Reviving Damaged Hair At Hair Plus Redken Vs. Goldwell Vs. Wella


Reviving Damaged Hair At Hair Plus Redken Vs. Goldwell Vs. Wella
Reviving Damaged Hair At Hair Plus: Redken Vs. Goldwell Vs. Wella
Your hair goes through a lot - heat styling, colouring, exposure to the elements - and
sometimes, it pays the price with damage. But fear not! There are fantastic hair care brands like
Redken, Goldwell, and Wella hair products NZ available at Hair Plus that can help bring your
damaged locks back to life. In this guide, we'll compare these brands to help you make the best
choice for your hair.
Redken: The Repair Expert
Redken is renowned for its hair repair products. Their product line is a favourite among many.
It's designed to strengthen and fortify damaged hair, leaving it smoother and more manageable.
Redken's unique Redken shampoo protein formula helps rebuild hair from within, making it a
go-to choice for customers at Hair Plus.
Goldwell: The Color-Safe Option
Goldwell's range is a hit at Hair Plus for those who want to protect their hair colour while
repairing the damage. These products not only revive your hair but also preserve your colour,
making it an excellent choice for those with coloured or chemically treated hair.
Wella: The Versatile Solution
Wella has a wide range of products catering to different hair types and concerns. Their
Fusionplex line is all about resilience and flexibility. It's perfect for those who want to address
damage while maintaining their hair's natural movement and bounce. Wella's products are
known for their versatility.
How to Use These Products
Using these hair care lines is pretty straightforward. Simply follow the instructions on the
product labels. Most will recommend using the products regularly, usually in conjunction with
their shampoo and conditioner counterparts. For an extra boost of hydration and repair,
consider adding a hair mask from the Hair Plus store to your routine once or twice a week.
Real-World Results
Hair Plus customers have shared their experiences with these brands, and the consensus is
clear: all three deliver noticeable results. Whether it's Redken's intense repair, Goldwell's
colour-preserving magic, or Wella's versatile solutions, customers have found their damaged
hair becoming softer, smoother, and healthier.
The Final Verdict
Choosing between Redken, Goldwell, and Wella ultimately depends on your hair type and
specific needs. If you're dealing with severe damage, the Redken line might be your saviour.
Goldwell hair products are perfect for those with coloured hair seeking protection and repair.
Wella's Fusionplex is for versatility and maintaining your hair's natural movement.
Whatever your choice, remember that Hair Plus has your back. You can find these incredible
brands and more in the store.
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