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KEYBOARDS | Digital / Stage Pianos
NEW!! Roland V-Piano
Since 1972, Roland has pioneered many groundbreaking technologies and “world's
first” products. In recent decades, no family of Roland instruments has won more
respect and acclaim than the revolutionary “V” series: V-Accordion®, V-Bass,
V-Drums®, V-Guitar, and V-Synth®. Today, Roland proudly announces the next
chapter in the V legacy ... the V-Piano. Throw away all preconceived notions of what
a digital piano was and is. This instrument changes everything.
•Revolutionary “living” piano core that breaks the digital-sampling barrier in a stand-alone instrument.
•Stunning pianos onboard, from grand-piano classics to never-before-heard futuristic hybrids.
•All pianos are customizable.
•Newly-developed 88-note PHA-III Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement.
•Analog (XLR and 1/4") outputs, digital output (coaxial), USB Memory port and MIDI I/O.
Roland FP 7C Digital Piano
Equipped with great sounds and intelligent features that can make you sound like
a solo concert pianist or an entire ensemble, the FP-7 is your ticket to a dynamic
and exciting musical world. The intricate details of a real piano have been captured,
including hammer and damper noise, and string and key-off resonance. There’s also
a full complement of other instruments onboard, so you can sound like a complete
•88 keys PHA II keyboard.
• 339 tones (include 6 Tone Wheel Organ) plus 9 Drum Sets.
•128-voice polyphony ensures that your notes will sustain fully and naturally.
•New PHA II (Progressive Hammer Action II) keyboard that responds naturally from pianissimo to fortissimo; the touch can be adjusted in 100 incremental steps.
•Audio Key feature allows audio (.wav) files from USB memory key to be played back.
•A large variety of Session Partner accompaniment patterns (each with two variations) for full-band accompaniment.
•Large graphic LCD for easy operation.
•Computer connection via USB (MIDI) for enhanced song creation and recording.
•Includes Cakewalk SONAR LE pro recording and editing software.
SYSFP7 FP7, no stand
SYSFP7C FP7 with stand
Roland RD-300GX & RD-700GX Stage Pianos
Roland DP-990 Designer Piano
Form meets function in the new DP-990 — a sophisticated, streamlined piano with
amazing sound and touch that also serves as a functional piece of furniture. The
three luxurious silver-finish pedals naturally reproduce every detail of your sensitive
pedaling just like an acoustic grand piano. It’s available in Satin Black (SB) or
Medium Cherry (MC) finishes.
The RD-700GX and RD-300GX are powered by Roland’s latest sound engine
for incredible sound quality, with amazing pianos and EPs onboard, plus audioplay and master control features. The flagship RD-700GX leads the market
with its SuperNATURAL™ instruments and a PHA II “Ivory Feel” keyboard with
Escapement. The RD-300GX features two sets of 88-key pianos sounds from the
•Uncompromised 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano sound.
•Newly developed continuous pedals made of finely crafted metal parts.
•PHA II Keyboard with Escapement with wider dynamic range of touch response.
•Enhanced song-playback capability via USB host port; audio data (.WAV files) and MIDI files can be played from USB memory key.
•Play along with audio CDs via USB-CD drive (optional).
•Twin Piano for side-by-side lessons and duets.
•Stunning 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano sounds.
•SuperNATURAL electric pianos for unprecedented realism.
•Audio playback of .WAV, AIFF, and MP3 files via USB memory; easy onstage control with Audio Key feature.
•Piano Designer function for creating the perfect custom instruments, plus eight multi-effects processors.
•Three MIDI outputs, multiple zones for master-control functionality.
•Cakewalk SONAR LE software is included in every RD-GX package.
SYSDP990MC DP-990, Medum Cherry finish
SYSDP990SB DP-990, Satin Black finish
328 KEYBOARDS | Digital / Stage Pianos
Cascio interstatemusic • Educators’ Edition 2009-2010
Yamaha YDP-223 Digital Stage Piano
The YDP-223 combines great sound and features in an attractive cabinet that will
add a touch of elegance to any home... with an 88 Key Graded Hammer Action
keyboard. Graded Hammer Action emulates the action of a grand piano — heavier
in the bass and lighter in the treble areas of the keyboard. It comes with a selection
of 14 voices and features a Stereo Sampled AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) piano
sound that feels, reacts and sounds like an acoustic. The keyboard has MIDI In/
Out/Thru plus a To Host jack, which are necessary for connecting to computers. A
2-track recorder is built into the instrument that is extremely intuitive and easy to
operate. The YDP223 has an incredible 64 notes of polyphony as well.
The instrument comes with 14 different voices for you to choose from. These include
two Grand Pianos, two Electric Pianos, two Church Organs, two Harpsichords,
Vibraphone, two Strings, Jazz Organ, Choir and Guitar. And you can combine two
sounds at once, like Piano and Strings. For your learning and listening pleasure,
you’ll find 50 built-in songs with Songbook. The piano is in a dark rosewood finish
woodgrain cabinet with sliding key cover. And finally, a matching padded bench is
SYSYDP223 $1999.00
Yamaha YDP-160 Arius Series Digital Piano
Arius series instruments provide exceptionally natural, grand piano-like touch
with Graded Hammer Effect (GHE) action, with realistic weight gradations... heavy
in the lower end, and light in the upper. Each key is comprised of multiple stereo
recordings of an actual grand piano. This provides subtle differences in volume and
timbre depending on how you play the keys, and gives you full expressive control
over the sound. The damper pedal includes an authentic half-damper effect, giving
you nuanced expressive control.
Built-in song recorder and metronome make the instruments ideal for piano lessons,
practicing, or even as a scratch-pad for your next masterpiece. 50 specially selected
piano songs of standard piano repertoire are built into each Arius, for your listening
enjoyment, or as a rehearsal tool. Music book included. An excellent practice
companion, “50 Greats for the Piano” includes sheet music for each of the built-in
songs of the ARIUS.
88 keys, 64-voice polyphony, ten voices, four types reverb, AC power cord, with
Dark Rosewood finish and premium padded bench.
Yamaha Arius YDP-S31
88-key Digital Piano with GHS Keyboard
Yamaha pushes the envelope yet again - with its latest series of advanced digital
Authentic sound, natural touch and an absolute joy to play — both in practice and
performance — in an advanced, yet affordable console digital piano. The Graded
Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard of the YDP-S31 provides exceptionally natural
key touch virtually replicating that of an actual grand piano. Built-in AWM stereo
sampled instrument voices faithfully reproduce their complete range — from
the soft, dark lows to the glistening, bright highs. The damper pedal includes
an authentic half damper effect, giving you nuanced expressive control over the
sustained sound... far more realistic than a simple On/Off footswitch.
Built-in song recorder and metronome make the instruments ideal for piano lessons,
practicing, or even as a scratch pad for your next masterpiece. Music book included.
An excellent practice companion, “50 Greats for the Piano” includes sheet music for
each of the built-in songs of the ARIUS. Six voices, four reverb types. Bench is not
Yamaha YDP-140 Arius Series Digital Piano
$ 899.99
Similar to the YDP-160 Arius model listed above, with 88 keys but with matte black
keytops, six voices, AC power adaptor instead of cord, in a Dark Alder finish.
$1049.99 • Tel: 800.462.2263
KEYBOARDS | Digital Pianos & Portable Keyboards
Yamaha YPG-235 “Piano-Focused” Portable Grand
This is the music student or professional musicians answer to “I need more keys!”
— and many music teachers encourage new students to get a keyboard that will
grow with their needs. It features 76 non-weighted keys that not only look like piano
keys but have a Graded Soft Touch (GST) action with different levels of resistance,
making it easier for a budding musician to move to an acoustic or digital piano.
Also features 489 Voices, ten Drum plus two SFX kits, a built-in 6-track recorder,
Pitch bend wheel, USB computer connectivity, and Yamaha Education Suite.
SYSYPG235 YPG-235 SY019D Yamaha Survival Kit (accessories) for YPG-235 SS933 W-16 Keyboard Stand
$ 49.99
$ 34.99
Yamaha YPG-635 “Piano-Focused” Portable Grand
The 88-key YPG-635 is a weighted graded hammer action portable keyboard.
Upgrades from the previous model include 64-note polyphony, along with
additional DSP (Digital Signal Processing) effects that enable realistic sounding
Distortion Guitar and Rotary Organ. It also includes USB MIDI and USB to Device
for removable storage, along with a high resolution Live! Grand stereo
sample, song recorder, score and lyric display. The YPG-635 comes
equipped with 130 panel voices, 12 drum/SFX kits plus 361 XGlite
Yamaha YPG-535 “Piano-Focused” Portable Grand
The YPG-535 adds to the YPG-235, with 88 piano-style keys with Graded Soft
Touch, matching stand, sustain pedal, USB storage, and backlit LCD displays.
Plus, the YPG-535 can display the score to a song whether it comes from the
Internet, the internal selections or ones that you record yourself, and the pages
scroll automatically when a song is played back — no more page turning! And for
singers, the screen also displays chords and lyrics to XF compatible songs.
SS088BLACK Black Piano-style Bench
$ 99.00
SK88 Survival Kit
Kit includes a two-year extended warranty, full length Watch & Learn DVD, Grand
Piano cloth key cover, stereo headphones, bonus coupons and a DVD-ROM.
SY01988 “Survival Kit” for YPG-535
$ 49.99
$ 34.99
•Weighted action.
•Lyric, chord and notation display.
•USB Connectivity.
•Ease of Operation.
•Yamaha Education Suite.
•6-track recorder
$1299.00 $ 899.99
SY01988 SK88 “Survival Kit” for YPG-635
$ 49.99 $ 34.99
Yamaha P85/P-85S Digital Piano
Authentic, natural sound with remarkable expressiveness — full Yamaha quality in a
compact, affordable piano.
Yamaha P-155 Digital Piano
Whether you’re practicing at home or away, performing solo or in a band, the
Yamaha P-155 digital piano offers professional quality sound with Yamaha’s
legendary piano touch. Thanks to the top-shelf Yamaha digital piano technologies
like advanced sampling methods and the ultra-expressive GH (Graded Hammer)
keyboard, musicians don’t have to choose between portability and piano quality —
the quality you expect from a company that’s been building world-class acoustic
pianos for over a century. In the P-155, Yamaha crafts that heritage into a slim
cabinet available in three contemporary finishes.
SYSP155 P-155
SYSP155B P-155
SYSP155S P-155S
Black with Mahogany
Black with Ebony Silver with Cherry
Black Stand Silver Stand $1699.00
$1699.00 $ 169.00 $ 169.00 $1199.99
$ 119.99
$ 119.99
This new Contemporary Piano gives you all the dynamic, high-quality sound and
natural piano response you expect from Yamaha, along with a high-quality built-in
speaker system — packed into a slim, exceptionally affordable digital piano you
can play virtually anywhere. No compromises, full quality. Adapter included. The
optional LP-5 Pedal Unit gives you three pedals for the same kind of comprehensive
sustain, sostenuto and soft control found on grand pianos.
SS175P85 SS175P85S SY020LP5 P-85 Black
P-85S Silver
Stand, Black
Stand, Silver
3-Pedal Unit $899.00
$139.00 $139.00 $ 89.00
$ 99.99
$ 99.99
$ 74.99
330 KEYBOARDS | Portable Keyboards
Cascio interstatemusic • Educators’ Edition 2009-2010
Yamaha EZ-200 Lighted Keyboard
A high-quality instrument with 61-touch sensitive keys. Lighted key guides, used in
conjunction with the integrated Yamaha Education Suite teaching system, give you
the ability to learn visually with 367 voices (General MIDI and XGlite-compatible),
nine reverb settings, and 32-note polyphony. An easy-to-read LCD screen is also
included. Portable Grand sound set for incredibly realistic piano sounds! This is one
amazing instrument. Let the EZ-200 light the way!
Yamaha PSR-E223 61-key Portable Keyboard
The PSR-E223 features 61 full-size keys, bass ports and 375 General MIDI and
XGlite compatible voices for computer connectivity, along with 32 note polyphony
and nine digital reverb settings.
SYSEZ200 SY019B “Survival Kit” Accessory Pack
$ 49.99
$ 34.99
$ 99.99
Yamaha Survival Kit Accessory Pack for Keyboards
Bundle pack of accessories for PSRE213, PSRE313, PSRE413, EZ200.
•Power supply.
•Stereo headphones.
•Instructional DVD.
•Bonus coupons.
•Two-year extended warranty.
Yamaha NP-30 Portable Grand Digital Piano
$ 49.99
$ 34.99
A top-quality 76-key digital piano that delivers optimum sound quality in an
portable package. Lower keys heavier than higher keys for a true piano experience.
AWM tone-generation technology offers sonic realism to 10 instrument voices.
No external speakers or amps needed. MIDI input and output connectors allow for
connection to computer or MIDI devices for recording/editing music. Sustain pedal
input for more realistic expression. Runs off wall power or six “AA” batteries.
SYSNP30 $399.99
Yamaha PSRE323 Portable Grand Piano
The PSR-E323 comes with 61 full-size keys and a touch sensitive keyboard.
It includes an easy-to-use one-button, two-track recorder and Flash ROM for
transferring songs and new accompaniment Styles from the Internet. Packed with
482 voices, the Music Database feature includes 102 preset songs, each with its own
specially-selected Style and Voice settings. In addition to XGlite and reverb, the
model offers exceptional sound in its price point.
SY019B “Survival Kit” Accessory Pack
$269.00 $ 49.99
$ 34.99
Yamaha CP Series 88-Key Stage Pianos
Yamaha’s CP Series instruments give the live performer all the sound and
expressiveness of a superbly mic’d grand piano, with the portability and versatility
of a modern digital instrument. The advanced Graded Hammer Effect (GHE) action
gives all keys an authentic resistance that increases from the top register to the lower
– just as on an actual acoustic piano.
Yamaha PSR-E413 61-key Portable Keyboard
The Yamaha PSR-E413 is a 61-key unit with innovative features for learning to play,
like the Yamaha Portable Grand and Yamaha Education Suite, and features for when
it’s time to play, including sound control knobs for real time control over effects,
filters, EQ, tempo and 100 different Arpeggiator patterns
SY019B “Survival Kit” Accessory Pack
$ 49.99
$ 34.99
CP300: • 88-key Graded Hammer keyboard with authentic touch • State-of-theart AWM tone generation system • maximum polyphony of 128 notes • 50 original
Voices, plus 480 XG voices and 12 drum kits • five-band master EQ, with panel
sliders • high-quality stereo speaker system (pianists are always in the sweet spot to
hear) • powerful Performance mode for storing and recalling your custom CP300
settings • built-in 16-track sequencer for recording • balanced XLR outputs • USB
SYSCP300 CP300
$2899.00 $2199.99
CP33: • Compact, light and portable — easy to carry and easy to set up • 88-key
Graded Hammer keyboard with authentic touch • Maximum polyphony of 64 notes
• 28 original voices • real-time controllers • USB terminal.
$1199.99 • Tel: 800.462.2263
KEYBOARDS | Keyboard Workstations
Yamaha MOTIF XS Music Production Synthesizers
The Yamaha Motif XS now provides you with infinite possibilities for bringing
your creative ideas to life. Expanded Articulation sounds inspire your creativity.
Performance Recording with 4 intelligent arpeggiators instantly capture your ideas.
An Integrated Sampling Sequencer with studio-style mixing and VCM effects lets
you create complete MIDI/audio productions. Computer connectivity and Cubase
AI software allow you to record on-the-fly and produce MP3’s of your compositions.
With the visually stunning color LCD, producing and sampling have never been
more easy to use, making great sounding music has never been this painless.
SYSMOTIFXS6 61 keys, FSX Keyboard (Initial Touch/Aftertouch)
SYSMOTIFXS7 76 keys, FSX Keyboard (Initial Touch/Aftertouch)
SYSMOTIFXS8 88 keys, Balanced Hammer Effect Keyboard
(Initial Touch/Aftertouch)
Roland Fantom Series
Introducing the most powerful and luxurious live workstations in Roland history.
The Fantom is a dream instrument that redefines the boundaries of playability and
creativity with its advanced sound engine, revolutionary ARX SuperNATURAL™
expansion bay, large-sized color LCD, powerful new audio/MIDI sequencer,
first-class “Ivory Feel” weighted keys (Fantom-G8) and more.
•Advanced sound engine with double wave capacity of previous flagship workstation
•2 x ARX expansion with SuperNATURAL™ — the world’s greatest performance-
expression technology.
•Graphic user interface with extra-large 8.5” wide color LCD and mouse connectivity.
•Newly developed onboard audio/MIDI sequencer with 128 tracks, including 24 audio tracks.
•Multi-FX for each part; up to 22 effects routings can be programmed simultaneously.
•Top-of-the-line keyboard action; weighted PHA II “Ivory Feel” keyboard on Fantom-G8.
•Heavy-duty casing with aluminum panel.
NEW!! Korg M50 Series
Performance / Portability / Price: Weighing in at just fifteen pounds is the
fiery new KORG M50, ready to take on all contenders! Incredible new sounds; fat
& juicy combis, splits and layers; a plethora of ace effects; dynamic Drum Tracks;
enhanced poly-arpeggiators; classic sequencing tools, a solid, confident keybed;
up-to-date SD storage; companion editing software and Korg’s famous TouchView
interactive display.
There’s One for Everyone: Over twenty years of category-defining
workstation expertise beats in the heart of the M50 Music Workstation.
Just as the M3 borrowed elements from the legendary OASYS, the M50
captures all the sonic firepower of the M3, distilled into a performance
instrument that is second to none. In a word, the M50 just may be the
keyboard you’ve been waiting for. Both 73* and 61 note versions are available,
sporting a new semi-weighted Natural Touch keyboard. This new fast and
responsive synthesizer keybed facilitates expressive and dynamic performing.
Tipping the scales at a mere 46 pounds, the seriously portable 88 key version
features our top-of-the-line RH3 Graded Hammer Action, and provides a satisfying
performance experience for the piano purist!
A Natural Performer: Made to be played, the M50 is inviting and comfortable.
The TouchView screen is intuitive and interactive, allowing the uniquely angled
front panel to remain refined and uncluttered. The buttons themselves are rock
solid, backlit and rounded for visibility ease-of-use under any playing conditions.
In addition to Korg’s four-way joystick and multi-function knobs, the M50 offers
four Chord Triggers that provide a flexible and fun way to play chords and trigger
arp patterns. A ten key numeric keypad allows on-demand instant access to sounds,
combis and other parameter/values.
SYSM5061 61-Keys
SYSM5073 76 keys
SYSM5088 88 keys
332 KEYBOARDS | Midi Controllers
Cascio interstatemusic • Educators’ Edition 2009-2010
MIDI Controllers Keystations
Innovation and ease of use come
together in the new Keystation Pro 88.
The Keystation Pro 88 from M-Audio is the first keyboard MIDI Controller designed
to allow musicians to perform, program, and mix directly with a computer. Features
include 88-note hammer action keyboard, 59 MIDI-assignable controllers, 4 zones,
USB bus powered and class compliant system, and Ableton Live Lite 4 software.
The sleek, compact Keystation 61es is designed to easily integrate with today’s music
education and creation software, making it ideal for a classroom or studio setting.
SYSKEYSTATION Keystation 61es
SYSKYSTNPRO88 Pro 88 Keyboard MIDI Controller
Korg SP-250 88 Key Portable Digital Piano
Korg brings a heightened level of realism and feel to its line of portable digital
pianos with the new SP-250. The SP-250 provides an expanded range of expression
and performance with an outstanding new stereo piano sound, which is matched
to a third-generation RH3 graded action keyboard. The SP-250 Digital Piano is the
perfect answer for any pianist looking for rich piano sounds and the convenience of
a lightweight, portable instrument.
SYSSP250 SP-250 Cherry/Black
SYSSP250WS SP-250WS Blonde/White
$ 699.00
$ 749.00
Axiom USB MIDI Controllers
•25-key velocity-sensitive semi-weighted action keyboard with assignable aftertouch
•Eight trigger pads, eight rotary encoders,
six reassignable transport buttons
•Backlit LCD
•Built-in USB
MIDI interface
and Out jacks
•20 non volatile
with free Enigma librarian/editor software
SYSAXIOM25 25 Keys
SYSAXIOM49 49 Keys
SYSAXIOM61 61 Keys
M-Audio KeyRig 25 & KeyRig 49
Kurzweil SP2 / SP2X / SP2XSP Stage Pianos
The SP2 delivers the legendary Kurzweil sound, with all of its detail and refinement,
in a digital stage piano which is both professional and easy to use. Using the next
generation of Kurzweil technology, the SP2 provides some of Kurzweil’s best sounds:
pianos, EPs, strings, pads, mallets and voices. The outstanding Triple Strike Grand
Piano sound is a result of endless hours of engineering and sample editing and
sounds like a real piano.
• Velocity-sensitive adjustable keys • 64 Voice Polyphony, dynamically allocated • 16
part Multitimbral • 64 Factory Preset Programs • 16 user MIDI setup locations with
4 programmable zones for splits, layers and rhythms • Effects: Dual Processors (A
& B) offering: 58 Reverbs, 6 Delays, 10 Choruses, 6 Flangers, 3 Phasors, 4 Shapers,
2 Enhancers, 8 Filtered Effects, 4 Distortions, 1 Mono>Stereo, 3 Wide Stereo, 4
Compressors, 2 Panners, 7 Rotarys, Stereo Tremolo, and 44 combination effects
chains utilizing Kurzweil’s unique Laserverb • 64 pre-programmed drum patterns
• Controllers: Pitch wheel, modulation wheel, 4 front panel knobs, 1 switch-pedal
input, 1 continuous control pedal input • Complete MIDI functionality over USB as
well as OS updates (both Mac & PC - XP only)
Choose from the configurations shown below:
SYSSP2 76-key, Semi-Weighted
SYSSP2X 88-key, Fully-Weighted Hammer Action
SYSSP2XSP 88-key, Fully-Weighted Hammer Action
with Stand and Speakers
$ 999.00
The M-Audio KeyRig turns your Mac or PC into a mobile keyboard workstation.
Featuring a compact USB MIDI keyboard (25 or 49 notes) and the award-winning
KeyRig software for the PC, KeyRig makes it easy to compose and perform
computer-based music anywhere you want.
Play Key Rig’s virtual instrument sounds, or audition loops and compose songs
with Pro Tools M-Powered, Ableton Live Lite (included) or other music-creation
programs. The keyboard also provides an easy way to harness the power of Apple
GarageBand’s virtual instrument collection on your Mac. It connects via a single
USB cable and works instantly
with computers running
Windows XP or Mac OS X.
SYSKEYRIG25 25 note
$ 99.00
SYSKEYRIG49 49 note
$ 99.00 • Tel: 800.462.2263
KEYBOARDS | Digital Pianos & Portable Keyboards
Casio CTK-2000 DIgital Keyboard
Casio Privia PX-130 Digital Piano
The new Casio Privia PX-130 redefines the digital piano category
with unprecedented sound quality and performance in a sleek
package that is supremely portable. Featuring all new grand piano samples and a
new Tri-Sensor 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard and weighing less than
25 lbs., the Casio Privia PX-130 is versatile enough for home, church, school or on
SYSPX130 PX-130
SS125 Stand
$ 99.99
Casio CTK-3000 Keyboard
Casio Privia PX-330 Digital Piano
The new Casio Privia PX-330 redefines the digital piano category
with unprecedented sound quality and performance in a sleek
package that is supremely portable. Featuring all new grand piano samples and a
new Tri-Sensor 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard and weighing a mere 26
lbs., the Casio Privia PX-330 is versatile enough for any home, studio or stage.
SYSPX330 PX-330
SS125 Woodgrain Stand
The new CTK-2000 offers a new AHL sound source, with built-in tones that now
sound better than ever before! 48-tone maximum polyphony. 61 piano-style keys.
48-note polyphony (maximum). 400 high-quality tones including stereo grand
piano tones. 150 rhythms including 55 ethnic rhythms and 20 patterns for piano
play. Auto-accompaniment. USB port for computer connection. General MIDI.
Comes with Score Stand and Songbook.
Connects to your TV with a video cable so the learning system appears directly on
screen! The song lyrics run in real time on the focusing screen — have your own
Karaoke party! Feature packed! 32-note polyphonic, General MIDI, 264 tones,
120 rhythm patterns. Chord auto-accompaniment systems. 100 song bank tunes.
Three-step advanced lesson system. Interactive scoring with voice/display.
Transpose and tuning control. Assignable pedal jack (sustain, soft, sostenuto,
rhythm start/stop). USB connection to PC to transfer data.
Lightweight. Compact. Affordable!
Casio CTK-4000 Keyboard
The new CTK-4000 offers the same great new sound source and
auto-accompaniment as the other CTK-series models but with more sound and
rhythms plus touch response! Features 570 high-quality tones. 180 rhythms
including 74 ethnic rhythms and 20 patterns for piano play. Rhythm Editor.
Recorder for composing and play. Auto harmonize to add appropriate harmony
notes to your melody, and an arpeggiator. Comes with score stand, songbook and
SYSCTK4000 $219.99
Casio PX-800 Privia Digital Piano
The PX-800 includes 88 Full-Size Weighted Scaled Hammer Action Keys. Triple
Element AIF Sound Source with filter. 128-Note Polyphony. Touch Sensitive. New
Bass Reflex Sound System. Acoustic Resonance System. SD Card Slot. Two speakers
and custom wood stand included.
The PX-800 takes digital piano sound quality to a new level. Grand piano sound
and feel in an elegant integrated stand with built-in SD card slot and expanded song
memory. State of the art sampling engineering provides the most advanced acoustic
piano sound in a digital piano. The stylish PX-800 is sure to fit in any décor.
Casio CTK-5000 61-Note Keyboard
SYSPX800 Privia PX-800
$ 899.99
The new CTK-5000 adds on to the features of the CTK-4000, with 670 high-quality
tones. 200 rhythms. Ten reverb and five chorus effects. Recording function of up to
12,000 notes (6 songs). Comes with score stand, songbook and CD-ROM.
334 KEYBOARDS | Portable Keyboards & Amps
Cascio interstatemusic • Educators’ Edition 2009-2010
Basically self-contained, compact
sound systems, the KB® series amps
are perfect for voice, keyboards,
acoustic and electric guitar, drum
machines and backing machines.
Peavey KB-1 Keyboard Amp
Casio WK-500 Musical Keyboard
76 piano style, touch-sensitive keys. 670 tones. 48 note polyphony. 200 rhythms,
152 Tunes. Five songs. USB MIDI interface. SD card slot. Step-up lesson system with
voice guide and scoring. MP3 player input with ten-second sampling.
With 76 touch-sensitive piano style keys and a host of features, which include 670
high quality tones, recording capabilities and song expansion. The WK-500 is the
latest edition to the “WK” range of Casio keyboards. Featuring 48-note polyphony,
line and mic inputs. Ten seconds of sampling. USB MIDI interface. Pitch wheel.
SD card slot for song storage. Line outputs for connecting the WK-500 to an
amplifier or PA.The quality, flexibility and usability all help to make the WK-500 the
ideal instrument for beginners and advanced players alike.
•20 watts of clean Peavey power.
•Eight inch extended range speaker.
•Two separate channels.
•Two-band EQ per channel.
•Headphone out.
The WK-3800 includes 76 full-size keys. 32-note polyphony. Touch sensitive.
General MIDI. USB Port. Sequencer. 894 Tones. 182 Rhythms. DSP/reverb/chorus/
EQ digital effects. SD slot. Sound, rhythm and song expansion by internet download.
Backlit LCD. New, advanced ZPI chip. Larger internal memory. CD Rom and AD-12
power supply included. Pitch bend and modulation wheels. Line in/out. FDD.
The WK-3800 is at the top end of the 76-key WK series. A workstation that includes
pitch bend and modulation wheels. An internet data expansion system. USB
capability. SD slot and a built-in floppy drive for your MIDI files. All the bells and
whistles for your workstation. AD-12 AC adaptor included.
SYSWK3800 $549.99
Casio LK-100
Digital Keyboard
•40/10 watts of clean Peavey power.
•Three separate channels.
•Channel one has mic input.
•Two-band EQ per channel.
•Channel four monitor input.
•Headphone out.
•Ten-inch coax speaker.
•FX send/return.
•Balanced XLR main outs.
Casio SA-75
Starter Keyboard
•60 watts of clean Peavey power.
•Extension cab capability extends
power rating out to 80 watts.
•Three separate channels.
•Channel one has mic input.
•Two-band EQ per channel.
•Channel four monitor input.
•Headphone out with level control.
•12-inch speaker with tweeter.
•FX send/return.
•Balanced XLR main out.
Peavey KB-4 Keyboard Amp
The KB 4 was designed as a personal
PA system in a keyboard amp.
•15 inch speaker and tweeter.
•75 watts/100 watts with external speaker.
•Stereo mixer with 2-band EQ and
main effects send/return.
•Mic/Line channel with 3-band EQ
and effects send/return.
•Monitor input with level control and assign.
•Headphone out with level control.
•Built-in casters and handle for easy moving.
AMPKB4 The SA-75 is an economical way
to introduce a child to keyboard
playing. Small-in-size and fun to
use with sound and features that
will surprise you.
Peavey KB-3 Keyboard Amp
The LK-100
incorporates the
three-step lesson
system to help you
learn to play quicker
and easier. This unit
also features
auto-accompaniment system to generate complete backgrounds with drums,
bass and chord parts with the left hand, while playing melodies and solos with
the right hand. It includes 61 full-size illuminated keys, 12 note polyphony,
100 tones, 50 rhythms, 100 tunes, LCD display, dual speakers, three-step
lesson system, microphone jack with volume control for sing-along, MIDI,
plus auto-accompaniment.
Peavey KB-2 Keyboard Amp
Casio WK-3800 76-Note Keyboard
Peavey KB-5 Keyboard Amp
The KB 5 was designed as a personal
PA system in a keyboard amp.
37 Key Mini-size Keyboard with LCD Screen. Four-note polyphonic. 100 tones. 30
patterns: Ten rhythms, ten free sessions, ten “funny” accompaniments, ten demo
songs with a melody off control. Uses 5-AA Batteries. On-screen music staff displays
notes played and icons indicate the beat. Musical information system. Two speakers
are included (no lineout/headphone jack). Hands-free microphone included.
•Two 10 inch speakers and horn.
•150 watts/200 watts with external speaker.
•Stereo mixer with 2-band EQ
and main effects send/return.
•Mic/line channel with 3-band EQ
and effects send/return.
•Monitor input with level control and assign.
•Headphone out with level control.
•Built-in casters and handle for easy moving.
•Cover available.
A Casio Mini-Size keyboard for children to explore the world of music. 37 mini-sized
keys. 100 tones. 30 rhythms. Ten tunes. LCD. Hands-free microphone.
Thanks to the microphone headset included in the package, the player can sing
along over the amplifier without having to takes his hands from the keys.
$539.99 • Tel: 800.462.2263
KC-550 Amp
The KC-550 boasts
180 watts of powerful
sound via a 15-inch
speaker and horn
tweeter. In addition
to its four input
channels, this
flagship amp includes
an Output Select
switch for selecting
the monitor sound
destination, a Shape switch or quick sound adjustment
and a XLR Line output for direct connection to a
mixing console.
Features: Three-band EQ and subwoofer output,
Stereo link in/out for chaining to KC-550s for stereo
$849.00 $595.00
KC-350 Amp
The perfect
combination of power
and value, the new KC350 is ideal for mediumsized gigs.
It features a 120-watt
amplifier with
three-band EQ, NEW
Output Select and Shape
switch features, plus a subwoofer output
for extra low end. The KC-350 can also be connected to
mixing consoles via its XLR line output.
Features: 12" speaker and horn tweeter, 1/4" phone
output for connection to recording devices, stereo link
in/out for chaining to KC-350s for stereo applications.
$649.00 $495.00
KEYBOARDS | Amps & Keyboard Stands
The new
flagship of
the KC amp
series is packed
with highperformance
features. With
five channels
of stereo input, 320 watts of power and Roland’s
famous DSP effects built in, the KC-880 is a portable
powerhouse for keyboards, vocals and more.
$1389.00 $ 995.00
VFP 1-25
PS 25
Universal foot switch — fits all models. Box style.
Roland EV-5
Expression Pedal
Functions as a
multi-purpose expression
pedal for many Roland
and BOSS products.
Depending on the
instrument, an EV-5 can
function as a volume
pedal, realtime parameter
control pedal or dataentry pedal.
$459.00 $345.00
KC-60 Amp
Roland DP-8
Damper Pedal
Piano damper style
momentary footswitch with rubber step ideal for live
performance or studio work.
This affordable 40-watt amp
is also the first to feature
a subwoofer output for
enhanced low end. With three
separate channels — including
an XLR microphone input and
stereo auxiliary input.
EFFDP8 $29.95
Casio Portable Keyboard Accessories
ET182 for SA Series & LK- 6
ET4155 for All LK, CTK Models (Except LK-6)
10" speaker with independent tweeter, and a stereo
auxiliary input (RCA type) for connecting CD or MD
$359.00 $245.00
Ultimate IQ1000 Single Brace X-Stand
Features memory lock: Once the pin is set at the ideal
height, the stand opens each time to that position! Without sacrificing stability, the legs are offset for extra leg room and pedals. Cam-style end cap adjusts to
stabilize. Set-Up Height: 26” - 37”. Capacity: 150 lbs.
ST6921000 $ 69.99 $ 49.99
footswitch for
sustaining notes on
electronic keyboards.
Also suitable for
bypass switch
on many effects
Features: 12" speaker and piezo tweeter. Includes
stereo auxiliary input (RCA) and XLR microphone
input, two-band EQ, headphones output. Can be
mounted on speaker stands.
AMPKC60 Original Memory Lock System has 4 height adjustment settings. Holds up to 3 keyboards by adding two
IQT-200 tiers. Set-Up Height: 30” - 36”. Load capacity
(without tiers): 150 lbs.
ST6922000II $ 89.99 $ 69.99
Roland DP-2
Damper Pedal
The KC-150 is a compact
60-watt amp with
four-channel capability
auxiliary and
microphone inputs.
The KC-150 can also be
expanded with an optional
subwoofer for a powerful
low-end boost.
Ultimate IQ-2000 Heavy Duty X-Stand
The right
for ANY
KC-150 Amp
Yamaha Portable Keyboard Adaptors
EFFFC4 FC4 Sustain Foot Pedal, Piano Style $29.99
EFFFC5 FC5 Sustain Foot Switch, Box Style $19.98
EFFFC7 FC7 Expression Pedal (Volume)
Yamaha Survival Kit 2
If you’re looking for the perfect accessory for your
Yamaha Portable Keyboard, this is a must-see. The
Survival Kit 2 consists of a Yamaha bag that will
protect your keyboard when you want to take it with
you and a lightweight, but sturdy, X-Style stand for
putting your keyboard on when you get where you’re
going. Features Limited Lifetime Warranty on both the
bag and stand.
Bag Dimensions: 46" x 20".
Stand Dimensions: Height range: 25.63" x 38.75".
Length range: 31.50" x 11.0". Width: 13.75"
EC881 $79.99
336 KEYBOARDS | Keyboard Stands & Cases
Cascio interstatemusic • Educators’ Edition 2009-2010
SKB Keyboard Cases
SKB cases for keyboards have developed a reputation
worldwide, offering strength and durability with a very
unique design. Four sizes are available. The puzzle
foam interior provides a perfect custom fit for all
keyboards in production, while thick foam padding
above and below supply necessary cushioning. Rigid
military-style bumpers on all corners have been
incorporated into this unique carrying case, providing
extraordinary shock protection. Heavy duty locks
and handles, and moisture proof seals complete the
protection system. Three models feature wheels built
into one end of the case.
EC18761 4214W — 61 Note/Wheels
EC18776 5014W — 76 Note/Wheels
EC18788 5820W — 88 Note/Wheels
EC217 5817W — Slender 88 Note/Wheels
Tough tough military issue Polyethylene! Zinc plated
recessed latches, in-line skate-style wheels, padded
straps. Protect your keyboard investment in this
affordable hardshell case.
EC880 EC878GK288R EC878GK288SLM EC893GK261R 76 Keys
88 Keys
Slim 88
61 Keys
On-Stage Deluxe Keyboard Bench
2nd Tier
Gator Semi-Soft Keyboard Cases
Keyboard Bench
600-denier construction insures road-readiness. Soft
plush and foam interior creates stability around the
instrument. Padded straps secure keyboard into place.
Accessory pockets for pedals and cables. Pull-out
handle and built-in wheels make transport a breeze!
EC877GK61 EC877GK76 EC877GK88 EC877GK88SL Three Position X-Style.
A great all-purpose
keyboard bench. Features
three-position adjustable
height, standard springrelease clutch, soft
cushion and no-slip feet.
Folds flat for travel.
This stand uses the
tried-and-true bullet-nose
knob. Yet, the all-welded
Double-X workhorse adds
stability and holds more
weight. For mediumformat keyboards, tubing
is 1", weight capacity is
250 lbs, height adjustment
is 27"-39".
With its universal
attachment, this
tilting tier should
be everyone’s
first choice for adding multiple keyboards to any X
and Z-style keyboard stand. This universal unit can
be stacked on top of a 2-tier stand… making it a 3-tier
Four Position
X-Style top-of-theline bench features
a 3" thick cushion
for long gigs and
a quick-release
clutch for fast,
one-handed height
adjustment. Folds
flat for travel.
3' x 12" x 23.5".
Height: 18" - 26".
Black finish.
On-Stage Double-X
Keyboard Stand
Gator Deluxe Poly
Keyboard Case
$152.99 $ 89.99
Many of today’s
musicians like things
simple and affordable.
That’s why On-Stage
continues to offer this
Single-X with its classic
bullet-nose pull knob
and improved design
with stronger square
tubing. The arm sleeves
can be positioned to fit
virtually any keyboard
width. It’s made with 1"
square tubing for strength and durability and has the
5-position disk clutch with bullet-nose pull knob make
for quick and simple height and width adjustments.
Also has non-slip rubber end caps.
On Stage Pro Heavy Duty Z Keyboard/
Mixer/DJ Stand
While the X-Style
keyboard stand offers
consumers affordability,
the compact, all-new
Pro Heavy-Duty Folding
Z Keybaord Stand is
the ideal choice for the
musician who demands
more versatility.
Features: Holds up to
500 lbs. Use sitting at
24", standing at 37-3/4"
and just about anywhere
in between. Width
adjusts from 21-1/4" to
36-1/4", Center box unit,
carry-all design… breaks down to 3 pieces.
KS7190 Single X
Keyboard Stand
49 Keys
61 Keys
76 Keys
88 Keys
88 Slim
Bag Only (Without Handle & Wheels)
EC877GKB49 49 Keys
$ 97.99
EC877GKB61 61 Keys
EC877GKB88 88 Keys
EC877GKB88SL 88 Slim
Gator Stretchy Keyboard Cover
for 61 and 76 Keys
Stretchy Gator Keyboard covers shield keyboard from
dust damage and look great doing it! With adjustable
EC8791648 88-Keys
$21.99 • Tel: 800.462.2263
RECORDING & SOFTWARE | Audio Interfaces
Yamaha Audiogram3
USB Audio Interface
Presonus FIREBOX
M-Audio MobilePre Interface
MobilePre USB is the perfect audio interface and
preamp for your laptop recording needs. A total
of three kinds of audio inputs and outputs provide
maximum flexibility for any application—including
two on-board microphone/instrument preamps and
high-impedance instrument inputs ideal for connecting
guitars and basses. MobilePre USB is completely
bus-powered so you can take it anywhere you need to
record and play music—including field recording and
sampling expeditions with your laptop. (Of course,
you can use it on the desktop as well.) Zero-latency
direct monitoring provides an easy and professional
recording experience. Ableton Live software included.
CB846 24-bit/96K High-Speed FireWire Network Audio
Interface. Plug and play FireWire (IEEE 1394) audio
interface. 24-Bit / 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96K sample rate.
Record/playback 6 inputs/10 outputs at 24-bit/96K.
Two PreSonus microphone/instrument preamplifiers.
Two analog line inputs, six analog line outputs.
S/PDIF input/output. MIDI input/output. Low latency
monitoring. Headphone output. Powered via FireWire
bus or externally. Software router/mixer. Windows and
Macintosh compatible. Fits MAXRACK rack mounting
system. FREE Cubase LE audio production software.
$329.95 $249.95
$179.95 $149.00
2 Micro
The Mbox 2
Micro answers
the demands
of Pro Tools users worldwide by offering a way to edit
and mix with ProTools. Mbox 2 Micro is portable Pro
Tools power!
USB 2.0
Record two
tracks at a
time with zero
latency; whether
you have a PC
or a Mac, your
song ideas go
down in real
time, real easy. Its size means you can take it anywhere
you take your laptop, yet it’s packed with features that
make buying it an audio no-brainer. With MIDI input
and output, high quality mic inputs, 96kHz/24-bit
recording (better than CD quality).
2 XLR mic inputs with phantom power. 2 analog line
inputs (1 switchable to high impedance for use with
guitars, basses, etc.). Bus powered for use with any
PC or Mac, including laptops. Cubase LE software
COMUS122L $279.00 $249.00
COMAUDIOGRAM3 $149.00 $119.99
Yamaha Audiogram 6
Computer Recording
This package will instantly
turn your computer into a
powerful yet intuitive tool for
recording and editing audio
from virtually any microphone
or audio input device. What’s
more, setup is as easy as
installing the bundled music-production application,
CUBASE AI, on your computer and connecting the
audio interface using the USB cable provided! You’re
then ready to connect instruments, microphones, CD
players, MP3 players, and even old record or tape
players for recording straight into CUBASE AI.
Audio interface also with mixer functionality.
One-touch switching between mono and stereo inputs.
USB bus-powered interface. Setting compression has
never been easier. Easy balancing of audio inputs and
$199.99 $149.99
Digidesign Mbox 2 Mini
Digidesign’s Mbox 2 Mini is one of the smallest,
most affordable Pro Tools LE system ever! Whether
you’re a singer/songwriter who’s new to recording
or a seasoned pro on the go, Mbox 2 Mini packs
professional features into a robust, ultra compact,
easy-to-use audio workstation to record and mix music
wherever your inspiration takes you.
$329.00 $299.00
$199.99 $129.99
USB 2.0
with Digital
Digidesign Mbox 2 Factory
For even more creative options right out of the box,
check out the Mbox 2 Factory Bundle. It offers more
than $1,050 in plug-ins for only $100 more than
Mbox 2. The Mbox 2 Factory Bundle includes a
complete Mbox 2 system and iLok USB Smart Key with
the following additional Digidesign and Bomb Factory
plug-ins preauthorized.
$595.00 $549.00
Digidesign Mbox 2
The new
US-144 delivers
you’d want in a
portable audio/
MIDI interface and more.
Record two tracks at a time with zero latency from
the analog inputs; whether you have a PC or a Mac,
your song ideas go down in real time, real easy. Its size
means you can take it anywhere you take your laptop,
yet it’s packed with features that make buying it an
audio no-brainer. With MIDI input and output, high
quality mic inputs, 96kHz/24-bit recording (better
than CD quality). Cubase LE software included.
has been carefully designed
to make setting up your
computer-based recording environment an absolute
breeze. Coming as a complete kit, the AUDIOGRAM3
bundles together a hardware interface that adds audio
inputs and outputs to your computer, software for
recording and producing music, and a USB cable for
connecting the audio interface.
1x Mic/Hi-Z input with a high-quality mic preamp,
Phantom powered mic input, USB Audio 1.1, 16-bit,
44.1kHz recording quality, 2x phone connector for
stereo input, 2x RCA connector for stereo input, Stereo
headphone output, Phone connector output (L,R), USB
powered, includes Cubase AI, Owners Manual, USB
$269.99 $149.99
Mbox 2 is Digidesign’s Pro Tools LE-based portable
studio, offers novices and pros alike command of any
project and full session compatibility with other Pro
Tools systems, all the way up to Pro Tools|HD systems.
The Pro Tools LE software included with Mbox 2
shares many of the same features as the award-winning
software used by professionals worldwide. With its
spectrum of features, Mbox 2 — Digidesign’s most
affordable Pro Tools LE product — works hand in hand
with your creativity to bring your ideas to life.
As a complement to the comprehensive collection of
intuitive software products included with the Mbox 2
system, the hardware interface is both powerful and
easy to use, featuring a distinctive external design,
impressive sound quality, and extensive input and
output options.
$495.00 $449.00
Digidesign 003
Factory Package
With an extensive range of audio and MIDI I/O,
high-definition audio resolution, the creativity and
speed of industry-standard Pro Tools software,
high-speed FireWire connectivity, and a big,
comprehensive bundle of powerful software included
for free, the Digidesign 003 Factory empowers you
to achieve the same professional audio results as
commercial facilities in your own personal studio.
And Pro Tools LE provides everything you need
(and then some) to compose, record, edit, mix, and
master audio for music and desktop post production
projects — with truly professional results.
$2495.00 $2195.00
338 RECORDING & SOFTWARE | MIDI Interfaces / Trainers
Cascio interstatemusic • Educators’ Edition 2009-2010
M-Audio MIDISport 2 x 2
M-Audio MIDISport 1 x 1
1 In / 1 Out MIDI Interface (16 x 16 MIDI channels)
High-speed connection to USB-equipped PC or Apple
computers. MIDI-activity indicators for each port.
Self-powered — requires no external power supply.
Comes with 6' USB cable. Extremely compact size.
Lifetime Warranty.
CA3321 M-Audio USB MIDIsport Uno
USB 16-Channel Multiplatform MIDI Interface
The Uno is a complete USB-to-MIDI solution,
equipped with a USB connection to your computer, and
a 1-in/1-out 16-channel MIDI connection to your MIDI
devices. The Uno works for Windows and Mac. Its
single MIDI In and Out connectors make it perfect for
connecting a keyboard or controller to your computer
quickly and easily. USB port, great for portable use.
USB 2 In/2 Out MIDI Interface
Multi-port MIDI interface for USB-equipped PC
and Apple computers with the high-speed USB
connection. Self-powered — and the “MIDI Thru”
push-button allows you to play to your gear even when
your computer is turned off — without having to
disconnect cables. Extremely compact size. Lifetime
Yamaha UX16 USB MIDI Interface
Supports up to 16 MIDI channels with one MIDI in and
one MIDI out port. Integrated 24" USB cable and 50"
MIDI cables let you reach your gear easily.
Built-in LED indicators show power and MIDI I/O
activity for ease of operation. Operates on USB power
and needs no external power adapter. You NEED this
in your toolbox! Get it.
Tascam Guitar/Bass/Vocal CD Trainers
The Ultimate Training
and Jamming Tools!
Just like earlier Tascam trainer models, these units give you the ability to slow down the speed of a CD without
changing the pitch - allowing you to practice, learn and teach fast licks, rhythm parts and solos from favorite
artists. They feature an all new improved ultra compact design, comprehensive LCD display with graphical user
interface, Album title/Track title indication by CD-Text, expanded effect banks for user preset, 3 octaves tone
oscillator, and TASCAM’S pioneering VSA (Variable Speed Audition, pitch control without affecting key).
Tascam MP-VT1 Voice Trainer MP3 Player
Tascam CD-GT2 Guitar Trainer
Allows artists, musicians, students, and music teachers to practice, learn and teach
fast licks, rhythm parts and solos from their favorite artists.
Allows artists, musicians, students, and music teachers to practice, learn and teach
fast licks, rhythm parts and solos from their favorite artists. Holds 240 songs.
USB port for easy song transfer.
Tascam CD-BT2 Bass Trainer
Tascam MP-GT1 Guitar Trainer MP3 Player
Practice, learn and teach fast licks, rhythm parts and solos from favorite bass
Practice, learn and teach fast licks, rhythm parts and solos from favorite guitar
players. Holds 240 songs. USB port for easy song transfer.
Tascam CD-VT2 Vocal/Instrument Trainer
Tascam MP-BT1 Bass Trainer MP3 Player
Designed for singers and instrumentalists like woodwind, brass, and string players.
Practice, learn and teach vocal harmonies, fast rap passages and complex melodies.
Practice, learn and teach fast licks, rhythm parts and solos from favorite bass
players. Holds 240 songs. USB port for easy song transfer.
$199.99 • Tel: 800.462.2263
RECORDING & SOFTWARE | Production Software
Steinberg Sequel 2
An affordable, user friendly music studio designed
for novice computer music types. Intuitive tools to
edit, record, perform and mix music with awesomesounding loops, instruments and effects! Runs on both
Macs and PCs and comes with 5000 loops and over
600 of ready-to-play instrument sounds! Use it straight
out of the box! Over 600 ready-to-play instrument
sounds including 60+ drum kits for a myriad of styles.
Built-in audio effects, including EQ and Dynamics in
every channel.
$104.99 $ 74.99
Cakewalk Music Pack
Turn your PC into a desktop musical studio! PC Music
Pack includes includes everything you need to connect
a MIDI instrument to your PC. Record digital audio
tracks too. FREE Pyro MP3/CD Maker (30 Day Trial),
Virtual Sound Canvas DXi soft synth and Acid™ audio
loop library.
Pyware 3D Java Drill Design Software
3D Java is the #1 drill design choreography tool in the
world. Now, your design time will be cut in half.
Student Viewer feature gives students an idea of their
positions and paths before they ever step on the field!
Sibelius 6 Software
Sibelius 6 is the complete software for writing, playing,
printing and publishing music notation. It’s designed
to make your life easier, save you time, produce
beautiful results, and enable you to do things you
might never have dreamed of, like publish your music
world-wide, or create your own CDs.
CB947 CB948 CB949 Sibelius 6 Educational Edition
Sibelius 6 Professional Edition
Sibelius 6 5-Seat Lab Pack
Sibelius 6 Pro & Photoscore
Ultimate Bundle
CB951 Sibelius 6 5-Seat Lab Pack
& Photoscore Ultimate Bundle
A Comprehensive Guide to Sibelius
Music Notation Software
QTT252143 Softcover Book 446 pages
$ 24.00
With Pro Tools M-Powered and an M-Audio interface,
you can now work anywhere, anytime with the industry
standard in music production software! Create and
record your project using any of the M-audio interfaces
on page 337, with genuine Pro Tools software.
You can open sessions created in Pro Tools M-Powered
software with any Windows XP or Mac OS X
Digidesign Pro Tools TDM or LE system, giving you
unprecedented production options for your music.
The latest version of Pro Tools M-Powered streamlines
MIDI production with the introduction of Instrument
Tracks, support for multi-processor use with RTAS
plug-ins for increased performance, and a load of other
performance-enhancing upgrades.
Cubase Studio 4
Designed from the ground up for
professional music production,
Cubase 4 set a new standard for
integrated music production
software by combining powerful
audio and MIDI recording,
synthesis, editing, mixing and
effects. This streamlined Cubase 4 Studio package has
46 plug-ins to give you the power to create, record, and
mix. SoundFrame universal sound integration manages
any sound from any source hardware or software
while the MediaBay provides an ideal way to organize
media files. Cubase 4 software also features Steinberg’s
unique Play Order Track, for composing and arranging
patterns and AudioWarp for real-time time stretching
and pitch shifting of audio. Harness all this production
power with a user interface redesigned to speed-up
your workflow and boost your creativity.
Band-In-A-Box 2008
Band-in-a-Box is a MIDI music
arranger software package for
Windows and Mac OS.
Band-in-a-Box can create a
background for almost any chord
progression used in popular music.
It can then play that song back
using the user’s choice of one of
thousands of different background
styles. In addition to playing back
the users’ songs with built in,
additional, or aftermarket styles, users can play the
songs back and vary the key and/or the song’s speed
independently or even change the number of times any
section of the song repeats.
Users can also export it as either a MIDI or Audio file.
Exporting to a MIDI file allows the user to edit the
background generated by Band-in-a-Box in a MIDI
WaveLab Studio 6
Audio Editing and Mastering Suite
Cutting edge audio technology with a stripped-down
workflow and a broad array of editing and mastering
features designed for home studios. Includes the same
sample accurate 32-bit audio engine, advanced tools
and crystaline audio quality originally configured for
elite editing and mastering pros. One of the world’s top
editing and mastering choices in its price range. Worth
getting, for sure!
M-Audio Pro Tools M-Powered v8
$390.99 $149.99
Just type in the chords for any song using standard
chord symbols (like C, Fm7, or C13b9), choose the
style you’d like, and Band-in-a-Box does the rest,
automatically generating a complete professionalquality arrangement of piano, bass, drums, guitar, and
strings or horns in a wide variety of popular styles.
Live audio tracks can be created using RealDrums and
CA4052007 PC CA405MAC MAC $129.00 $109.95
$129.00 $109.00
340 RECORDING & SOFTWARE | Notation Software
Cascio interstatemusic • Educators’ Edition 2009-2010
Finale 2010
The world’s most powerful music notation software – lets you express your creativity
and love of music. Compose, arrange, notate, and print engraver-quality sheet
Entering Notes — From MIDI to your mouse, from scanning to Finale’s exclusive
MicNotator, no other software offers you more note entry options.
SmartMusic Support and Other Educator Tools — Only Finale can create
SmartMusic accompaniments and Finale makes it easier than ever with support
for linked parts, repeats, and more. With the Exercise Wizard, Studio View to teach
composition, educator templates, and more, Finale is the first choice of music
educators worldwide.
Garritan Sounds — Finale now includes more than 350 world-class instrument
sounds from the makers of Garritan Personal Orchestra, ranging from orchestral
instruments to choirs, jazz brass to marching percussion, handbells, world
instruments, and more.
Record/Import Audio — Give arrangements authenticity and life with a real vocal or
instrumental track. Only Finale lets you record or import a mono or stereo audio file
to enhance playback.
Finale 2010 updates include: Streamlined user interface. Exercise Wizard
instantly generates practice pieces for your entire band, orchestra, or choir. Video
Support — import video plus send and display SMPTE. More than 100 sounds from
Tapspace Virtual Drumline™. Supports Windows XP/Vista and Mac 10.4 and 10.5.
Innovative new percussion notation.
CB89407 Finale 2010
CB89408 Finale 2010 Academic Version
CB89409 Finale 2010 Labpack (5)
$600.00 $350.00 $850.00
Finale Allegro 2007
Finale Allegro is perfect for educators, performing musicians, composers, arrangers,
worship directors and students. Allegro is a revolutionary music score software
program with a variety of features that make it easy, fast, and powerful. No other
score writer and editor makes it so simple to create music on your computer.
Whether you’re an experienced composer, just beginning, or teaching music, the
multitude of features allow the software to adapt to your specific needs. Compatible
with most machines, Allegro score writer and editor also comes with MicNotator
and additional features to add to the ease of use and range of capabilities of the
Some features include:
Composing and Arranging — Automatically add two- and three-voice autoharmonization from Band-in-a-Box® Auto Harmonizing. Automatically add Drum
Grooves (and easily expand your choice of styles). Transpose to any key and extract
Teaching Music — Exercise Wizard instantly creates warm-ups for the whole
band, orchestra, or choir. Setup Wizard includes diverse options, including Orff
instruments and marching percussion. Create quizzes and tests by exporting music
as a TIFF file into a word processing program.
CA851AHR05 Allegro 2007
CA851AHR06 Labpack (5)
Finale PrintMusic 2009
No matter your musical emphasis (classical, jazz, rock, etc.), Finale PrintMusic
music composition software provides high-quality results without the expense of
Finale’s more comprehensive products, Allegro and Finale 2009. PrintMusic musicmaking software is geared towards educators, musicians, composers, and others
who don’t need the advanced engraving capabilities of Finale 2009 or the other
advanced features in Allegro. When you don’t want to pay for features you don’t
need, but still want professional quality software, PrintMusic is the product for you.
PrintMusic is perfect for songwriters, students, teachers, church musicians,
and band leaders. It lets you compose the way you want. Easily put notes on the
page with flexible options, and your compositions sound great with PrintMusic’s
advanced playback features.
Cakewalk SONAR 8 Studio
Cakewalk SONAR 8 Producer
SONAR 8 Producer gives you what you need for
recording, composing, editing, mixing, and mastering.
Get innovations that matter, from exclusive features
to ignite creativity and perfect your tracks, to
groundbreaking technologies that always keep you
in control, all backed by the industry’s leading 64-bit
audio quality. And SONAR 8 Producer delivers the
go-to production tools you want with the best
collection of virtual instruments, mixing, and
mastering effects found in any DAW.
With unlimited tracks, amazing creative tools,
inspiring virtual instruments, the freedom to work with
any audio interface or control surface, and the most
complete delivery capability for collaboration with
users of other DAWS, award-winning SONAR Producer
is your best choice in a digital audio workstation.
SONAR 8 Studio
Built upon the same core feature set as SONAR 8
Producer, SONAR 8 Studio gives you the edge in
your productions — from recording audio and MIDI,
composing with virtual instruments, remixing with
loops, mixing with professional effects, to delivery of a
polished final track — with the recognized best audio
quality in the industry. Studio has many of the same
features as Producer but with some limitations.
CB8928S Studio 8 Edition
CB8928P Producer 8 Edition
$369.00 $299.00
$619.00 $499.00
The Finale Primer
Print a professional-looking score, along with your name and song title. Add chord
symbols and fretboard diagrams. Create up to six lyric verses. Transpose to any key.
Add dynamics, slurs, articulations and more. Generate guitar and bass tablature
automatically. Create drum grooves with notation automatically.
3rd Edition
A helpful guide for
understanding and
using this powerful
music notation
software. Assists with
all facets of music
preparation whether
transcribing an existing
piece of music or
creating an original
work. Maximizes the
benefits of Finale’s
editing, reformatting,
and reorganizing capabilities. Invaluable! 276 pages.
CA85405 SongWriter
Add dynamics, tempos, chord symbols, guitar fretboards and tablature,
articulations, and more.The QuickStart Videos show you how – on your computer
CA84760 PrintMusic 2009
CA847PAK0 Labpack (5)
$ 99.95
$ 85.99
Finale SongWriter
Attention songwriters of all levels! Finale SongWriter makes it easy for you to create
and print sheet music on your PC or Macintosh.
$21.60 • Tel: 800.462.2263
The Fun Way to Teach Kids
Musical Skills that
Will Last a Lifetime!
RECORDING & SOFTWARE | Educational Software
Music Ace
Provides a fun and
introduction to
music fundamentals
for beginning music
students, of any age.
•200 lessons and challenging games.
•Innovative Music Doodle Pad.
•Focuses on the
basics of pitch
learning key
signatures, basic ear training.
CA099CD Mac/Windows
MIDISaurus Music Software for Kids
Teaches basic musical and keyboard skills.
Ages 4 through 10.
•Customize lessons
•More than 700 lessons/exercises
CB06714 Volumes 1-4
CB06858 Volumes 5-8
$149.95 $109.98
$149.95 $109.98
Music Ace 2
The second title
from the highly
acclaimed and
award winning
Music Ace series
Music Ace Maestro
•Standard notation,
rhythm, melody,
time signatures,
harmony, intervals
and more.
This software combines all 48 lessons from Music Ace
and Music Ace 2 with Maestro Manager, a suite of
educator-focused student assessment and curriculum
management tools. Available in educator version only.
•Create, manage, and customize the instructional
lesson sequence.
lessons and
games, plus the
original music
creation tool.
CA099CD2 Mac/Windows
•Import assessment data from earlier Music Ace or
Music Ace 2 installation.
•Centralize management of student and group
instructions options.
CB913 Single
CB914 5-Pack
Electronic Courseware Systems continues to offer the latest and best solutions in
instructional materials. Their strong commitment to providing the latest and best
solutions in instructional materials remains at the heart of all they do.
Adventures in Musicland
Cloud 9 Music
This innovative and wholly unique collection of
musical games features famous characters from Lewis
Carroll’s classic work, Alice in Wonderland. Players
learn quickly while having fun with pictures and
sounds, developing a solid understanding of musical
tones, prominent composers, and need-to-know
musical symbols.
Welcome to the NEXT GENERATION of educational
music software based upon recent research in
accelerated learning techniques. Children explore
pitch, duration, and rhythm freely in four different
•Picture Perfect™ features a picture of a composer,
instrument, or musical symbol shown piece by piece.
•Other games include MusicMatch, Melody Mixup and Sound Concentration.
•A true wonderland of interaction and education!
System requirements:
Mac: System 8.5-9.2, 10 (in classic mode)
PC: Windows 98, 2000, XP
If MIDI is used, you will also need MIDI or USB MIDI
interface, MIDI cables, and MIDI keyboard.
CA509H Hybrid CD-ROM
•FREEFORM FLYER leaves small clouds at various
altitudes to assist learning about pitch through
“unstructured” compositional techniques.
•PITCH PILOT concentrates on understanding relative pitch differences.
•HEAD TO TAIL offers intros, verses, and endings of a variety of compositions that children can freely
arrange into their own compositions.
•RHYTHM DROPS explores beats and rests.
System requirements:
MAC: System 8, 9, or 10.
PC: Windows 98, 2000, or XP.
If MIDI is used, you will also need MIDI or USB MIDI
interface, MIDI cables, and MIDI keyboard.
CB059 Hybrid CD-ROM
Early Music Skills
Early Music Skills is an excellent tutorial and drill
program specially developed for the beginning music
student. It covers four basic music reading skills:
•Recognition of line and space notes.
•Comprehension of the numbering system for the
musical staff.
•Visual and aural identification of notes moving up
and down.
•Recognition of notes stepping and skipping up and
This program is available as a hybrid Macintosh/
Windows CD.
System requirements:
Mac: OS 8.5-9.2, 10.1-10.x.
PC:Win 98, 2000, XP .
If MIDI is used, you will also need a MIDI or USB
MIDI interface, MIDI cables, and a MIDI keyboard.
CB100 Hybrid CD-ROM
342 RECORDING & SOFTWARE | Educational Software
Cascio interstatemusic • Educators’ Edition 2009-2010
Musicus and Challenge Musicus
Music Skill Builder
An interactive CD-ROM where you decide what to
include and omit from each set of questions and you
determine the material to be presented!
NOTES & CLEFS: Choose which notes to include,
treble or bass clef, upper, lower, or no ledger lines,
and if you want to have the answers as note names or
NOTES & RESTS: Choose notes only, rests only or a
random combination either.
MAJOR/MINOR KEYS: Select treble or bass clef,
major/minor key signatures, number of flats and
sharps. Choose major scales, natural minor scales,
harmonic minor scales, or melodic minor scales...
or any combination. Also select treble or bass clef.
INTERVALS: Choose major, minor, perfect, tritone
or any combination (major and perfect intervals, or
major, minor and tritone intervals). Also select treble
or bass clef.
THREE NOTE CHORDS: Choose root position or
inversion chords for your drill. In root position select
major, minor, augmented, diminished or combinations
(major and diminished chords, or major, minor
and augmented chords). In inversion section select
Major 6, minor 6, Major 6/4, or minor 6/4...or any
combination. Each series of questions may include
10, 15, 20 or 25, depending on what you set up in your
options menus. (MIDI OPT-for output only).
System requirements:
Mac: OS 8.5-9.2, and 10.1 and higher.
PC: Windows 98, 2000, XP.
CB910 Hybrid CD-ROM Single Station $ 89.95
CB910LP Hybrid CD-ROM Lab Pack (5)
CB910LIC Hybrid CD-ROM Site/Network License (24)
An exciting music game where falling note blocks of
rhythm must be maneuvered into measures of specific
•You have the option to hear their completed
rhythmic lines.
•Musicus may be used in Spanish or English and
covers 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 and mixed meters.
CB101 (Hybrid CD-ROM) Musicus
CB102 (Hybrid CD-ROM) Challenge Musicus
Pitch Challenger
Pitch Challenger is designed as a unique program to
improve pitch matching skills.
•Improve pitch discrimination.
•Visual feedback reinforces learning to tune and
match pitches.
CB911 Hybrid CD-ROM
CB107 Windows CD-ROM
Note Speller
A colorful music game designed to improve note
reading on the treble, bass, alto, or grand staff.
The program presents notes on the staff which the
user must identify before time runs out. To help the
user remember the group of notes, they spell out a
word! Choose the number of notes to randomly appear
(3, 4, 5, 6, or 7... or any combination), as well as the
level (5 to choose from)! Also select either English or
Spanish words to appear in the game. Answers may be
entered by typing them in from the computer keyboard
(timer is stopped at this point), or if a MIDI keyboard
is attached to the computer, play in the answer!
System requirements:
Mac: OS 8.5-9.2, 10.1-10.x.
PC: Win 98, 2000, XP.
CB105 Hybrid CD-ROM
Echos focuses on strengthening sightreading skills as
well as rhythmic and note reading accuracy.
Level I incorporates tuneful musical examples in keys
ranging from 0 to 3 sharps and flats.
Level II incorporates up to 6 sharps and flats in both
major and minor keys.
A true resource to the keyboard student.
CB108 Windows CD-ROM
Music Terminology
A set of five independent programs for improving
knowledge of music terms. Programs include:
Glossary of Terms, Categories of Terms, True/False
Test, Multiple-Choice Test, and Fill-In Questions.
Each program randomly selects questions from a pool
of over 100 terms. A summary of terms to be reviewed
is displayed at the end of each program. (NON-MIDI).
System requirements:
MAC: System 8.5 – 9.2, and 10 (in classic mode), 4MB
free RAM, 8MB free hard drive space, CD-ROM drive.
PC: Windows 98/2000/XP, 4MB RAM, 8MB hard
drive space, Soundcard, CD-ROM drive.
CB055 Hybrid CD-ROM
Speed up your note recognition and reflexes at the
same time! Note-letter critters creep out across the
screen and you have to Smack! them if they match the
note displayed on a music staff. But watch out — if they
don’t match and you Smack! them, they’ll steal points
from you! Also includes Solfege option.
System requirements:
Mac: OS 8.5-9.2, 10.1-10.x.
PC: Win 98, 2000, XP.
CB060 Hybrid CD-ROM
Tap It I and II
Tap-It I and II are rhythm skill programs that teach
the concept of beat and tempo through rhythm and
tapping drills.
CB104I Hybrid CD-ROM Tap It
CB104II Hybrid CD-ROM Tap It II
RECORDING & SOFTWARE | Digital Multitrack • Tel: 800.462.2263
Boss BR-1200CD
Digital Recording Studio
Boss MICRO BR Digital Recorder
The World’s Smallest Pro Studio
Meet the ultimate palmtop guitar companion
and recording studio. Only slightly larger than
an iPod, the tiny-yet-powerful MICRO BR is a
dream for musicians on the go. The MICRO BR
offers four simultaneous playback tracks
(plus 32 V-Tracks), MP3 compatibility, onboard
multi-effects, built-in rhythm patterns, a tuner, USB, an SD Card slot, and more.
No guitar case or gig bag should be without one.
Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder
Portable and ultra slim! 8 simultaneous
playback tracks, 64 V-Tracks.
CompactFlash memory card slot for
recording media; 128MB card included.
Powerful guitar and effects processor,
including vocal FX and pitch corrector.
Built-in drum machine with velocitysensitive pads. Built-in stereo microphone
and battery power to record anywhere. USB port for data transfer/computer
connectivity. Carrying case and XLR-to-1/4" mic cable included.
Boss BR-900CD
Digital Recording Studio
8-track recorder with internal CD burner. Compatible
with CompactFlash cards up to 1GB capacity, which
provides up to 624 minutes of record time (standard
mode). 2 XLR phantom-powered mic inputs. Effects
vfor every instrument, plus mastering. Programmable
drum machine packed with 294 expressive patterns.
Pitch correction. USB connection.
$ 895.00
Boss BR-1600CD
The Ultimate Notebook Studio
12-track playback with 192
V-Tracks. Great COSM® effects
and amp models derived from
BOSS’s GT-6/6B multi-effects
processors. Correct pitch and
add hamornies with the Vocal
Tool Box. Mastering Tool Kit
puts a pro-quality polish on
your track. Great-sounding bass
and drum rhythm programmer.
CD-R/RW drive.
Recording Studio
16-track (256 V-Track)
digital studio. 40GB
hard drive. CD-R/RW
drive. Record all
8 XLR inputs
simultaneously —
ideal for tracking live.
Powerful onboard
effects include COSM
modeling for guitar,
bass and vocals.
New Vocal Tool Box
with auto pitch
correction and Harmony Sequence function. 16 individual Track EQs, plus eight
dedicated compressors. Mastering Tool Kit with multi-band compression for loud
and punchy CDs. Create backing tracks quickly via independent Drum/Bass and
Loop Phrase tracks. USB port for easy data exchange, plus V-LINK video control*
(*V-LINK requires Edirol DV7-PR with software version 1.50 or higher). COSM
models added (derived from BOSS’s GT-6B). MIDI Slave capable for control from
external MIDI devices. BR-1180CD/1200CD data compatible.
344 RECORDING & SOFTWARE | Digital Multitrack
Cascio interstatemusic • Educators’ Edition 2009-2010
Korg D888 Digital
Recording Studio
Functioning as both a rugged
8-channel mixer with built-in effects
and as a digital recorder, the D888
enables you to record multi-channel
live performances in a variety of
venues and settings. Native WAV
recording and high-speed USB 2.0
data transfer allows the recordings
to be easily shared with computerbased systems for full editing and
final mastering. Balanced TRS
and XLR inputs are tied to highquality mic preamps equipped with
professional 24-bit A/D and D/A
converters. Switchable phantom power accommodates a variety of microphones.
The versatile 8-output architecture makes the D888 suitable for a variety of audio
applications. There are 11 effect types, and parameters are editable in real time from
a dedicated front-panel knob. Non-destructive editing functions include copy, paste,
erase and more, with Undo and Redo commands. Punch-in and-out is supported for
overdubs. The internal 40 GB hard drive provides up to 120 hours of total recording
time, with 200 songs, four locate points and 100 markers per song.
Korg D3200
Tascam 2488neo Digital Workstation
The D3200 is
the first in its
class to provide
up to 32 tracks
of simultaneous
playback and
up to 12 tracks
of simultaneous
recording to
support high
projects — such
as recording a
live band. The powerful mixer section includes 40 input channels plus a great set
of high-quality effects. “Session Drums™” allow you to easily create a realistic and
natural drum track for your entire song. The recorder engine features uncompressed
24- or 16-bit recording / playback at 48 or 44.1 kHz. Features 12 balanced 1/4"
inputs — 8 are also equipped with XLR inputs and individual phantom power.
A convenient guitar input jack is also provided for guitarists. Also with effects and
built-in CD-RW, “Master Track” and “Album CD Project” features allow you to
produce a production-ready CD with ease.
Yamaha AW1600
Audio Workstation
TASCAM’s best-selling 24-track / 24-bit workstation has been upgraded to the
2488neo. The updated model has a bold new look and new mastering effects
to create punchy, polished mixes. Like its predecessor, the 2488neo has eight
microphone inputs, seven effects processors, a 80GB hard drive and the simple user
interface common to all TASCAM Portastudios
The 2488neo features an 80GB hard drive, enough for hours of 44.1kHz/24-bit
recording. The eight microphone inputs, four with XLR and phantom power, can
be assigned to any track for recording large ensembles. A reverb effect, multi effect
with guitar amp simulation, and up to 9 compressors are also included. The new
mastering effect includes multi-band EQ, compression and limiting for professionalsounding mixes which can be burned to CD or transferred to computer through the
USB 2.0 jack.
$ 799.99
Digital Portastudio
TASCAM’s DP-02 makes
recording simple by
matching 8-track
CD-quality recording
with a Portastudio
interface-so you can
ditch the menus and
concentrate on the
music. A pair of record-quality TASCAM mic preamps features XLR inputs with
phantom power for condenser mics and a guitar input for direct recording. Each
channel gives you dedicated controls for instant access to fader level, record arm/
track mute, pan, effect send, high and low EQ. There’s also an EQ frequency button
for finer control over the mix.
The AW1600 has everything
you need to record your
music anytime, anywhere
in a compact, road-worthy
design. Mixing, routing and
onboard effects are based
on the industry-standard
Yamaha “0” series digital
consoles, so everything has
the familiar feel quality of
DP-02CF Digital
8-input/16-track system records top-quality uncompressed 16-bit or 24-bit audio
at 44.1 or 48 kHz (8 tracks when recording 24 bit audio). Eight virtual tracks per
physical track (18 x 8 in 16-bit mode) provide plenty of capacity for alternate takes.
Substantial 40-gigabyte high-speed 3.5” hard disk provides plenty of internal
storage as well as fast, reliable recording and playback performance. Built-in
CD-RW drive lets you burn original audio CDs, as well as make reliable CD data
Digital Portastudio
has enough recording
power to let you create
a full production at
16-bit/44.1kHz CD
quality. The DP-02CF
combines 8-track CD-quality recording with a Portastudio interface. The DP-03CF
Portastudio’s one-button-per function design is for musicians who want to record
quickly and have fun! First, record your stereo drum machine using its 2-track
simultaneous recording, and then use the line inputs to record bass and layer guitar
parts. A song position bar/beat display makes it easy to overdub. Or, if you’re going
the straight acoustic route (no drums), use the internal metronome to keep time.
$ 999.99
$299.99 • Tel: 800.462.2263
RECORDING & SOFTWARE | Handheld Recording
TASCAM DR-1 Portable Digital Recorder
Yamaha Pocketrak 2G Pocket Recorder
The TASCAM DR-1 brings innovative portable
recording to a size and price that make it the recorder
you can’t leave behind. This hand-held portable
recorder lets you record live gigs, rehearsals, samples,
songs, podcasts, or news events in MP3 or 24-bit WAV
format. The DR-1 recorder’s built-in stereo condenser
microphone can be arranged in variable angles to
fit different recording scenarios, such as desktop or
shirt-pocket recording. A huge 1GB card is included for
hours of recording.
It’s only a half-inch (13 millimeters) thick and will slip
unobtrusively into a shirt pocket. But this diminuitive,
lightweight package contains a large 2-gigabyte
memory plus advanced digital audio technology that
lets you record and playback with outstanding quality.
$399.99 $279.99
TASCAM DR-07 Portable Digital Recorder
TASCAM’s DR-07 brings portable digital recording to
an even smaller, more affordable package. A pair of
highly-sensitive built in mics captures a wide stereo
image, recording in either MP3 or 16/24-bit WAV
format. The DR-07 is powered by AA batteries and it
transfers files to a computer using a high-speed USB
2.0 connection. The versatile recorder even includes a
windscreen, tripod stand mount and 2GB SD card to
start recording right away.
$279.99 $199.99
In addition to a CD-quality linear PCM recording mode
that lets you record up to 3 hours of music, there are
a number of MP3 modes that provide significantly
longer recording times. The supplied long-lasting
rechargeable battery can keep the POCKETRAK 2G
running for up to 9 hours continuously when recording
in MP3 mode. Slide out the built-in USB connecter and
connect the POCKETRAK directly to your computer
to transfer files back and forth, and use the bundled
CUBASE AI digital audio workstation software to edit
and enhance your recordings with pro-level control.
Only 1.7 Ounces and 1/2 Inch Thick -Take it
Everywhere!. 2GB Memory for High Audio Quality and
Extended Recording Times. High-sensitivity Tilt-up
Microphone. Level Meters and ALC for Optimum
Record levels. Direct USB 2.0 Computer Connection.
$450.00 $199.99
Yamaha Pocketrak CX Pocket Recorder
Blue Mikey iPod Microphone
Mikey features Blue’s superior quality stereo condenser
capsules, 3-position user selectable gain settings, and
built-in speaker for playback. Fine-tune Mikey to
record everything from the barest audible sound to
extremely loud sources without losing audio fidelity.
Mikey’s unique user-positionable head swivels 180 to
provide maximum flexibility and usability, allowing
you to position Mikey towards sound sources in
various directions.
Compatible with iPod nano 2G, 3G & 4G; iPod classic;
iPod 5G and most cases.
M-Audio Microtrack II
2-Channel Mobile Digital Recorder
The MicroTrack II delivers one of the highest quality
mobile recording experiences available today. Simply
record WAV, BWF, and MP3 files to CompactFlash or
Microdrives through balanced line inputs or built-in
microphone preamps-then drag and drop recordings to
your computer via high-speed USB 2.0 for immediate
editing or Web posting. Storage via CompactFlash or
Microdrives (sold separately).
$499.95 $299.00
Edirol by Roland R-09HR High-Resolution
WAVE/MP3 Recorder
A professional, high-definition recorder with crystalclear 24bit/96kHz fidelity.
Features a built-in stereo condenser mic, preview
speakers, and wireless remote. It records to SD or
SDHC memory card (up to 32GB). Also includes highspeed file transfer via USB 2.0 connection to computer.
$450.00 $399.00
Who would believe that this much recording power
slips conveniently into a shirt pocket. The large
diameter, high sensitivity 90˚ X-Y microphone on
the POCKETRAK CX creates natural stereophonic
recordings. The microSD and USB capability ensure
you have all the storage capability you need.
Playback Speed adjustment (70%-150% — Convenient
for music lessons and practice, and also for language
study). Built-in speaker-Provides instant playback.
Plenty of accessories-Wind screen, microphone stand
adaptor, microSD (2GB) and carrying case.
$499.00 $299.99
Zoom H2 Handy Recorder
The H2 gives everyone the power to
record anything and share it with anyone,
anywhere. You’ll be amazed by your sound.
W-XY mic patterns with 4 mic capsules and signal
processing allows Front 90° cardioid, Rear 120°
cardioid and 360° polar patterns. Built-in USB 2.0
interface. Records in WAV 96kHz/48kHz/44.1kHz at
16-bit or 24-bit, MP3 to 320kbps and Variable Bit Rate
(VBR) data formats. Time Stamp and Track Marker
functions in Broadcast WAV Format. 512MB SD
memory card included; accommodates up to 16GB SD
memory cards. Auto Gain Control (AGC) for pristine
recordings. Auto Start function means you’re always
ready to record. Low-cut filter eliminates wind noise.
On-board chromatic Guitar/Bass tuner.
$334.99 $179.00
Zoom H4N Handy Recorder
The H4N is the epitome of sophistication made
simple. For anyone who needs professional recording
capability with extraordinary versatility, the H4n will
give you the ability to capture everything with the
clarity and resolution previously found only in the
world’s finest recording studios. You’ll be amazed at
how easy it is to make world-class recordings, wherever
you are in the world.
Built-in X/Y stereo mics record at either 90° or 120°.
Four channel simultaneous recording using built-in
and external mics. Large 1.9-Inch LCD screen and
improved user interface for easy operation. Variable
speed playback capability for “phrase training”.
Stamina mode enables 10 hours of continuous battery
life. Built-in reference speaker to check recordings.
Shock resistant rubberized body for improved chassis
$609.99 $349.00
346 RECORDING & SOFTWARE | CD/Cassette Recorders
Cascio interstatemusic • Educators’ Edition 2009-2010
5-Disk CD
Your music has
never sounded
this good. Play
your tunes on
Sony's CDP-CE375 Compact Disc Player for a superb sound experience. This 5-Disc
changer features CD-R/RW playback capability so you can enjoy your homemade
music mixes as well as the latest industry releases. Additional features include
a Headphone Jack & volume control, 20-Track Music Calendar, and 32-Step
programming. Use Jog Dial control with Direct Access track selection to control
your listening experience and get ready to rock.
TASCAM’s most popular combination CD/Cassette recorder, the CC-222SLmkII,
now supports a more robust slot loading CD transport with adjustable pitch control.
The CC-222SLmkII includes a RIAA phono input which allows direct recording from
a turntable; a feature which sets the CC-222SLmkII above all the rest.
Further solidifying this source-device’s reputation for flexibility is its ability to
be operated as two individual recorders; or, record one source to both recorders
Sony MiniDisc
Enjoy the benefits of
features like ATRAC®
MP3, Hybrid Pulse DAC 24 Bit, MD Long Play (MDLP) Modes that enable recording
for up to 4x Normal Capacity, and Time Machine Recording with a 6-Second Buffer
Memory that captures music up to six seconds before you press the record button.
Utilize Jog Dial™ Control for easier Track Selection. Text Entry and Digital Record
Level Control will simplify recording and playback. Listen longer and record more
with the MDS-JE480 MD Player/Recorder.
Tascam CC-222SLMKII CDRW/Cassette Recorder
Enjoy new features like MP3 playback (with ID3 tags for reading names of tracks
as they play), pitch and key control, keyboard input and more! MP3 files can be
organized into folders before burning. Change playback speed without affecting
pitch. PS/2 keyboard input allows one-key access to menu functions. Fits into two
rackspaces. RCA inputs/outputs, S/PDIF digital ins/outs. Ultra EZ to use!
Tascam CD-A500
CD/Cassette Deck
Tascam BB-1000
Portable CD/SD
The BB-1000 Portable
CD/SD Recorder is built
to make recording to CD
as simple as pressing record on a cassette ‘boom box.’ The battery-powered recorder
records to either SD Card media or blank CDs from four built-in microphones or
XLR mic inputs. The two front and two back mics can be individually trimmed for
a balanced recording, and tracks can be immediately played back through a built-in
10W sound system. The BB-1000CD has been designed for simple operation in
schools, houses of worship and band rehearsal spaces.
The recorder offers uncompressed recording to CD-R/RW media for audio CDs.
The SD Card can capture as WAV file or MP3 files, and SD Card recordings can
be burned to CD. The BB-1000CD can use two microphones on the front of the
unit, two mics on the rear, or a pair of XLR mic inputs with phantom power as the
recording source. Tracks can be played through the built-in speaker system, and can
be looped and slowed down without changing the pitch.
Duplicate entire CD's
or individual tracks to
cassette tape in one
convenient, easy-to-use
system. Playback can be
continuous from deck to deck in either direction.
3-U Rackmount Design. CD to Cassette Dubbing Capability. CD
Sync Feature. A Side / B Side Program Dubbing. Continuous Play
Function. Wireless Remote Control. RCA Unbalanced Outputs Dedicated to the CD
Player. Common RCA Unbalanced Outputs for both the CD and the Cassette Deck.
EZ Dupe’s single target DVD duplication
system includes a DVD-ROM drive and
a DVD+/-RW writer. Only carefully
selected and tested materials are
employed in EZ Dupe’s professional line
up of Gold Series systems.
EZ Dupe Gold Series
Three Target Duplicator
Everything you need
to record, edit and
burn is right there
inside the CD-2e.
No extra devices or cables to connect. Just turn it on and go. Handy Extras Extra
features are built into the CD-2e to make it even more valuable to musicians,
including an instrument tuner that works in conjunction with the built-in stereo
mic. Comes with cabling, desktop stand, hand-held mount, windscreen and travel
Professional Single Target, up to 20X
DVD/CD Duplicator.
Record and Burn with
Amazing Ease and
in at less than 1.1 kg
(2 lbs 6 oz), it’s lighter
than most laptop
EZ Dupe Gold Series
Single Target Duplicator
Roland CD-2e:
SD/CD Recorder
Tascam CDRW9000SL CD Recorder
Professional 3 Target, up to 20X
DVD/CD Duplicator.
EZ Dupe’s three target DVD duplication
system includes a DVD-ROM drive
and three DVD+/-RW writers. Only
carefully selected and tested materials
are employed in EZ Dupe’s professional
line up of Gold Series systems.
$ 599.00
$ 249.00
348 RECORDING & SOFTWARE | Electronic Drums
Cascio interstatemusic • Educators’ Edition 2009-2010
Hi-Hat Stand and
Bass Drum Pedal
Not Included
Roland HD-1
The Roland
HD-1 is forged
from the same
technology as its
predecessors, but
it’s much simpler
to use. It’s also
incredibly quiet,
thanks to the
newly designed
kick beater,
cushioned tom
pads, and snare
head. The HD-1 is
also conveniently
compact and
stylish — perfect
for every home,
school, studio,
etc. — and it’s priced for the masses. Most of the HD1’s components are mounted on one stand for easy
setup and transport, and for a clean look. Just take it
out of the box and play. 10 Drum Kits, 10 Patterns.
•Easy set-up and operation
•Compact and stylish design
Bass Drum Pedals
are Not Included
Roland TD-12SV V-Stage Series
Roland TD-4SW V-Compact Series
A dream for drummers, the new TD-4S offers
outstanding feel, versatility and affordability. With
Roland’s patented mesh V-Pad™ snare, the TD-4S is
a pleasure to play. It’s ideal for practice, thanks to its
Mix In function, Coach Mode and Quick Rec. It’s also
a great choice for the project studio, with improved
sound quality and expressiveness, and MIDI output for
sequencing or triggering other sounds.
Great feeling, great sounding — the V-Stage Series TD12SV makes the middle range of the V-Drums line feel
like first class. With mesh V-Pads all the way around,
the TD-12SV lets drummers sink their sticks into the
best-feeling pads in the business. The new TD-12 drum
module is an upgrade from the previous TD-8, sharing
the same stunning sound quality as the flagship TD-20.
•Professional V-Drums in an affordable package.
•V-Pro quality sounds.
•New “floating” VH-11 hi-hat.
•Cables inside the stand tubes.
•Great sounds with a variety of kits
Center mounted TD-4 sound module with new sounds
and more accurate sensing.
Patented mesh head for the snare for a great feel.
Roland HD-1 V-Drums Lite Pak
Includes HD-1 plus PM1 monitor, throne and sticks.
Velocity-sensitive toms and cymbals with choke
Unique and newly-designed drum stand that is
compact, lightweight, and stable.
$ 999.00 $ 795.00
$1259.00 $ 995.00
Roland PM-01 Personal Drum Monitor
Small, great-sounding, and affordable PM-01 is ideal
for home practice, and a perfect match for the new
Roland HD-1.
$ 149.00 $ 125.00
$ 4299.00 $3295.00
$4299.00 $3295.00
Expandable with an optional pad or replace the ride
cymbal to a CY-12R/C 3-way trigger V-Cymbal.
Compatible with optional VH-11 V-Hi-Hat to mount on
conventional hi-hat stands.
Cable harness and DB-25 connector for fast and clean
cable connection.
Drum Tutor
Kick drum pedal not included.
Drum Tutorial
Software for
Roland's HD-1
V-Drum Lite is
a big hit with
beginners around
the world.
To enhance
the HD-1
experience and
help drummers
learn the
Roland has
created DT-HD1, a fun, educational interactive
software application. Connect your HD-1 to a PC via
USB, launch the software, and play along and learn.
$1199.00 $ 995.00
Includes Hi-Hat
Stand and Snare
Stand. Does Not
Include Drum Pedal
Bass Drum Pedals
are Not Included
Yamaha DTXtreme III Special Set
•34 preset patterns with SMF compatibility.
•Notation screen with bouncing ball and timing check with right and left hand instruction.
•Game screen with falling blocks and score points.
•Metronome, A-B repeat, drum mute, drum and pad solo.
•UM-1G USB-MIDI interface and audio cable included to connect the HD-1 to a computer
Windows compatible (Vista/XP)
•All dual trigger mesh pads.
Roland TD-9SX
With a new advanced sound engine at its core, the midrange V-Drums family has new bragging rights. The
new TD-9 sound module is loaded with fresh sounds,
and offers a deeper level of expression. Together with
Roland’s most advanced triggering technology, this
kit is destined to become a big hit with drummers
$2899.00 $2595.00
The compact DTXTREME III features a brand new
brain based upon ‘Motif’ AWM2 sounds. It has an
outstanding sampling capability (with optional
memory installed) and a powerful sequencing engine,
plus 3-zone drum/cymbal pads. USB MIDI on board
allows it to function as the front end of a complete
music production system embracing live performance,
rhythm training, music creation and studio recording.
Includes 1,115 drum voices, 211 General MIDI melody
voices, 50 factory preset, 50 user programmable,
64-note polyphony. With curved rack system.
$4199.99 $2199.99 • Tel: 800.462.2263
RECORDING & SOFTWARE | Electronic Drums
Direct Sound EX29
Extreme Isolation
Headphones Black
Roland RMP-5 Advanced Rhythm Trainer
RMP-5 has a convenient one-piece molded body with integrated pad and brain,
along with a great-feeling, tunable mesh drumhead.
•Practice with any of the 40-plus onboard drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds.
•Improve your skills with the advanced Rhythm Coach.
•Add optional kick and cymbal controllers.
•Time check, accuracy score and stroke balance feedback builds your precision.
$279.00 $229.00
Rhythm Coach®
The new RMP-12 Rhythm
Coach® brings an exciting
new dimension of portable
sound and expression.
Suited for all drumming
applications, the RMP-12 is
the world’s first electronic
marching percussion
instrument to incorporate
Roland’s patented multilayer mesh head technology, allowing drummers to
practice longer with less stress and fatigue. Tailored
to the educational percussion field, the RMP-12 offers
enhanced playability, expressiveness, and versatility
for practice and performance applications.
•12-inch mesh pad with rim triggering.
•Newly-designed module with a variety of sounds.
•Live Mode to focus on your marching performance.
•Built-in Rhythm Coach for skill building.
•Lightweight and portable with battery power.
•Mix input and audio output for personal and professional use.
•Headphone output for quiet practice.
• Easily attaches to standard marching carriers
(via optional OP-RMP12) and snare stands.
OnBoard Research
Beatnik Rhythmic
Analyzer Hand
Practice Pad
Improve rhythmic and
timing accuracy in ways
never before possible.
More than a metronome, Beatnik’s five analyzers
each evaluate a unique aspect of a drummer’s skills,
and its multiple views of the timing data instantly
reveal technical strengths and weaknesses to help a
drummer develop a great feel and perfect accuracy.
It is lightweight and operates on AA batteries or
optional AC adapter. A recessed 8mm threaded
receptacle on bottom of unit will attach to any 8mm
cymbal stand top.
ET984 Beatnik
From Direct Sound, the
makers of EXTREME
ISOLATION headphones,
comes a brand new,
much improved version
of the model EX-29, an
industry leader in isolation
headphone technology.
How is it possible to
improve them? The EX-29
is now identified with distinctive gold lettering to give
the headphones the world class look they deserve.
The improvements are not just cosmetic. The most
important improvement is the new specially designed
500 mW ultra-fidelity speaker drivers. Not only can
they handle additional power, but the fidelity is superb.
The model EX-29 is now recommended and suggested
for critical mixing. In addition to the new drivers, a
repairable input plug with a screw-on type jack adaptor
is now standard.
$149.95 $ 99.95
$ 89.95 $ 59.95
$189.00 $139.95
Includes Bass
Drum Pedal
$699.00 $595.00
ED081 Marching Carrier Attachment
$139.00 $109.00
Roland Electronic Drum Monitor
with Satellite Speakers
Roland's V-Drums, the world's leading electronic drum
kits, deserve nothing less than superior amplification.
Introducing the PM-30, a new top-of-the-line
2.1-channel advanced speaker system. With 200 watts
of Class-D power, a high-performance 12" woofer
with tweeter, a pair of 4" satellite speakers, and a
proprietary DSP engine, the PM-30 delivers powerful,
clear, full-range sound in a package that's cleanly
designed and comfortable to transport.
Includes Bass Drum Pedal
Yamaha DXPIV Electronic Drum Kit
Designed as a portable companion for Roland’s
V-Drums, the new PM-10 is equipped with a 30-watt
amplifier and a 10” 2-way coaxial speaker. Its compact
design is perfect for small-sized drum kits, such as the
TD-3Kit and the TD-6KV. Jam along with your favorite
songs by connecting an external CD or MP3 player to
the Line In jack. Balance the V-Drums and the external
audio with the dedicated volume controls; adjust the
tone with the built-in 2-band EQ.
Drum Module includes sounds sampled from the finest
acoustic drum sets. 427 drum and percussion voices
and 22 keyboard voices, many from the popular Motif
synthesizers. Features 50 factory/20 user kits for you
to design yourself. Click feature with six programmed
sounds and one user voice. The click can be subdivided
and has memory for 30 preset tempo and pattern
combinations. Groove Check feature allows you to
practice your time keeping skills. Built-in sequencer
has 63 preset and 20 user songs for you to build on
your own. Comes with a three zone TP65S Snare Pad,
Four TP65 pads with three for your toms and one for
the hi-hat, a KP65 Bass Drum Pad, two PCY130SC
cymbal pads and an HH65 hi hat controller for open
and close functions. Sturdy RS70 rack and a cable
snake is individually labeled for easy set up and
breakdown. If you’ve been waiting to go electronic,
NOW is the time!
$949.00 $695.00
Roland Electronic Drum Monitor
$359.00 $275.00
$1299.99 $ 999.99
This new 5-piece electronic kit includes
high-impact rubber pads with natural feel and
rebound, mounted on a sturdy folding ribbed rack.
For added convenience, the kit also features an
FP-6110 bass drum pedal and coded cabling snake
for quick and easy setup. Devices such as a CD player
can be connected to the module via an AUX IN, while
a PC or Mac computer can be connected via MIDI.
In addition, the DTXPLORER module can be used
with a traditional acoustic drum kit as a stand-alone
trigger module. 214 drum, percussion voices
(including 22 General MIDI sounds).
EDRDTXPL $879.99 $699.99
Yamaha MS100DR Electronic
Drum Personal
Monitor System
The MS-100DR
amplifies your
electronic drum kit
in true stereo, letting
you not only hear but
feel what you are playing. Whether you are playing at
home, in the studio, or live on stage you can hear every
nuance of your performance.
100-Watt Woofer/ 3-way Satellite Speakers
$879.99 $629.99
350 RECORDING & SOFTWARE | Headphones & Monitors
Cascio interstatemusic • Educators’ Edition 2009-2010
Use What
The Pros Use!
Yamaha RH1C Portable Headphones
KRK Studio Monitor
The RH1C lightweight portable headphones deliver
remarkable acoustic presence and full, bright sound
through an advanced dynamic range and open-ear
design. Finished with comfortable ear cushions, the
economic RH1C is the perfect accessory for portable
personal systems.
KRK Rokit Series Generation 2 Studio Monitors
Whether you’re just starting out in desktop
recording, or you’ve already laid down a few
thousand tracks, you’ve probably heard about KRK
Rokit Powered Studio Monitors. After all, for years
the Rokit has been a popular choice for accurate
monitoring in home and project studios large and
small. Rokit enthusiasts include guitar and bass
players, electronic musicians and re-mixers, beginning
artists and industry professionals.
Yamaha RH2C Stereo Headphones
Delivering sonic brilliance in a lightweight (6 oz.)
design, RH2C dynamic headphones provide the perfect
listening environment for use with portable keyboards
or casual listening. Featuring a new ear cup design,
RH2C offers increased noise reduction and long-term
comfort with soft, vinyl ear cushions and an extra-wide
Yamaha RH3C Stereo Headphones
Developed for studio or road application, RH3C stereo
headphones are equipped with professional-quality
elements that boast the impressive bass presence and
clear treble response studio musicians demand. The
closed-ear, noise-reducing design features a coiled cord
and a thickly padded, collapsible headband for lasting
comfort and traveling convenience.
Koss UR18 Stereo Headphones
You’ll love these headphones!
•Closed Ear Cushion for Maximum Isolation and Deep Bass.
•Frequency response 25-15,000 Hz.
•Fully Adjustable and Collapsible for Storage.
KOSS TD85 Headphones
The TD85 is a full-size, professional quality
stereophone that delivers high quality stereo sound
reproduction in a durable yet lightweight construction.
Ideal for professional, commercial, or home use, the
TD85 features dynamic elements for a rich frequency
response from 20-17,000 Hz.
Koss UR29 Stereo Headphones
Utilizes anisotropic magnet and mylar element for
deep bass and treble clarity
•Designed for maximum durability for DJ and recording use.
•Collapsible headband design.
•Straight, single entry 8' cord with 3.5mm plug.
SRSUR29 $24.99
Koss UR40 Stereo Headphones
•Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz.
•Titanium element for impressive bass and treble clarity.
•Closed ear cushions for deep bass and maximum isolation.
•Collapsible headband design for portability and protective storage.
•Straight, dual entry 8 foot cord.
SRSUR40 $34.99
But now is a great time to check out the all-new, Rokit
Generation 2 Powered Studio Monitors. Generation
2 Rokits set a new standard with even better
performance and accuracy, raising the bar once again.
So “getting ahead of the curve” means even more than
New KRK Proprietary Woofers And Tweeters - 1"
Neodymium Soft Dome tweeter, Glass Aramid
Composite Cone Woofer
SRSRP5G2 (5” Woofer)
SRSRP6G2 (6” Woofer)
SRSRP8G2 (8” Woofer)
$299.00 $149.50
$399.00 $199.50
$499.00 $249.50
Yamaha MSP5
Bi-Amplified Monitor Speaker
The perfect choice for a wide range of applications,
from home recording to post production. Ultracompact enclosures allow easy placement. 67
combined watts of audio power in a bi-amplified
monitor this size, let alone near this price,
was previously unheard of -- until now. Dome
tweeter, offers a broad coverage area of 120
degrees. With two separate amplifiers powering
the woofer and tweeter, incredibly lower distortion is
realized. Flat frequency response out to 40kHz makes
the MSP5 great for mastering. 4-position EQ switch
for low frequency and 3-position switch for high
frequency match the system’s response to the acoustic
environment. Weight: 7.5kg (16.5 lbs)
Yamaha HS50M
Powered Monitor Speaker
The perfect choice for a wide range of applications, the
HS Series is a two-way, internally powered speaker
system designed to provide affordable, high quality
reference monitoring for all types of recording and
multimedia applications — home studios, computerbased music production, gaming systems, keyboards
rigs and personal computer systems. All products are
sold and packaged individually, making it easy to build
flexible monitor setups and 5.1 systems.
•5" White polypropylene cone.
•3/4" Dome tweeter.
•70-watt biamplified power.
SRSHS50M Sold individually
Yamaha HS80M
Powered Monitor Speaker
The HS Series is a two-way, internally powered speaker
system designed to provide affordable, high quality
reference monitoring for all types of recording and
multimedia applications - home studios, computerbased music production, gaming systems, keyboards
rigs and personal computer systems. All products are
sold and packaged individually, making it easy to build
flexible monitor setups and 5.1 systems.
•8" white polypropylene cone.
•1" dome tweeter.
•120-watt biamplified power
SRSHS80M Sold individually