Industrial Strength



Industrial Strength
Industrial Strength
Fastening & Packaging Solutions
Why Markwell?
After decades serving the Industrial Market, both local and export, you can count on our experience to
match the right tool and fastener with your high production fastening and packaging needs. With over
150 years of combined Industrial fastening experience, our sales team has the ability to analyze your
production lines and help you find ways to be more efficient, thus saving you manufacturing costs.
We specialize in:
• Industrial Staplers & Nailers
• Polyester & Steel Strapping
• Industrial Fasteners
• Spray Adhesives & Lubricants
• Bedding Staples & Clips
• HVAC Insulation Fasteners
• Stretch Film & Packaging Supplies
• Workplace Safety Supplies
Who We Are
Markwell Florida has been the premier source of Industrial Fastening and
Packaging Solutions to manufacturers in the Southeastern U.S., Latin
America and the Caribbean since 1994. We have factory direct distribution
for Stanley-Bostitch, Encore-Hartco, Ace-Spotnails, BeA, Hitachi, Senco,
Polychem, Sigma Films, Paragon Films, Shuretape, and many more well
known brands. We stock a wide range of industrial fasteners, mechanical
and pneumatic tools used the Industrial Market. If you are in the business of manufacturing beds, furniture, cabinets,
pallets, lobster traps, boats or anything else that requires pneumatic or
manual fastening, we have the products, the knowledgeable staff and
competitive pricing to meet your needs.
Our new, 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse is conveniently located in South
Florida with easy access to Port Everglades and The Port of Miami.
serving industrial manufacturers since 1919