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HERE - Flower Mound Emergency Pet Clinic
It’s that time of year!
As the weather continues to get warmer keep an eye
out for snakes! We have been seeing a large number
of snakebites since the beginning of April. Snakes are
more frequently seen when mating in spring and early
summer months. It is important to be aware of
potential snake habitats. Cleaning up these areas are
the best way to prevent an encounter. Snakes tend to
hide in places that are cool, damp and sheltered.
Snakes can find their way inside storage sheds, so
keep them closed off at the base by packing soil or
building materials such as bricks or sheet metal. They can also be found along fence
lines, in tall grass, and gardens. Be sure to keep your yard tidy by clearing away any
undergrowth, toys, or tools that can make it easier for a snake to hide. Avoid leaving any
kind of food, fruit, or birdseed out which can attract small rodents, which will entice the
snakes. If taking your pet for a walk, be sure they
are on a leash and steer clear of long grass and
Try and familiarize yourself with snakes
common to your specific area. Copperhead
snakes (pictured left) are common in the
Flower Mound and Highland Village area and
can have severe side effects.
In the event of a snakebite try and
remain calm and keep your pet calm as well.
Remove your pets collar if they were bitten in
the neck as swelling may occur. Try to identify
the type of snake that bit your pet, without
endangering yourself, as this may help with treatment. Make sure to seek veterinary
care immediately.
For more information on snake bites please refer to ASPCA’s website at

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