47-73545200, direct line +47-73545209
Cellular: +47-91566279
Fax: +47-73545201
E-mail: [email protected]

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