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Holly Lodge
On Thursday 24th March, eight budding
Holly Lodge Reporters presented the
news to the nation as part of BBC School
The group have been working extremely
hard over the last few months learning
how the news is put together.
On the day, they had to assemble the
news, choose which stories to report,
write up their stories
and then broadcast the news.
The students were fantastic and did
extremely well. You can check out their
work by visiting the BBC School Reports
website, find
Holly Lodge on the map and this will take
you to broadcast!
Well done to all the students involved!
Headteacher’s Letter
Welcome to our latest newsletter which covers the spring
term from January to April. We hope you enjoy reading
about all the fantastic activities that have been going on
here at Holly Lodge – please make sure to read about
the two wonderful national awards we received from the
Specialist Schools and Academies Trust. We are so proud
of the progress and achievement of our students.
Please make sure that you have a look at the back page
which details the rather strange term dates – April is very
fractured with the Easter bank holiday and the Royal
wedding bank Holiday.
Thank you once again for your continued support.
“Success Through Learning Together”
Call Parent System
Holly Lodge Girls’ College
has been successfully
using the ‘The Call Parent
System’ since November
If your daughter is Ill
or has an appointment
during the school day,
you should ring the
school before 8.30 a.m.
and the relevant marks
will be entered into the
If your daughter is
marked absent during
morning registration, you
will receive an automated
message informing you
of this.
The system has a free call
back button for your use.
Please use this system
to let us know if your
daughter is at home ill.
Spring Disco
Due to reasons beyond
our control, unfortunately
the annual Christmas ‘In
to Win’ Disco in December
Eight students attended the Holocaust Memorial Event
at the Town Hall where 3 Holocaust Survivors told
us their stories of survival and the students had the
opportunity to ask questions.
The students were a credit to the school, the event was
attended by over 200 students from secondary and
primary schools. 3 of our students did a reading from the
Holocaust Memorial Book and were fantastic.
had to be cancelled.
The ‘In to Win’ disco is
a reward for pupils with
each term. Therefore
pupils who have kept
since January will be
invited to the Spring
Disco on 1st April, the
last day of term.
It is estimated that
approx 540 pupils will
be invited to dance the
afternoon away.
History Holiday Project
Recently Year 7 made their own model castles for
a half term holiday project. The standard was quite
amazing and both Mrs Scott and I were thrilled with
the sheer effort they had put in. We are going to
present certificates in a special assembly before the
Spring Break.
Mrs Broughton
The other students were asked to present flowers to the
Holocaust survivors. Congratulations to the following
girls for their professionalism, confidence and politeness;
Kayleigh Rankine, Ashlyn Baker, Kirsty Rattigan, Lucy
Highton, Sarah Crean, Lucy Edge, Hayley Woodyatt and
Ellie Shields.
Sefton Park
Palm House
Sefton Park tropical Palm House sees some
spectacular new additions to their collection this
June. Courtesy of the wild, wonderful and witty
imaginations of BTEC art students they are pleased
to host an exhibition of 3D artwork. The exhibition
will run from 12.30pm Monday 20th June to the
6.30pm Wednesday 23rd June.
Go to page 4 for more art news
English Department
London Trip
In February the English Club went to London with
Mr Crossley and Miss Whittington for the second
time. Our bus journey allowed us to enjoy the truly
‘X Factor’ worthy singing of Mr Crossley.
On our first day we visited the London Eye, where
we just happened to bump into David Beckham and
went to see the fantastic Billy Elliot, which reduced
the teachers to tears. We also grabbed a bite at
Pizza Express and navigated London using the
Underground, glimpsing a taste of life for the locals
in the “Big Smoke” travelling several million tubes
in order to get back to the hotel.
On our second day we visited the London
Dungeons, which had some unfortunate, murderous
implications and saw the terrific, slap-stick comedy
The 39 Steps. That afternoon, we reluctantly took
the now slightly more reliable bus back to Liverpool.
It was a brilliant trip that everyone really enjoyed and
should definitely be repeated with more pupils from
the school. So next time you get the opportunity,
take it! We loved it, and you definitely will too.
Sophie Wilson, Becky Andrews and
Rachel Chen
In London we watched two terrific musicals, ‘Chicago’
and ‘Blood Brothers’. We have been studying ‘Blood
Brothers’ in class, so the performance was very
helpful for our coursework. As well as the educational
purpose it was really funny and fascinating and
we enjoyed it more than we expected. We liked
our hostel; it was really clean and tidy (until Lois
unpacked!). The other holidaymakers were a variety
of French people. So of course, we made friends
with them even though they spoke French and our
French was limited to the point where we stood and
nodded along with them. We would like to go back
to London to learn some more ‘London’ things such
as how to marry a prince, even if Will has decided to
marry Catherine, that’s not to say Harry isn’t single
and ready to mingle.
Sophie Owen and Nina Saleh
‘Wuthering Heights’
A Level Conference
On Thursday 10 March, Mrs Whiteside took her
A-level English Literature class to a conference held
in The Central Hall, Manchester that focused on Emily
Bronte’s ‘Wuthering Heights’. The day consisted of
four lectures each focusing on a different theme or
issue regarding the novel. Students found the day
beneficial in giving them an insight into the style
of teaching in University as well as helping greatly
towards their English A-Level. The lectures allowed
the group to interpret the texts in different ways and
explore other opinions. The students thoroughly
enjoyed their time at Manchester and hope to attend
other conferences in the future.
As part of The Design Stars
competition Rachel Taylor, surface
pattern designer, delivered a workshop
to Year 10 & 6th Form students to kick
start the competition.
This was
by all and
was a great
for the
Hats off to Miss Marsden!
Congratulations to Miss Marsden who has had the most
amazing year so far and it just keeps getting better!
Miss Marsden has been making
artistic headwear for over 10
years. Recently XFactor star
several of Miss Marsden’s hats
& headpieces, which were then
featured throughout the press.
Since then Miss Marsden’s
profile has soared and she is now
recognised as a famous milliner
to the stars.
This helped lead to numerous
projects for Miss Marsden such
as designing hats for Comic Relief
modelled by Hollyoaks, The Grand
National Liverpool Day Hat and
many more high profile events. Not
only has Miss Marsden inspired
the pupils here, she has also taken
part in many radio shows, fashion
shows, and raised loads of money
for charity in the process.
Everybody at Holly Lodge is so
proud of Miss Marsden, there is no
stopping her right now and we wish
her every success for the future.
Year 11 art students enjoyed a
visit to the Tate Art Gallery this
term. They worked extremely
well and created lots of drawing
from their visit. Well done!
Art Enrichment
Well done to the Art Enrichment
students who have been busy
designing posters and banners
to help brighten up Gordon Hall.
some amazing work using the
graphics pens and Photoshop
on the apple macs.
I am really pleased with the girls
and look forward to seeing their
work up on the walls on Gordon
Kirsty Doyle
Fashion designer Kirsty Doyle visited Holly
Lodge and worked with students to create
outfits that represented Liverpool fashion
as part of the new Museum of Liverpool
competition ‘Made Up’.
Lens Flair Exhibition
The first exhibition
by ‘Lens Flair’ is
showing at the
Sandheys Gallery.
The group of five
from Year 10 and
11, worked in
collaboration with
Liverpool’s Open
Eye Gallery to
produce the show
which opened in
Mentored by young artists from the
gallery Sarah Cain, Gemma Roper, Laura
Rawlinson, Charlie Green and Nicole
Higginson have each produced a portfolio
of images. For the exhibition their best
work was selected to be shown alongside
that of the mentors.
The two groups of emerging artists have
produced a show which addresses issues
including depression, family, animals,
architecture and apathy. One well worth a
Congratulations to Sarah
Cain in Year 9 who not only
is the Artist of the Term, but
also had one of her photos
published in Take a Break
Sarah took a series of
photos of puppies and
dogs for the Lens Flair
Exhibition and sent this to
the magazine.
She has also worked very hard all term Well done Sarah!
made our decisions and the
students were presented
with their prizes, Liverpool
One vouchers, in the year
assemblies from 14-18th
Here at Holly Lodge,
achievement matters. To
celebrate our students’
achievement and hard
work, we have started to
stage achievement-themed
assemblies in school.
Teachers are asked
to nominate in 3
• Achieving challenging targets
• Biggest improvement in achievement
• Perseverance
We were inundated
with nominations and
Mr McMenamin and the
Year Heads had a really
difficult job deciding on the
winners, 1 in each category
in each Year Group.
However we eventually
Our winners were:
Caitlin Bailey-McCarthy
Abbey Davies
Reanne Small
Leah Dicks
Katrina Tran
Laura Atherton
Megan Marshall
Gemma Proctor
Hannah Naylor
Bethany Ashton
Loren King
Laura Metcalf
Elizabeth Smith
Emily Keoghan
Loren Boardman
Megan McMahon
We will be staging another
week of achievement
assemblies in the summer
term so watch this space
for more details. Next time,
it could be you!
We will be holding our
annual Celebration evening
on Thursday 30th June in
the beautiful surroundings
of the concert room in St
Georges Hall.
All students who are
sitting exams this
summer should log
in to our VLE at www.
net .
Here you will find
a wide range of
revision resources
for most subjects
to support your
learning at home.
All students
have been given
a password and
username. If any
student has lost
or forgotten these
details, please see
Mr McMenamin in A1
or A19
Holly Lodge Food Courts Gain
Rave Reviews from Local
Authority Food in School Team
The food provision in school has again
received glowing reviews from the Liverpool
Local Authority ‘Food in School Team.’
Bernadette Lee the Liverpool Food
Programme Manager stated in her report
‘Portion size was consistent throughout.
The quality and presentation of the food
was excellent. The staff were well informed
about the food on offer and were able to
let the customers know exactly what items
were available. It was a pleasure to be at this
She went on to state that:
‘The School has a fantastic growing area
with raised beds and seasonal vegetables
available, which are often incorporated
into school meals. This school is clearly
dedicated to the health and well being of the
students through their healthy eating model.
The dining room is welcoming and the food
is amazing. The catering team and the chef
really complement the school by the service
and food they provide.’
Well Done Head Chef John & his Team
Duke of Edi
Bronze News Update
Bag Pack at Morrisons
Congratulations to the following girls who raised
£709 for their Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions; Katie
Gamble,Louise Hill, Hannah McKenzie, Gemma Roper,
Vanessa Mae Evans, Chantelle Day & Sophia Douglas.
Mr Crossley dropped us off at Morrisons in Maghull
and Mr Maloney and myself bag packed all day long
(backbreaking) with the girls. Hopefully we will do
another soon. Well done to all. Kerry L Stewart
Bronze Practice Expedition to Llangollen
Congratulations to the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh students who completed
their first practice expedition in Llangollen this term. The girls were
amazing and worked really hard all weekend. We are very proud
of them all and it was lovely to hear afterwards that they “had
the best weekend of their lives.”
Also a big thank you to Miss Whittington, Rickie Hindley, PC
Edmond, PC Chris, PC little Chris & Mr Crossley who all gave
up their weekend to help. We all had a brilliant time and look
forward to their final expedition next month. Kerry L Stewart
Goodbye, Good Luck & Thank You PC Edmond
This term we are all very sad to see PC Edmond leave us to go back to his job
as a Policeman. He has helped so many people at Holly Lodge and changed
many lives for the better. PC Edmond has also been a fantastic Duke of
Edinburgh Co-ordinator. We still hope to see him at a few more of our
expeditions, but until then here is a little message from ‘PC Pete’
“Dear all, may I take this opportunity to thank
everyone at Holly Lodge for your support over
the past two years. From my very first day I was
made to feel very welcome at school. I have
thoroughly enjoyed my time here and have many,
many fabulous memories. I hope I have made a
difference to some of the young people’s lives I have
helped with and wish them all the very best for their futures thank you all.”
Duke of Edinburgh Staff 3 Peaks Challenge
Good luck to Mr Maloney, Rickie Hindley and Kev Stockton who will soon be
attempting the 3 Peak Challenge. They hope to raise lots of money for charity
whilst attempting the peaks in 24 hours!
Basic Expedition Leaders Award Success
A HUGE well done and congratulations to Miss Lloyd, Miss Whittington and
Kerry Stewart who have successfully passed their BELA this term after many
months of preparation. This qualifies them to lead expeditions for the Duke
of Edinburgh’s Award now. I’m so proud of them, and feel PC Edmond and I
are leaving the Award in safe hands! Mrs Graham
“We had the best weekend
inburgh News
Silver & Gold News Update
Good luck to both the Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh students
who both have their expeditions to look forward to next term.
Two students who are completing their Gold Duke of Edinburgh
Awards with West Derby School will be sailing a tall ship over the
spring break. Laura Whittle & Vicky Bray are really excited for this
exciting adventure!
D of E Presentation
Congratulations to all of last year’s Bronze and
Silver Duke of Edinburgh students who received
their award at the Echo Arena this term.
I attended Liverpool Integrated Youth And Play
Service awards along with Mrs Graham, Kerry
Stewart, Mr Maloney, Mr Crossley, Miss
Whittington, Miss Lloyd and Ricky Hindley.
We were all very proud to see the girls
collect their awards. This past year has seen
the highest increase in participants with the
awards in Liverpool and also in the top five in
the country. This is down to the hard work and commitment
from not only the young people, but the leaders who have really been
outstanding in every aspect. I wish to pass on my personal thanks to all
the staff involved with the awards listed above not forgetting Mr Riddell and
Miss Creighton. Well done team, PC Edmond
Fund Raising Concert
Congratulations & well done to Amanda Campbell & Sophia Douglas who
organised a fund raising concert in aid of Macmillan and their Duke of
Edinburgh Expeditions. This was a huge success, they managed to
raise a fantastic £810 and are already planning a second and
third concert in the near future.
d of our lives.”
Fund Raising at Holly Lodge
Since September 2010 Holly Lodge has raised £5,970 and we are still counting.
That totals £24,916 since September 2008! Here are some of the highlights;
Whole School
7AHP have raised £50 for ‘Amy and friends’ from a film
evening after school. ‘Grease’ was their chosen film to
share with their friends. Fresh popcorn and chocolate
fountain treats were sold to raise money for their year
Thank you so much to all who supported 9SF’s cake
sale, we raised just over £54.00 which will go to our
Year 9 charity. A special thanks to Mr Teasdale who
constantly encouraged his form to buy cakes and
kindly donated cakes himself for us to sell.
Holly Lodge made a whopping £128.00 on our clothing
collection. The money is going towards some nice
Merit prizes for the girls.
Please remember we have another collection on the 5th
May so please start sending your stuff over whenever,
we will find somewhere to store it.
Zoe’s Place
Year 11 BTEC Music class went to Zoe’s Place for the
afternoon on Tuesday 29th March 2011 to hand over
the money raised from their class CD project. Many of
you supported the class in their project and generously
bought their CD (THANK YOU!). They raised £150, all of
which will be donated to Zoe’s Place.
Just to let you know that we raised a fantastic £250 for
Freshfields. A big thank you especially to Miss Jones
for doing the charity breakfast, Kathy for her tombola
and all who donated in lieu of cards. I am eternally
grateful. Thanks again, Mrs Graham
Duke of Edinburgh
Congratulations to the Duke of Edinburgh students
who have raised £1500 for their own charity as well as
MacMillan. You can read more about this on page 9.
Comic Relief
As a school we took part in Comic Relief this year by
holding a ‘Wear a Hat to School’ Day on Friday 18th
March. This was a huge success and we raised £506 for
Comic Relief.
Thanks to everyone who donated spare change for the
Japanese disaster appeal - we raised £84.12
Special thanks to Deb and Kath for their help, Mrs
Graham and her form for their lovely contribution and
Gareth for not telling me off for asking him to count a full
bucket of pennies on a Friday afternoon! Mrs Robson
Congratulations to Miss Plunkett who completed a
Half Marathon and raised over £1,000 for her chosen
charity Headway.
Well done for all your work with your forms last
year raising money for Amy and the other children
suffering from Cockayne syndrome.
A few weeks ago we presented a little girl called
Jess with an ipad to enable her to communicate
and help her at school; she really was adorable! Her
mum sent in this lovely letter to thank everybody;
To all the staff and pupils at Holly Lodge
Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for
raising the money for Jessica’s ipad. Her
school have bought all the applications
required and she is now able to take a fuller
part in her lessons. It was such a pleasure to
be able to take her out last week and watch
her communicate for the first time ever! It
was very kind of you all to raise the money.
Living with Cockayne Syndrome is difficult
and people like you ensure that Jessica’s
quality of life is improved. Thanks again
for taking the time to care.
Love and hugs from Jess and her Mum
P.S. Please keep in touch, we would love to
hear from any pupils.
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I want to congrat
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when they do their
projects for their
in September!
Well done girls!
Mr Maloney
Holly Lodge Wins TWO NATIONAL
AWARDS for GCSE Performance
Holly Lodge has been given two
awards by the Specialist Schools and
Academies Trust in recognition of our
girls’ examination performance over the
last three years.
Mr Keen said “It was wonderful for the
work of the girls and their teachers to be
recognised in this way by such an important
National Organisation. Our results continue
to go from strength to strength and we look
forward to more success in the future.”
The first award recognises the progress that
students at Holly Lodge make from Years 7
to 11 whilst the second one recognises the
consistent rises in examination performance
achieved by the girls since 2008.
‘Ms Tinsley added : We are all so proud of not
only our students but also our hardworking
staff and supportive parents - it really is a
team effort.’
Ms Tinsley and Mr Keen both attended the
award ceremonies in Central London this
month along with the other winners.
Police Citizenship Programme
The police organised a programme
which is the first in the country to help
build self esteem of pupils and show
pupils in the area the other side of
police work.
2 pupils from year 9 Alishia Laffan and
Katie Campbell were chosen to attend
a Police Citizenship programme. This
entailed the girls attending the police
over 12 weeks and engaging in riot
combat training, police horse mucking
out, seeing the police dogs in action,
Crime Scene Investigation where
forensic analysis among other things
was used plus many more activities.
They also completed a First Aid course
where they qualified as First Aiders.
They were also involved in a Road traffic survey where they
interviewed drivers about speed on the roads. The final day
was a celebration where in front of family, guests, press and
the Lord Mayor of Liverpool they demonstrated their new
skills. The day ended with the girls being awarded a framed
certificate of achievement and the first aid certificate they
had been awarded which were presented by the Mayor.
The programme proved extremely successful for the 10 pupils
who attended and it is hoped that a second programme will
start in the near future.
Inspirational Women’s Day
To celebrate International Women’s Day here at Johnson, who left the school in 1994. Susan is now
Holly Lodge we decided to hold an Inspirational a paramedic and is currently on secondment to
Women’s Day for the whole of year 9.
the Air Ambulance. All the women involved were a
fantastic inspiration to the students.
The idea behind the day was to give the students a
chance to meet with a wide range of women from We would like to say a huge thank you to all the
various professions. They had the chance to hear women, thank you so much!
how they got into these careers and an invaluable
opportunity to ask them questions.
The Inspirational Women were from a variety of
careers including a scientist, professional footballer,
fire officers, and fashion designer to name a few.
We were also lucky enough to have two ex-pupils
take part in the day.
Gemma McCowan, who was our guest speaker, left
Holly Lodge in 1995 and is now a self made business
woman. She is the Managing Director of Oakfield
Holdings, which currently owns 5 businesses
including the Isla Gladstone Conservatory in
Stanley Park. We were also joined by Susan
Trampolining Club
The girls in our Trampolining club have been very
lucky to have Mr Ian Caswell coaching them this term.
Ian is a very experienced and highly qualified coach.
8 girls were selected and represented the school in a
city wide competition on January 19th in St Francis of
Assisi School. The girls did very well and came fourth
Sports Leaders
On Wednesday 12th of January our Sports Leaders
successfully passed their assessment by organising a
fabulous Primary Indoor Athletics Competition which
was attended by St. Mary’s C of E, Blackmoor Juniors
and Knotty Ash Primary School. Our leaders were
excellent on the day and many comments were made
by teachers from the primary schools, praising their
work. The girls involved were: Emma McHugh, Bisi
Lawal, Katy Maddock, Georgia Bligh, Sophie Jones
and Amanda Campbell.
Fitness and Zumba
Some of our year 10/11 groups have had the pleasure
of having Ms Joanne Colleran in their lessons. Joanne
is a very experienced and popular fitness instructor
and works throughout the city. She has done a wide
variety of activities including, fitness and conditioning
sessions, zumba and step aerobics.
Good Luck!
The PE/Dance department would like to wish their
current Year 11 GCSE and BTEC and A level cohort
the very best of luck in their upcoming exams/results.
Best of luck in the future.
Peter Lloyd
We have also built a very successful club link with
Peter Lloyd Sports Centre in West Derby. Both staff
and pupils have experienced taster Zumba sessions.
Zumba classes are available on a Monday evening
from 5-6pm in Peter Lloyd.
The centre also provided 60 pupils a free pass for one
month to attend swimming, classes or the gym. The
centre manager has also commented on the excellent
behaviour and attitude that is always displayed by
Holly Lodge pupils whenever they attend.
Special MentionCandice Manning
The PE department would like to congratulate Candice
on her efforts and achievements in PE and Sport this
term. Candice regularly attends clubs and represents
the school at sports fixtures. She has attended a
netball coaching workshop, been selected (as part of
a group) to attend the G&T Dance Weekend at the end
of March. Candice has also recently been selected to
play for Preston First Squadron Cadets Netball Team
as well as being a regular selection for Liverpool in
Football. Keep up the good work!!
Congratulations must also go to Katy Maddock
who received a City of Liverpool Award for her
achievements in Football.
The Year 7 & 8 team have had a recent run of success
of late. Congratulations and well done to those girls
who attend clubs regularly and represent the school
in such a positive way. Netball club is every Thursday
from 3-4pm. Please come along.
Congratulations to the following girls who have
successfully got through the first round auditions
and are now representing the school at a Liverpool
City G&T Dance weekend on Friday 25th-Sunday 27th
March at Childwall Sports College. The girls practised
very hard for this so please wish them look in the next
Candice Manning, Robyn Isaacs, Claudia Fitzgibbon,
Georgia O’ Connor and Amy Staniford.
PE Roll of Honour Board
Congratulations to the following girls
who have made it on to the ‘PE Roll
of Honour Board’ this month for their
efforts and achievement in lesson and
their respective sports.
Year 7 - Georgia Birtles
Year 8 -Jayne Massey
Year 9 - Lucy Edge
Year 10 - Candice Manning
Year 11 - Aimee-Lee Fields
6th Form - Sophie Jones
Special award:
Candice Manning (year 10) & Katy
Maddock (year 12)
Students of several sixth form
subjects sat early examinations in
January and received their results
on 10th March.
Congratulations to the following
students, who all achieved A/B/C
Kiara Clare, Mya Davies, Anna
Ferrie, Katy Maddock, Lauren
Marteau, Emily Murphy, Chloe
Oakes, Jennifer Page.
Mya Davies, Chloe Oakes.
Nicola Cartin, Sarah Curtis, Mya
Davies, Jessica Isaacs, Amy
Kehoe, Chloe Oakes, Jennifer
Oulton, Jennifer Page, Charlotte
Thorn, Katherine Walsh.
Jake French, Laura Moville.
Heather Chadwick.
Rachael Murphy, Sarah Thomas.
Victoria Bray, Nicola Fitzpatrick,
Rebecca Gore, Megan Thomas,
Laura Whittle
Ashlee Blanchard, Emma
Buxton, Sarah Connolly,
Emily Dunning, Anna Ferrie,
Abbie Grice, Heather Kelly,
Khadra Mohamoud, Rebecca
Nichols, Sophie Owens,
Meghan Power, Samantha
Scott, Rebecca Stevenson, Lois
Neil Bennett, Jamie Byrne, Kiara
Clare, Muna Farah, Hannan
Hussain, Heather Kelly, Hannah
Lowthian, Lauren Marteau, Michelle
McCreadie, Chelsea BlundellNelson, Kathryn Judge, Rebecca
Nichols, Chloe Oakes, Jennifer
Oulton, Molly Pendleton, Jennifer
Southward, Emma Sutton,
Charlotte Thorn, Katy Maddock.
Congratulations also to the many
students studying collaborative
courses who passed their
examinations with flying colours!
On Monday
16th and
Friday 18th
of March,
sixth form
took part in
a Pre-Driver course.
This was the second year running
that Holly Lodge sixth form students
have taken part in the event,
which is organised by Liverpool
City Council. During the three hour
session, students heard from the fire
service, police, road safety experts
and representatives from ‘Aftermath
Support’.‘Aftermath Support’ are a
Merseyside charity who support victims
of incidents involving road death and
serious injury. You can read more about
their work at
The aim of the sessions was to
encourage future drivers to be safer,
as well as to highlight for students
their responsibilities as passengers in
vehicles. The highlight of the day for many
was the chance to drive a car (even
without a provisional driving licence!).
As well as tackling a course of plastic
cones, students tested their skills
driving with distortion goggles (which
simulate the effects of alcohol on your
vision) and while writing a text message.
Well done to all the students who took
part in the course!
As part of their Environment and Landbased Diploma five
year 10 students have had the chance to work at Knowsley
Safari Park.
As part of the Animal Care Unit the students have been
working with the Safari Park in school to learn how the
animals are looked after. Now they have been able to put
their learning into practice by helping the keepers at the
Safari Park.
for their hard work and enthusiasm the students got to
go out into the field with the elephants and hand feed
them bananas! The keepers were so impressed with the
students; they would give any one of them a job!
After the spring break they are off to work with the lions,
watch this space ………
They have had to learn how to clean them out, how to
make up their food and the different enrichment activities
the keepers do to keep the animals healthy, so far they
have worked with lots of creepy crawlies and small furry
Last week they got to spend the whole day working with the
Elephant keepers, the girls worked extremely hard which
involved some unpleasant shovelling of the elephants poo
and making up six wheelbarrows of food. As a reward
The majority of the current Year 11 have already
applied to join our sixth form in September. If
you have not yet made an application there
is still time - please pop into Drummond to
discuss your options and pick up a prospectus
and application form.
We also welcome enquiries from current Year
10 students; come along to Drummond any
time for an informal chat with Mrs Robson
(Head of Sixth Form) and Keira (Sixth Form
Progress Manager)
Term Dates 2011
Spring Break
Monday 4th April – Friday 15th April 2011.
All pupils return at 8.25am on Monday 18th April
until 27th May 2011.
Friday 22nd April
Monday 25th April
Friday 29th April *
Monday 2nd May
2011 bank holidays
& Royal Wedding*
Half – Term
Monday 30th May 2011 - Friday 3rd June 2011.
All pupils return at 8.25am on
Monday 6th June 2011.
Summer Break
Monday 25th July 2011 –
Monday 5th September 2011.
The Friends of
Holly Lodge
Notice Board
Friends of Holly Lodge have been hard at
work this term coming up with lots of fund
raising ideas.
On the 21st April we will be bringing you
the first ever Holly Lodge Has Talent event.
The show will start at 7pm and tickets are
available to purchase from Rachel Powell
- for tickets please call 01512283772. It’s
going to be a great event so we really hope
you can make it!
Save the date - our next event will be on
the 19th May which will be a Cheese and
Wine social event, more information will be
available on the website soon.
The next Friends of Holly Lodge meeting
will be on the 4th May at 5.30pm in the Jolly
Miller, all are welcome.
The Friends of Holly Lodge would like to
wish you an enjoyable and restful Spring
‘Street Mate’ Award
Congratulations to Danielle Hughes in Year 13
who was awarded for being a “street mate” at
the Echo Arena this term. Danielle has been peer
mentoring for a while and it was great to see
Danielle represent Holly Lodge as a ‘Street Mate’
at the presentation ceremony.
Can Cook Studio Visit
A selection of Year 10 and 2 Year 12 pupils went to the
Can Cook studio. They were all excellent but Ashley
Lindo and especially Robyn Woods shone. The chefs
were full of praise for them and said their skills were
excellent! It was lovely to hear.
Holly Lodge Girls’ College
Queens Drive, West Derby,
Liverpool, L13 0AE.
Tel: 0151 228 3772 / 220 4234
Outstanding curriculum and outstanding care – Ofsted 2009