All About LED Extrusion and Its Uses


All About LED Extrusion and Its Uses
All About LED Extrusion and Its Uses
There are a lot of designer extrusions available in the market these days. They not only improve
the appearance of lights but also improve their functionality. Extrusion makes lighting easy to
use while reducing its installation time. Extrusions act as protective agents for the LED, making
it hard for moisture and other damaging agents to reach the light. In this article we will talk
about aluminium LED extrusion and its uses in the lighting.
Where to use LED extrusions?
LED extrusions improve all kinds of LED light installations. They are the best for residential as
well as commercial properties. Some of their uses are described below.
1. Ceiling lights: Villa-style lighting looks beautiful when installed correctly. The Portugalstyle lighting that consists of red, green, and blue lights around the ceiling is a great way
to enhance the appearance of a living room or bedroom.
2. Bathroom LED strips: Thin-style LED strips can be used to create a smooth glow near the
basin, bath, or toilet in a bathroom. It can create an attractive as well as authentic light
bar effect that lights only the necessary areas.
3. Swimming pool: The extrusions used near the swimming pool can be combined with an
optic lens to aid the design and aesthetics of walls. These extrusions use narrow beams
to illuminate a small space. This means they can illuminate the sidewall of a pool or a
designer wall on the top.
How to install LED extrusion?
Extrusions are usually tightened at a place using countersink screws. There are alternate
methods of fixing extrusions as well. Depending on the kind of lights, you can use brackets or
clippers to attach an extrusion at your desired position.
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