Urola Kosta



Urola Kosta
Cultural Space
January 17th: San Antón 'Bisigua monton'
Txakoli and Sea Bream Festival. Tasting of
the year’s first txakoli.
August 6th: Festival in honour of San
Salvador, the local patron saint, with tastings
of local dishes, and cultural and sports events,
such as the traditional 'goitibera' cart contest.
* Navigator Elcano’s landing in Sanlúcar de
Barrameda (Cadiz) after circumnavigating
the world is celebrated every four years in
August, in his birthplace.
June 29th: Festival in honour of San Pedro.
3rd week of July: Sea Bream Festival
(Thursday to Sunday).
December 6th: Festival in honour of St
* 'Balearen eguna', Whale Day, is held every
five years to commemorate the last whale
that was hunted in Orio in 1901.
Easter Sunday: Txakoli Day.
April: Collector’s Plants Fair.
1st Sunday of June: Pagoeta and Cuadrillas
(groups of friends) Day.
August 6th-10th: San Donato and San
June 25th-28th: Zarautz holds one of its
most important festivals on San Pelaio Day.
Children’s tamborrada (drum roll) and
another drum roll for adults, carnival figures
with big heads, groups of friends sporting
traditional shirts on every street, fireworks,
and lots of fun.
August 14th-17th: Festival in honour of the
Virgin. Rowing boats' races, the city’s Basque
Pelota Tournament, and fireworks launched
from the sea.
- Euskal Jaiak. A festival that highlights
traditional Basque culture and ancient
customs in a great partying atmosphere.
- World Surfing Championship.
March: Mountain Week.
April: San Telmo Festival. The most popular
seaman’s festival. A religious procession goes
to San Telmo Shrine to the music of 'San
Telmo’s March', played by the Municipal Band.
- Slow Zumaia.
- San Pedro (June 29th).
- Zumaia’s International Music Festival.
- Euskal jaia and Cuadrillas Day.
September: Octopus Day.
Autumn: Mushroom Seminars.