2016 Highlander Program July 27th - 30th



2016 Highlander Program July 27th - 30th
2016 Highlander Program
July 27th - 30th
Defending Champions
Dr. Charles Barotz and Sam Barotz
Dear Member and Guest,
Welcome to the 2016 Highlander. On behalf of Glenmoor Country
Club, we would like to thank you for your participation and are
honored to have you with us.
The Highlander Committee, as well as, Glenmoor Country Club
and the Staff, have dedicated themselves to make this a memorable
event. Our goal is to provide the service and hospitality necessary
for you to have an entertaining week as you meet new friends and
renew old acquaintances.
On behalf of the Board of Directors and our membership, we
extend a warm welcome and sincerely hope that you enjoy the
annual Highlander event!
The Highlander Committee
Daily Schedule
Wednesday, July 27th
7:30am-5:00pm- Registration in Golf Shop
7:30am- Practice rounds begin - Optional skins game buy-in
5:00pm- Flighted Horserace begins
6:00pm-10:00pm- “Stag Night” - contestants only
6:00pm-9:00pm- Ownership of Teams
9:15pm- Texas Hold’em
Thursday, July 28th
6:00am-8:00am- Breakfast for contestants
8:00am- First Shotgun begins
11:00am-2:30pm- Buffet Lunch for contestants
1:30pm- Second Shotgun begins
7:00pm-11:30pm- Couple’s Night
7:30pm-8:30pm- Poolside dinner
8:30pm-11:30pm- Dancing
Friday, July 29th
6:00am-8:00am- Breakfast for contestants
8:00am- First Shotgun begins
11:00am-2:30pm- Buffet Lunch for contestants
1:30pm- Second Shotgun begins
Saturday, July 30th
6:00am-10:30am- Breakfast for contestants
8:00am- First Shotgun begins
10:30am-2:30pm- Buffet lunch for contestants
10:30am- Second shotgun begins
1:30pm-2:30pm- Pari-mutuel wagering on Championship Horserace
2:30pm- Championship Horserace
After Horserace– Presentation of Champions’ trophies and Dinner
7:30pm-9:00pm- Pari-mutuel wagering and cash pool payouts pick up
Tournament Format
Practice Round
Wednesday, July 27. Tee times begin at 7:30am
Practice rounds may be scheduled two weeks in advance. Please contact the Golf Shop to reserve
your starting time. There will be an optional cash pool - skins game buy-in.
Thursday - Saturday, July 28 - 30.
The entire field has been divided into flights of six two-man teams. A maximum allowable
handicap index differential between the member and guest is 7. For example: If the
member’s handicap index is 6.5 and the guest’s handicap index is 20.1, the guest will be adjusted to
13.5. Also, all previous year’s horserace participants may not return with a higher handicap index.
Flight assignments were based upon combined adjusted total team course handicap. Once flights
are made, there will be no shots given during matches with the exception of the 1st flight in which
handicaps at 80% will be given by wheeling off the low man. U.S.G.A. match play and local rules
will apply throughout the tournament.
Each team plays five 9-hole matches against each opponent within their respective flight. The
format for each match is one best ball of the two-man teams. Each match represents nine (9)
possible points.
One point for winning the hole
One-half point for halving the hole
The winning team will receive a maximum of 6.5 points per match. The losing team will receive
their earned point total.
For example: In an 8 to 1 match, winners will receive 6.5 points and the losers receive 1 point.
The first, second and third place finishers in each flight will advance to the Saturday afternoon
Championship Horse Race. In the event of a tie within the flight, the score of the tying team’s match
will determine the winner. If the tying teams halved their match, then the winner will be
determined by a sudden death playoff. Note: This rule applies to Payouts and Wagering and in the
event the head to head matches do not break the tie(s), the money will be split.
All sudden death playoffs will be a best ball format starting on the first hole. If on the playoff hole
the teams tie on the low-ball, then the team’s second ball will become the tiebreaker. If both balls tie,
then the playoff will continue until a winner is determined.
Nine-Hole Matches: Should matches be cancelled before completion then all points for the
unplayed holes will be halved and added to the team’s point totals. If a team fails to show up for a
scheduled match, the opponent will receive 5 points for the match. If two or more matches are
cancelled, then the following rules shall determine cash payoffs and entry into the Championship
Horse Race. In the event of a tie for first place, the score of the tying team’s match will determine
the flight winner. If the tying teams halved their match or did not play one another, then two flight
winners will be declared. All players shall receive the sum of the first and second place cash pool
money, which will be evenly split between the teams and both teams will enter the Championship
Horse Race. The same basic rules apply for second and third place ties.
5:00 P.M.
Each flight begins on the corresponding hole number, with the
exception of flights 2 and 13.
Hole Flight
Each flight will play three successive holes. Two man best ball
eliminating two teams on the first hole, two teams on the second
with the final two teams playing the third hole for a single winner.
If all six teams do not participate, the flight will by lot decide the
elimination format to be used over the three holes. Ties on each
hole will be broken with a chip off. All teams remaining for the tie
breaker will have both players chip off using the closest ball as
their “score”. Chip off spot and order will be determined by the
group. Winning team wins $100 in Golf Shop credit.
Betting and Payout Information
There are three separate payouts involved with the Highlander
1. $300 Prepaid Cash Pool
$300 Cash Pool Buy In. Mandatory for all 90 Teams.
Pre-Billed to Members Accounts.
Horse Race Payouts
This Pool will pay shares two different ways. One half of the Pool will be
paid to the first, second and third place finishers in the Horse Race.
The teams will be paid as follows:
1st Place Horse Race $1320
2nd Place Horse Race: $792
3rd Place Horse Race: $528
The other half of the Pool will be split between the teams of the Champions,
Second Place and Third Place flights. So come out and watch the Horse Race
because if a team in your flight “cashes”, so do you!
Flight Payouts
1st Place Flight: $528
2nd Place Flight: $317 3rd Place Flight: $210
Day Money: Thursday and Friday for earning 10 points total for the day.
Payouts depends on the number of teams earning day money. Typically
$80-$100. Steve Beach will find Day Money winners for payouts.
2. Team Ownership Calcutta (Wednesday Evening)
3. Pari-mutuel Wagering on Saturday Afternoon on overall Horse Race
Ownership of Teams
Wednesday Evening
*All 90 Teams for sale from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Wednesday on the putting green.
*Minimum team bid is $200. $25 increments.
*Silent Auction bidding of each team.
*Official Bid Sheet will include: Bid Amount, Team Name, and Bidder Name.
*Team Owners posted by Thursday morning. Checks collected by Golf Shop made out to
Buzz Wiepking must be turned in by 5:00 p.m. Thursday.
*If a team does not own itself and wants to buy one half, a 50% premium will be collected
by the winning bidder. i.e. If your team sold to someone for $200 you can buy 50%
of your team for $150. No cutting deals.
*If there are identical bids on a team and one of them is from the team member, the team
owns themselves. Otherwise the team will be split equally.
Final 6 Teams in the Horse Race are paid out from the Calcutta.
Tie 5th
Tie 5th
Owners: Please make checks payable to Buzz Wiepking by 5:00 p.m. Thursday
Pari-Mutuel Betting
Final Horse Race
After the completion of the Saturday morning matches,
45 teams will be broken down in to 3 groups in order to
begin the Final Horse Race.
The 45 teams will be listed in flight order with simple
Win-Place-Show betting.
Betting will be in $10 increments.
Window will be open at 1:30 and be open for one hour
outside of the golf shop.
*Horse Race Participants will be allowed to bet first so they can
prepare for their horse race.
Glenmoor’s Locker Room
Offers Shoe Service, Personal Amenities,
First Aid & Massage
Shoe Service – Leave your shoes in front of your locker if you would like them cleaned up
and shined and then returned to your locker. Street shoes as well as golf shoes welcomed.
Personal Amenities – Most can be found in the bathrooms. Sunscreen can be found on
all vanities as well as by the attendant’s desk on the counter by the hallway across from the
weight room. Attendants also carry shaving razors as well as toothbrushes with toothpaste.
First-Aid – Medicine, glass cleaner for glasses and sunglasses, tape and band-aids can be
found at the attendant’s office.
Massage – Schedule a massage with Barb to work out any kinks you might have or to just
help loosen you up for your round of golf. You can reach her at 303-339-3518 (at the club) or
Locker Room
303-781-3000 ext. 3530
Lonnie Callies & Tom Dean
Barb Smith
Massage Therapist
Locker room hours during the tournament: 5:30 AM-8:30 PM
The Glenmoor Golf Shop
has your Tournament Essentials and more!
Balls, Gloves, Bags, Rangefinders,
Ball Markers, Repair Tools, Shoes, Loafers, Socks,
Swim Trunks, Apparel, Layering Pieces, Duffels,
Sunglasses, Phone Chargers, Aftershave-etc
Glenmoor’s award-winning Golf Shop offers “MVP” pricing
(Member Value Pricing) for the members and their guests.
We offer a great mix of merchandise for golf and lifestyle needs.
The shop will be open during the tournament from 6:30am-6pm.
Highlander Caddie Rates
Tournament and Practice Rounds:
Carry Rates:
4 Day Total:
4 Day Tip:(Suggested)
“A” Caddie
“B” Caddie
“C” Caddie
Forecaddie Rates:
Tip (Suggested)
“A” Caddie
“B” Caddie
“C” Caddie
*There will be 4-day caddie tickets available for all levels.
Please contact: Kevin Montano Golf Professional/Caddie Master
[email protected] 303-339-3566
Championship Horse Race
Saturday, July 30 2:30 pm
The Championship Horse Race will determine the overall tournament champion for
the Highlander. Galleries are encouraged and beverage carts will be following the
exciting golf action.
The first, second and third place finishers of each flight will be divided into three
groups. No shots will be given and flights 1-3 will play from gold tees, flights 4-11:
blue tees, and flights 12 and up: white tees. This is a sudden death modified scotch
event. All ties on any holes will be settled with a chip-off in which winning teams
advance to the next hole. Both players will participate in the chip-off, with the
winners being determined by closest to the pin.
Each team member will hit a drive on each of the first three holes as long as they
remain in the competition. After the teams select a drive, they will alternate shots
until the ball is holed. The team order of play on the first hole will be determined by
the luck of the draw. The team order of play after the first hole will be in the reverse
order of the previous hole. The final two teams from each of the three groups will be
united on the sixteenth hole. Again, each team member will hit a drive, a drive is
selected and then it is alternate shot until the ball is holed. Team order of play on the
sixteenth hole will be determined by the luck of the draw. The team order of play
after the sixteenth hole will be in the reverse order of the previous hole.
The two (2) high scores on the sixteenth hole will be eliminated and the four
remaining teams will move on to the seventeenth hole. One team will be eliminated
on the seventeenth hole. The final three teams will play the eighteenth hole for the
Championship. In the event of a tie, the Champions will be determined by a sudden
death playoff on the eighteenth hole. A tie for second and third place will be
determined by a chip-off.
Committee Responsibilites:
The committee reserves the right to alter the Horse Race Qualification procedure
depending on weather conditions. The committee will exhaust all possibilities to
insure a Champion as well as a Runner-Up and Third Place finishers. If weather
cancels the Championship Horse Race, then all Horse Race cash pool money will be
split evenly between the fifteen flights among the top three finishers according to the
Flight Pool payout.
Important Notes
All contestants are required to wear tucked in golf shirts with golf slacks or
appropriate length golf shorts with no jeans on the golf course.
Caddies and Carts
All teams will be assigned carts prior to each round. If you choose, a team may
request a forecaddie in addition to the cart. Teams may also walk and use a
caddie instead of using a cart. Please notify the golf shop as soon as possible if
you intend to use a caddie and make any special caddie requests prior to July
1st. Charges for the caddie will be in addition to any other tournament fees.
Caddies will not be allowed on the patio during breakfast, lunch, and dinner
(includes member’s children).
Stag Night
On Wednesday, July 27th, from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm, the annual stag night will
be held; this event is restricted to participants only. No women, children, or
caddies will be allowed to attend.
Saturday Night
The Saturday evening dinner following the conclusion of the Horserace on the
golf course is reserved for Highlander Participants and their significant others
Texas Hold ‘Em:
On Wednesday, beginning at 9:15 pm a Texas Hold‘em card game will
begin in the lower level near the bar. The game will last a hour and fifteen
minutes and will conclude with a winner! The buy in will be $100 per player.
Weather Contingencies
The decision to suspend and/or resume play will be determined by the Golf
Shop. If, due to lightning, inclement weather or an emergency, the Committee
decides to suspend play, a horn will sound with a continuous solid tone and all
players shall immediately discontinue play, mark their ball position and return to
the Clubhouse. An intermittent solid tone will indicate play may resume.
Contestants must be amateurs with a certified handicap index.
Highlander Committee
Trent Cunningham, Highlander Chairman
Jeff Wiepking
Patrick Beirne
John Lester
Phil Walton
Bill Atkinson
C.J. Parry, PGA
Alan Saunders, PGA
Country Club Staff
Steve Van Buren
Dennis Vogt
Penelope Wong
Teri Kubik
General Manager
Course Superintendent
Executive Chef
Membership/Marketing Director
Golf Shop Staff
CJ Parry
Alan Saunders
Faye Whade
Kevin Montano
Steve Beach
Lonnie Callies
Tom Dean
Head PGA Golf Professional
1st Assistant PGA Golf Professional
AGM Merchandise Manager/Buyer
2nd Assistant PGA Golf Professional
PGA Director of Instruction
Locker Room Manager
Locker Room Manager
Past Highlander Champions
Dick O’Donnell
Don Keffer
Gary Altman
Dale Messerly
Dean Evans
Gary Altman
Jim Cerasoli
William Smith
Steve Conrad
Don Morrow
Ron Fatalski
Warren McCracken
Ron Altman
Harold Daniels
David Glazier
Brent Markley
Milt Karavites
Chris Crump
Bill Hollinger
Bo Watterson
John Lester
David Glazier
Everrett Clark
Tim Colleran
Butch Gorden
Bob Fitzner
Brad Rhodes
Vinnie Schmitz
Chris Gharrity
John Julian
Peter Holst
Dan Fuller
Glen Naylor
John Robbins
Jamie Doucet
Kip Sunset
Jack Greenley
Chris Greenley
Charles Barotz
Jeff Forman
Jeff Wiepking
Tom Fullerton
Dave Kornder
Dave Dunham
Ed Berman
James Berman
John Moore
Jack Pogge
Kary Kaltenbacher
Kaleb Mahanes
Brad Doi
Joel Chavez
George Ciotti
Dr. Charles Barotz
Chad Isaacs
Sam Barotz