Communities - Solarize Hudson Valley



Communities - Solarize Hudson Valley
Solarize Hudson Valley Round 4
Request for Proposals – Communities
Release date: April 5, 2016
Due date: May 6, 2016 (5:00 PM)
Please submit online to John Wackman: [email protected]
Solarize is a public education and group purchasing discount program that
makes it easier and more affordable for households and small businesses to
adopt solar energy, working with pre-selected installer partners and the
outreach support of nonprofit partners. Solarize Hudson Valley is a 3-year
collaboration between Sustainable Hudson Valley and Catskill
Mountainkeeper, funded by NYSERDA, to bring Solarize to the Mid-Hudson
counties of Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, and Putnam counties,
working through selected cities, towns and villages where local government
and community organizations step forward to engage the community. In
2016, we will organize two campaign “waves” (March – June and July October). This application is for communities wishing to participate in the
second of these campaigns.
Part 1: Project Overview and Organizational Structure
1. What is the name of proposed project ("Solarize XYZ" or other name)?
2. What community/communities will be served, and who are the intended
participants (demographic, socioeconomic, etc.)?
3. Primary Contact This person will serve as the project manager for the
application process and the Solarize campaign. They can be a volunteer,
official, or staff of the local government or lead organization
Phone Number
4. Lead Organization Must be a local government, school district, nonprofit
organization or other formal organization with a clear mission and identified
leadership. The lead organization is responsible for coordinating among
partners to fulfill the community’s share of the work scope. This Solarize
initiative must be the priority project for your community organization for the
duration of the campaign.
Organization name & Mailing Address
The Lead Organization is a ______ Government; ______ Nonprofit; ____
School District; _______ Other (specify)
On a separate sheet, describe the experience of your group’s core team in
working together on projects and the results you have achieved. Include any
sample marketing materials, press coverage, etc.
Partners and Core Team
What organizational partners are committed to the effort? How will they help
to reach their members, and what kind of numbers can they reach? On a
separate sheet, please identify the name, contact person, and general role of
each, and briefly discuss the specific capabilities and commitment of each
partner to the success of the Solarize campaign. Participation of local
government staff, boards and elected officials is strongly encouraged. Include
community organizations (garden club, cycling group, Chamber of Commerce,
etc.) that are willing to collaborate in promoting workshops for their
members and bringing the Solarize message to already planned events.
Part 2: Community Profile and Preparation [Use a separate sheet to
answer these questions.]
6. Briefly describe the community served by the proposed Solarize campaign,
including population, number of owner-occupied residences, and current
number of solar installations (see Open Data NY and PowerClerk for
7. Have you conducted any survey or other preliminary outreach to gauge
community interest in Solarize? If so, please describe the survey, the number
of responses, level of interest, and priorities identified. If not, please discuss
your reasons for believing this community is a good fit for Solarize.
8. Have the jurisdictions served by the proposed project adopted the NYS
Unified Solar Permit? If not, please briefly describe the solar permitting
process. Identify any additional requirements for ground mounted solar
installations (fencing, setbacks, height restrictions), as well as any required
Architectural Review Board approvals.
9. Describe your community's participation in local sustainability initiatives
that could create a foundation for Solarize, including the Climate Smart
Communities program and NY-SUN PV Trainers Network.
Part 3: Outreach Planning and Preparation
Your outreach planning, organization and preparedness are the primary
factor that signifies your community is ready to undertake a Solarize
program. Solarize Hudson Valley will support you with installer selection and
project management, template outreach materials and media assistance, and
steady but modest staff and volunteer support throughout the program. It is
the responsibility of community teams to bring people to the workshops,
open houses and special events that are the backbone of Solarize, to build
local buzz and maintain local credibility, and to motivate the community to
take full advantage of the program.
10. Please identify at least 6 committed members of your core organizing team
who will make this project a top personal priority, and summarize the
background and skills of each member as they relate to Solarize outreach.
Note their strongest campaign organizing and management experiences
including outcomes. Estimate each core team member’s commitment to
Solarize (hours per week).
11. What are your team’s capabilities (or access to skilled volunteers) to
cover each of the following:
Graphic design
Press relations
Social media
Volunteer recruitment and management
Event management and promotion
Performing arts (e.g. event musicians, street banners)
12. Please identify the top 3 event venues in your community for Solarize
workshops and any costs associated with using them. (Public libraries are
13. What are the top five media outlets for reaching the population you expect
to participate in Solarize? What experience does your team have in getting
coverage in each of these?
14. Please identify at least three homeowners with solar electric power who are
willing to serve as “Solar Ambassadors,” for example, hosting Open House
events to show off their panels, attending community workshops to answer
questions about their decision, providing testimonials, etc.
15. Similarly, please identify at least three businesses in your community that
can serve as “Solar Ambassadors.”
16. What special opportunities for visibility does your community present (from
famous people with solar homes to great public spaces for street banners –
your creative ideas here!)
17. Working with the elements identified above, please identify a goal for signed
solar contracts by households and businesses in your community, and map
out an outreach plan to engage at least 5 - 6 times that number in events
and media outreach.

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