Photo courtesy Edna Johnson
Mission Bay Yacht Club
2011 Flag Officers
Michael Poltorak
Vice Commodore: Charlie Hochart
Rear Commodore: Derek Bateman
Secretary/Treasurer: Cesar Romero
Fleets Captain:
Lori Longstreet
Port Captain:
Van Barr
Jr. Staff Commodore: Greg Brown
Board of Directors Meetings:
Held the second Wednesday of each
month, 7PM, Main Clubhouse.
Clubhouse Information
Club Manager: Jason Proctor
Office Manager/Membership Secretary:
Kristina Smith
Receptionist: Jenny Johnson
Office hours: Daily 8-5
Accountant: Mike Curtin
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7 to 4
Office Phone: (858)488-0501
Editor: Lorraine Peck
Calendar and Staff Photographer:
Edna Johnson
Support Staff: Doug Swenson, Greg
Brown, Larry Baker
(Deadline for articles and ads:12th of each
month. Email articles as attachments in
MS Word, photos separately as attached
jpeg, and ads in pdf in 300dpi)
Send to:
[email protected]
Mainstay Questions, call: (619)992-4199
Executive Chef: John Matyka
Friday: Full Service Dinner 6 to 8:30
Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, and
Bayside Grill Dinner
Sunday: Breakfast and Lunch
Commodore’s Comments
By Commodore Michael Poltorak
So even though the weather is getting colder, the activity at the club has not let up. Early
November brought us some of the most activity of the year. We kicked it off with the Jr. Commodore’s Regatta that turned out to be a huge success. We had 166 boats from all over southern
California and this produced one of our busiest racing weekends ever. Congratulations to our
successful sabot sailors; Nicholas Aline, Willem Perry, Abe Dearden and Max Brill. These
competitors all finished in either 1st or 2nd in their divisions. Great Job on representing MBYC!
Our Power Fleet hosted their annual Fish Fry and the food and festivities were great.
Congratulations to all that participated in yet another great event. The Thistles hosted their Fall
Invitational and we capped of the month with Thanksgiving and the Turkey Regatta.
Please indulge me as I express a brief note of appreciation for those that served this past year.
•Vice Commodore, Charlie Hochart did a fine job backing me up when I was unavailable
and helped maintain and improve upon our “house and grounds”.
•Rear Commodore, Derek Bateman kept our Barca floating for another year as he insured
that our “boats and floats” remained in good order.
•Secretary Treasurer, Cesar Romero did an outstanding job of carrying out the various
tasks associated with his office. I know it was not always a “fun” job and your commodore and
board thank you.
•Fleets Captain Lori Longstreet set the bar high as she provided cookies at her fleet captains meetings. I was able to attend a few of these and I was impressed with how smoothly the
meetings were run.
•Port Captain Van Barr made a lot of progress of keeping our back dock boats in compliance of club rules and administered some recalculation of rates in a more equitable manner.
•Race Committee Chairman Doug Hart, along with his team of volunteers, coordinated
the RC support commensurate with the top notch sailing club that we are.
•Membership Chairman Craig Storms leaves his office with more members than when
he took the position. Nice job Craig.
•Junior Coordinator James Perry did a fantastic job of managing one of the largest budgets of the club and provided for continual progress as we grow and improve our Junior Sailing
•Entertainment Chair Chuck Weber performed admirably coordinating and organizing
parties, bands and the numerous major entertainment events of the club.
•Club Manager Jason Proctor was a huge help as we made several changes in many areas
of the club staff. The transition of many new faces was a difficult process to manage and Jason
did a great job of selecting and developing our new people.
It is with great sincerity that I thank you and the many committee chairs, committee
members, fleet captains and volunteers that served our club and made this a very rewarding
year for me as your Commodore.
On December 3rd, we are having our Installation Dinner and our annual meeting. It would
be great if we could have a nice turn out as we say thank you to those that have served our club.
As of the writing of this article, we don’t know the full make-up of the new board, but I wish all
of you the best of luck as you take on your new positions of leadership within the club.
Halloween fun for the Juniors AND the adults at MBYC.
Pumpkin carving was a blast for one and all
Bar Hours
Friday: Five to Ten p.m.
Saturday: Noon to Ten p.m.
Sunday: One to Eight p.m.
Music in the Bar most Saturdays
Our Mission:
MBYC Exists to Perpetuate
Corinthian Yachting and the
Sportsmanship and Fellowship Incident Thereto.
Our Website:
MBYC members participated in the Race for the
Cure in November.
By Charlie Hochart
This has been a great year at MBYC and I have enjoyed serving
as your Vice Commodore. I have appreciated all the help I received
this year from the many members that continue to volunteer to help
with projects around the Club. MBYC is a very unusual club because
of the amount of time and effort the members put forward to keep
our club running. Having so many volunteers is not only helpful but
it also makes it possible for us to keep our cost down and our Club
looking so great. The efforts of the many club volunteers made my
job as Vice Commodore very enjoyable.
The 2011 Board of Directors was an outstanding group of people
that worked hard to improve MBYC and plan for the future. I enjoyed
working on this year’s board of directors and want to thank them for
all their hard work. All of their efforts made MBYC a fun and enjoyable place for all of us.
My job would have been impossible without the support of the
MBYC staff. We are fortunate to have such a hard working group
of people to support us from the office, galley, bar, and house and
grounds. The Club looks fantastic and is very well maintained because
of our dedicated staff.
December starts with the Installation Dinner December 3rd
when we install the 2012 Board of Directors and the 2012 Junior Board
of Directors. At the end of the year plan on attending the Commodore’s Ball and welcome in the New Year with a great party at MBYC.
I always enjoy Christmas at MBYC with the festive decorating of
the Club House and grounds. I would like to thank Britta Perry who
puts in many hours to make this magic happen. Our Annual Family
Holiday Party will be on December 10th with the Parade of Lights in
the evening. Bring the family down to see Santa and Mrs. Claus and
build a gingerbread house. This is always a fun event for everyone.
Don’t forget to tune up your voices and join us for Christmas Caroling
on the Bahia Belle, December14th.
Even though it is the middle of winter we will challenge the
elements with a Short Course Regatta December 4th and the Hot
Rum Regatta December 17th & 18th. The good news is there will be
no ice or snow.
Invest now for smooth sailing in the years to come
Multi-family Investment Property
By Derek Bateman
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our commodore, Board of Directors, Fleet Captains, manager, staff
and all of the volunteers who made 2011 another great year
at MBYC, a lot was accomplished. Again thank you for all
your efforts.
Race Committee Corner
By Doug Hart
The 2011 racing season is coming to a close and it is time
to start thinking of 2012 because it is almost here. I would like
to comment with a few thoughts about 2011 and where we are
going next year.
First and foremost, it is extremely important to thank all of
the many 2011 Race Committee volunteers that made things happen last year. You are too many to recognize in this short column
but we that race know who you are and we probably don’t tell you
often enough how much we appreciate your efforts. You are the
ones that almost always say yes, never complain and are just happy
to help keep the great tradition of volunteer work alive and healthy.
Without that spirit and energy, there wouldn’t be any races. If
you have been one of the many that are in this category, THANK
YOU!!! If you can do more, we look forward to seeing more of
you helping to run the races that are scheduled for next year.
To the Principal Race Officers: Thanks for your significant
time not just running the races but also for writing Sailing Instructions, NORs, checking flag bags, scoring, staying current and
supporting your customers. Without your efforts to get certified
and get your Race Committee teams organized, and your efforts
to make the courses perfect, the quality of Racing at MBYC would
not be what our members and visitors have learned is “normal”.
When I travel elsewhere in this world, I realize that we are pretty
darn good at MBYC.
Thanks to our Seagulls for taking care of the permanent
marks that needed some TLC.
A very special thank you to Doc Caroe who took ownership of the R/C room organization. Doc also helped present Race
Committee 101 course in July along with Andrea Caroe and Brian
Van Barr did a great job of organizing the Ocean Race Committee boat assignments.
Twenty twelve will provide another opportunity to build on
the momentum and improve. Hope to work some races with you
next year. Happy New Year!
Keep MBYC’s Corinthian Sailing Tradition Strong!
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Learn Sailwave©
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Contact: Doc Caroe [email protected]
or Selby Winkler [email protected]
Social Happenings
By Chuck Weber
The end of the year is just ahead and the holiday season is in full
swing. We start December with the Installation Dinner on Saturday,
December 3rd. Make your reservations for a fun-filled evening, a delicious meal, and music and dancing with Charlie Imes and the Hodad Surf
Club Band. Bring the Kids to the Club for the Family Holiday Party and
enjoy the Mission Bay Parade of Lights and a great evening of music and
dancing with Miff Laracy's Bumbershoot Band on Saturday, December
10th. Don't miss the annual Bahia Bell Christmas Caroling Cruise on
Wednesday, December 14th. We will end 2011 and welcome 2012 with
the New Years Eve Commodore’s Ball, featuring Tommy Price and the
Stilettos and an evening of great food, fun, and entertainment. Watch
the email messages for details and make your reservations early.
We still have a few Monday Night Football games and several
Thursday Night Games on the schedule, so mark these on your calendar.
Come on down to the club and watch the games or socialize with friends
in a casual setting while enjoying our "team-themed" dinners as well as
a sampling of the traditional grill menu.
I'll sign off with a big THANK YOU to Commodore Mike Poltorak,
Vice Commodore Charlie Hochart, Rear Commodore Derek Bateman,
the 2011 Board of Directors, Club Manager Jason Proctor and Food and
Beverage Manager Sebastian Widman, and all of our wonderful staff
for a fantastic and productive year of sailing, boating, fun-filled club
activities and community-centered events, fine dining, and relaxation
and enjoyment.
By Grant Williams
If you want to store your bike(s) at MBYC for
more than three days you must have a 2012 bike permit sticker attached to your bike. Stop by the office
and fill out a request form. You will be billed in January for $60 per
sticker. You must fill out the form and attach a new sticker even if
you had a permit in 2011. Bikes left on the property after January 1,
2012 with out a sticker attached will be removed to the bone yard.
Remember you can always ride your bike to the club and
leave it on the rack for up to three days without a sticker. The only
place to store bikes at the club is at the bike rack due west of the
dock cart corral .Bikes stored anywhere else on the property will
be removed to the bone yard.
Victory Lane
By Randy Carper
The Victory 21 Fleet would like to welcome the new MBYC
member Doug Diepholz, his wife Katie, and 2 year old son Dan.
Doug and his family have joined the MBYC because they like this
great family sailing club and see great times in the future. Dan not
only has joined the club, but has also purchased the Victory 21 fleet
boat “La Chuparosa”. Dan has been sailing with some great victory
sailors out of the San Diego Convair Sailing Club for a few years and
enjoyed it so much, he wanted to throw caution aside and step up and
be an owner. If you happen to see Doug and his family on Victory
Lane, please stop by and introduce yourself and maybe give a hand
or two as he gets to know his new boat.
Welcome Doug, Katie and Dan, Hope to see you on the water
Port Captain Report
By Van Barr
Winter is an idle time for many and boats tend to be last on
the list of things to do. It’s cold and (today WET) so we don't visit
our beloved vessels as much as we would like (or could/should or
need) to. I washed our decks down yesterday with the intention
of Race Committee in the ocean today-but the Rain Storm of the
DECADE hit. Doing the labor pointed out the many things that
need to be attended too this spring-before the opening day raft
up, before the summer season, before CATALINA. Now is a good
time to get your list of repair items lined up. A list of purchases
that are needed. A plan of attack for the appearance and function
of the boat.
Or for some "Do I really need to Keep this Boat?" Is it time
sell, or donate? As Port Captain for the past two years, I can say
that some boats have not had the attention a boat in the water demands. Our slip space is limited and there’s a long list of members
eagerly awaiting access to a slip to fully enjoy the club and all that
is offered. If you haven't been to your boat, if you haven't taken it
for a spin in the last year, it may be time to move on and move out!
Just think about it and take a look.
In keeping with the traditions of MBYC, the Boat Parade Of
Lights will again go around the bay on December 10th, 2011. Plan
ahead and make a day of it with Family Holiday Party for Parents
and kids, including Santa & Mrs Claus. Then stick around to "Hoot
and Holler at the "purty" boats as they idle by the Club house. If
you have a boat, then this is a good excuse to use it-get some lights
up-if its a sail boat stern to the top of the mast and down to the
bow-borrow a little generator-use an inverter-something-any kind
of lighting will work-any amount will work-it’s participation that
counts, not wattage. If its a Power boat, then be creative.
Twenty twelve is just around the bend and it's going to be a
"Whopper" in more ways than one.
Bob Sherman, Broker
Buying or Selling a Yacht?
Experience Gets Results!
Over 23 years in Yacht Brokerage
Knowledgeable and Professional
Excellent Customer Service
100 Ton USCG Licensed Captain
Qualified Instructor, Sail or Power
MBYC Member since 2003
Direct/Cellular: (619)847-1122
Email: [email protected]
Family Holiday Party & Parade of Lights
~Saturday, December 10th~
Lunch ~ MBYC Galley open for lunch
~ Decorating Graham Cracker Houses ~ For ALL AGES!
(Cookie Decorating for the very young)
Allow enough time to design & decorate your creation before:
~ Santa & Mrs. Claus arrive via boat to deliver gifts.
* NOTE: To PARENTS/ ADULTS bringing young children:
If you would like your child(ren) to receive a gift,
please inquire in the office as to how this works.
~ Kid’s holiday movies
Dinner ~ “Family Friendly” and “Family Priced”:
Beef and Pork Sliders, Side Salad and Potato Chips
~ Boat Parade of Lights on Mission Bay
Music by Miff Laracy & the Bumbershoot
~ Fantastic fireworks display
For inquiry & more info: Call MBYC office at (858) 488-0501
Lido Lines
Snipe Droppings
Tom Larkin
The Lido Fleet hosted approximately 30 kids from the Mission
Valley YMCA for a day of sailing on December 3. Although pizza
was served at the club, seaweed was the primary interest of our novice
sailors. Thanks to Roger Hinton for again organizing this fun event,
an annual highlight for the YMCA kids.
Barbara and Grant Williams organized a campout weekend of day
sailing at Lake Skinner in late October. Five families joined in the fun,
and no one had to rue the fact that they again followed Kent and Pam
across the finish line. Many other Fleet 7 members joined the sailing
group for the fine carne asada Saturday night. Everyone enjoyed the
festive time by the campfire
Congrats to Charlie Hochart, a former Lido sailor, on his upcoming installation as our new Commodore. Don’t forget your roots,
Roger Patterson has completed the final preparations on the Fleet
boat he has donated to all interested parties. If you are interested in
trying out a Lido, give Roger a call.
Also, the long awaited Association website, which has been inactive for these past few months, is now back up and running. Go to for all the latest news about Lidos.
The Fleet is pleased to welcome Kathy Dryden as our new fleet
captain. Good luck, Kathy. We are all very appreciative of the two
years of excellent service provided by Bill Kenney, our previous fleet
captain. Thanks for all your hard work, Bill.
Will Dryden has taken on the challenge to double the number of
boats sailing in our annual Spring Invitational next May. Good luck,
Will. It says here that you’ll have to fly them in, I’m afraid.
One final note from our recent Fall Regatta. During the second
day of races, one of our dear skippers suffered a near mutiny from his
long-suffering crew. Finally, after years of pleading from his wife, the
overbearing and arrogant captain was forced to see a psychiatrist by
order of our commodore-elect, Charlie.
As soon as the captain became comfortable on the couch, the
psychiatrist began the session by asking the captain, "Why don't you
start from the beginning?"
Our intrepid Lido sailor replied: " Okay. In the beginning, I
created heaven and earth ......."
Power Fleet
By Mayreen Caldwell
The Power Fleets 55th Annual Fish Fry was on November 12th.
The rain did not even stop people from coming. Did you have a
good time? Win any prizes? Eat yummy fish and perhaps a drink
with friends old and new. Did you know profit from the event goes
to help some of the charities throughout the year, maybe even a
charity that you have helped with as well? Some of those new dock
carts that seem to be so handy, as I see them all over the grounds,
were purchased from some of these funds. But above and beyond
all of that, it is a tradition that has occurred for many years and
hopefully many more.
I am told that once upon a time, the fish were caught by the
club and made for that day. Even though those days have gone
by the wayside, the camaraderie, the hard effort, the fun and the
sharing with your families, that is still all a big part of the Fish Fry.
What treasure did you buy at the silent auction? What raffle
prize did you get this year or you were hoping to get? Perhaps tickets to an outing, gift certificate, t-shirt or what was in that bottle?
All of it makes the memories that you and your friends can
share, memories that your children, when they take their children
to the 74th Annual Fish Fry will pass along as well. If you missed it
this year, there is always the 56th Fish Fry, see you there next year,
2nd Saturday of November. Meanwhile, check out the donation list
also in this months Mainstay, recognizing those for their generosity.
By John Fretwell
Snipe Fleet 495 wrapped up a busy fall season with an extremely successful running of the Carolyn Nute Memorial Regatta
over the Halloween weekend. David Tillson has been chairing
this event for several years and once again did an excellent job
of gathering a great cast of competitors and delivering plenty of
Serious Sailing as well as a healthy dose of Serious Fun!
Twenty-nine boats turned out on Saturday for three great
races in light but steady conditions. After months of sailing windward/leeward courses in preparation for the North Americans,
the fleet enjoyed some variety utilizing bay courses. Motivation to
get across the finish line was enhanced with a keg of beer tapped
right below the tower! To make matters even more interesting, the
third race of the day was a GFU lap around Vacation Island. With
a strong ebbing tide running, current strategy was paramount,
and more than a few boats resorted to manual soundings along
the shore!
On Saturday night there was an outstanding costume party
in the Fleets Room, with Ray Treppa and his Pesacdero Pickers
laying down some great creepy jams! The party must have been
good, as we had a few less competitors on Sunday, but racing
was no less intense. When all was said and done, Tyler and Scott
Sinks had humbled the fleet, piloting 28687 to all bullets and two
seconds to win by seven points! Doug Hart and Ryan Hopps were
second, and Craig and Lisa Leweck made a long overdue appearance and sailed very well to finish third!
2011 Season
Monday Night and Thursday
Night Football
Game Time is 5:30 Monday Nights
MBYC Club House
Enjoy an Evening of Fun, Friends
and Food During the Game.
Watch the weekly email messages for the
Team-Themed Menu Selections
Nov. 28
Dec. 05
Dec. 12
Dec. 19
New York Giants at New Orleans Saints
San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jags
St. Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks
Pittsburg Steelers at San Francisco 49ers
Watch Your Email for Thursday Night Games
Don’t miss the fun!!!!!!!
Nils Andersson
Named Yachtsman
of the Year
Aine Fretwell Named
Yachtswoman of the
The following is the letter of
recommendation written by Ken
Wild that led to the Board of
MBYC naming Nils Yachtsman of
the Year for 2011.
Dear Commodore,
The following is the letter of
recommendation written by John
Fretwell that led to the Board
of MBYC naming Aine Fretwell
MBYC Yachtswoman of the Year
for 2011.
By Kendal Wild
Submitted for your consideration
is the Laser Fleet’s nomination of Nils Andersson for Yachtsman of the Year.
In addition to setting an excellent example as a life long active yachtsman
by sailing in many World Championships over several decades, Nils has
been supportive in helping new sailors in our fleet; is currently our Fleet
Captain, is instrumental in keeping Santa Clara Racing Association going
and was until recently our Laser District 25 Secretary for a decade! He is one
of our most consistent R/C volunteers especially for ocean regattas. Finally,
he established the "California Masters Championship" sailed at MBYC annually and has kept it going strong for about a decade now.
A little history: Nils was born May 5, 1938 in Sweden. He started to
sail when he was about 7 years old and raced as a crew in Stars and other
keel boat classes. He did not start racing his own boat until 1960. He bought
it with money he had saved by 1959 in his first tour with the Swedish Army,
part of the UN Emergency Forces in Gaza and the Middle East. Nils joined
Mission Bay YC in 1998 when he was 60 years old.
I have never known Nils to get upset or lose his temper in all our
years of racing together. He is a fine example of a great waterman, sportsman plus gentleman.
Below is Nils' regatta list for this year. I think you will agree this is
an impressive sailing resume considering how many national and international level events all over the country this 73 year old guy has done. It is
especially impressive when you consider his efforts are in the very physically
demanding International Olympic Laser and Radial Classes.
Nils’ regattas so far this year not counting SCRA or MBYC club level
races: February 19-20: SCYA Midwinter’s, MBYC, March 5-6: Manning
Regatta, ABYC March 19-20: Olympic Classes Regatta, ABYC May 7: US
Sailing Single Handed Qualifier, ABYC, May 20-22: North American Laser
Masters Championship, Fort Walton YC, Florida, First GGM -Great Grand
Masters (the 2nd year in a row). April 30-May 1: California Masters, First
GGM, MBYC , May 28-29: Memorial Day Regatta, Second Place Radial.
ABYC, June 24-26: Coronado YC Small Boat Regatta, First Place, July 2-3:
4th of July Regatta, ABYC, July 25-27: Laser Performance Clinic, Columbia
River Gorge, July 28: Laser Blowout, 18 miles downwind, Columbia River
Gorge, July 30-31: District 22 Championship, Columbia River Gorge, August 6-13: Laser Masters World Championship, St Francis YC, 18th GGM
To conclude, sailing and sailboat racing are considered life-long
sports. It is therefore appropriate to acknowledge this fine sailor for his
continued participation and many contributions to our sport over many
decades. He has continued to set an outstanding example of a true yachtsman by actively representing our Club at over 13 Regional, National and
World Championship events all in the past nine months.
By John Fretwell
To Whom it May Concern,
I would like to respectfully nominate Aine Mclean Fretwell
for recognition as the 2011 Mission Bay Yacht Club Yachtswoman
of the Year.
On the water, Aine has been extremely active this year, and has
achieved some notable success. Since the award was last decided,
she has competed in the Snipe Women’s World Championship in St.
Petersburg, FL where she finished 6th overall among the international
fleet. More recently she finished 8th at the US Snipe Nationals at
North Cape Yacht Club in Michigan. She also does some crewing, and
sailed with Eric Heim to a 3rd place finish at the Lido 14 Nationals,
and with Jessie O’Dell (her regular crew) to a 2nd place finish at the
Capri 14.2 Women’s Nationals.
Beyond these major regattas, Aine is a regular participant in
weekend and TNT racing at MBYC, often sailing with her children
in these events as she endeavors to pass the sailing ifestyle on to the
next generation. Entering her eighth year as the coach of The Bishop’s
School sailing team, Aine’s endorsements of one-design competition
and Mission Bay Yacht Club have led severeal young people to become
involved, including recent new MBYC member Noelle Herring and
Claire Riedman, whose membership application is currently before
the Board.
Despite her logistical challenges as a mother of three young
children, I believe Aine demonstrates the passion for competition and
for sharing the love of our sport that define the title of Yachtswoman
of the Year.
Commodore Mike Poltorak with Trophy
Chair Selby Winkler present the Steinemann
Trophy to Craig Storms for his Race Committee work. He was chosen by the PROs
Commodore Mike Poltorak presents the Jack
Pierce Trophy to Selby Winkler for service
to the club’s racing programs and racers. She
was chosen by the fleet captains.
Ladies Group
By Belen Poltorak
We are very excited for our last meeting of this year and of my
term as head of the ladies group. Thank you for all of your participation
and friendship. It’s been a fun year. We are going to end our year with a
wonderful holiday luncheon on Sunday, December 11th from 11:30 to 1:30.
We will have a lovely treat of music by an amazing choir called the “Bel
Cantos”. Please make sure you arrive and are seated by noon so you don’t
miss a minute. Then we will end the year with some yummy food and a
special holiday treat for all. You won’t want to miss it. Please RSVP soon
so we can plan ahead. As always, contact me if you have any questions.
MBYC welcomes new Flag Members Douglas Diepholz, Robert
(Bob) Martin and Charlie Moon. If you are interested in learning the
history of your new club, please refer to your membership directory where
you can also find the bylaws and rules that govern MBYC.
The following transfers were also approved by the Board in November: Grant Williams from Flag to Senior Flag, Doug Seeman from
Non Resident to Flag, Michael Borzage and Marcos Robles from Flag to
Tree Trimming
Party 6pm
Hanukkah Begins
M-Main Room;B-Bar;P-Picnic area; D-Deck; F-Fleet Room; L-Lawn
M-Main Room;B-Bar;P-Picnic area; D-Deck; F-Fleet Room; L-Lawn
Laser Beam
By Nils Andersson
Where did the year go? I guess it goes fast when you are
having fun. And did we have fun at the Coronado YC Small Boat
Regatta, October 15-16? You bet. Four MBYC Laser Sailors competed. After five races Jim Hecht was second, Tom Laube was third,
Nils Andersson was fourth and Keith Sternal fifth. The regatta was
completely dominated by MBYC sailors in all classes. The weather
was perfect the wind was between 12-15 miles/hr and spirits were
up. Coronado YC again showed us how to treat guests with a ton
of pizzas and free beer after Saturday’s races. This is a great place
to sail when there is a summer thermal wind or a high pressure
supported wind.
The year is ending but racing is not. We sail the SCRA Regatta
on December 3, short courses on December 4, Hot Rum Regatta
on December 17-18. What a way to end 2011. I think after our
racing we all go celebrate the Holidays!
This will be my last Laser Beam article as a Fleet Captain
and it has been a pleasure to work with the Fleet Captains group
and specially Fleets Captain Lori Longstreet who will be the new
MBYC Secretary –Treasurer 2012. As I mentioned last month Theo
Cowley is taking over as Laser Fleet Captain. Also, a big thank you
to the Laser Fleet members who nominated me for the Yachtsman
of the Year, supported by a great write up by Ken Wild and also
a thank you to MBYC’s Board of Directors who awarded me the
Yachtsman of the Year. I am honored. It is nice to be recognized
for something one loves to do and has spent a lifetime doing it.
Flying Kayaks and Paddle
By Bob Henderson, Asst. Port Captain
As winter approaches we can count on the
occasional good storm accompanied by high winds
– perfect conditions to send the kayaks and paddle
boards flying off their racks. As you can see from the pictures taken last
year, kayaks can fly and cause damage to other’s property, block access
and generally create a mess for someone to clean up. We do not yet have
any type of I.D. sticker system for the kayaks/paddle boards. Once they
are on the ground it is very difficult to tell which rack they came from.
If you are a kayak/paddle board rack renter, PLEASE:
• Be sure your property is properly tied down
before the first storm hits. Just get in the habit year
round, especially if you occupy one of the higher
rack spaces.
• Consider inscribing your name or club
member number on your property.
•Do not rely on locking cables - they do
not effectively serve as tie downs and should be
supplemented with lines securing both bow/stern
to the rack unit.
If your kayak/paddle board does blow down
and can’t be easily identified, it will be removed to the bone yard to await
your retrieval.
MBYC’s newest Victory
Fleet member, Rylee-Jane
Coquico Teague, made her
debut November 12, 2011.
Congratulations to parents
Troy and Joyce Teague!
MBYC Adds New Sailing
to After School Programs
By Kevin Olenick
Look out everyone, there’s a new sailing team in town. With
the help of volunteer coaches Kevin and Samantha Olenick, OTA
sailing is now part of the club’s after school sailing program. Old
Town Academy is a brand new start up charter school. The Old
Town Academy sailing team consists of 14 sailors from kindergarten to 7th grade. When the team was formed in September only
five of the members had ever been on a boat before and only three
had been sailing. At the time of this writing nine of the kids now
solo in sabots. One of our girls has added a second day of sailing
in lasers. She asked for more after the second week Sabots. The
idea behind this team was to make it developmental and involve
children who might not have this type of opportunity otherwise.
In keeping with that mission we have two kids on the team who
are participating under scholarship. Thanks to generous contributions from the Capri 14, Thistle, and Multihull fleets, these two
sailors, from underprivileged homes, are developing a new love
for sailing. On one outing in the Thistle the team was asked where
they would like to go that day. They said that they wanted to sail
to the ocean. So we did. As we cleared the breakwater they were
asked how far they wanted to go. They asked how far they could
go. They were told they could go as far as they wanted. They
thought that was great. One of the girls immediately shouted out
Los Cabos. The next call was for Hawaii. Then Australia. You
have to love the way these kids think. This program was started in
the hope of teaching kids how to dream big and push themselves.
Who would have thought that after only one month of sailing they
would already be dreaming so big. The plan is to expand this type
of all inclusive developmental program and help grow our beloved
sport of sailing. These kids will also be a tremendous resource for
crew. They all come with an MBYC training guarantee. So far
they have sailed Sabots, Capri 14, Thistle, and a Victory. Thanks
again to our amazing club, juniors program, and all the individuals who help to make projects like this possible. You all Rock…
Sabot Scene
By Mary Mackey
Mission Bay Yacht Club was well represented in the Southern
California Women’s Sailing Association regattas in 2011. Carol
Pearson won the Ladies B Division and Gary Pearson won Mixed
Novice. Serena Hanby came in second for the year in Ladies A
and Ruth Jones captured third in Ladies B.
The SCWSA is comprised of women and men sailors (18
years of age and up) who race a Naples Sabot. There are five regattas during the year hosted by Mission Bay Yacht Club, Balboa
Yacht Club, Newport Harbor Yacht Club, Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
and San Diego Yacht Club. Perpetual trophies are awarded each
November after the final regatta at SDYC to the top skippers for
the year. Divisions include Womens
A and B as well as Mixed Novice
and Mens A.
Here is the link to the Southern
California Women’s Sailing Association for more information.
Right: Gary and Carol Pearson
with their SCWSA trophies. Congratulations, Gary and Carol.
Thank You to Merchants & Friends for their
Donations to our MBYC Fish Fry Silent Auction & Raffle Fundraiser.
•A‐1 Hair Design
•Action Sport Rentals
•Admirality Marine
•American Propeller
•Weston & Susan Anson
•Armstrong Garden Center
•Avon – Margie Insko
•Bahia Resort
•BBQ's Galore
•Belmont Park
•Broken Yolk
•Boomers San Diego
•Café Merlot
•Callaway Vineyards
•Canvas Services
•Capri Pizzeria
•Catamaran Resort
•CatalinaOP Fish
•Bobby & Missy Chaplin
•Cheesecake Factory
•Brett Cicchitto
•Coaster Saloon
•Comedy Palace
•Coronado Playhouse
•Daily Water Makers
•Dana Landing Fuel Dock
•Driscoll’s Boat Yard
•Fiddlers Green
•Firehouse 21
•French Gourmet Bakery
•Fred’s Mexican Cafe
•Goodtime Charley’s
•Mark & Muppy Haigler
•Sailing Supply
•The Hole
•San Diego Museum of Art
•Hornblower Cruises
•San Diego Automotive Museum
•Sam & Betty Lou Janney
•San Diego Air & Space Museum
•Jimmy’s American Favorite Tavern •San Diego Chargers
•Joe’s Crab Shack
•San Diego Coaster
•San Diego Marine Exchange
•Don & Pat Krepps
•San Diego Maritime Museum
•Mike & Bobbie Laule
•San Diego Natural History •Lori Looney
•Mary Jo Luranc
•San Diego Photo Museum
•Maritime Museum
•Sandbar – Mission Beach
•Jeanne Miller
•Sea Forth Boat Rental
•Millers Field
•Sea Tech
•The Mission
•Sea World
•Mission Bay Penner
•Seabreeze Limited
•Mission Bay Sportfishing Fuel Dock•Al & Meg Shaprio
•Nick & Mayreen Muller
•Brad & Darlene Simmons
•Moonlight Theater
•Shelter Island Boat Yard
•Mount Gay Rum
•Spa at the Del, Hotel Del •Orchestra Nova
•Original Paw Pleaser
•Stone Brewery
•Pacific Marine Supply
•Sunday Afternoons, Inc.
•Pala Mesa Casino
•Sweet Shoppe
•Mike & Sue Pasterkiewicz
•Trader Joe’s
•Pei Wei Restaurant
•Tractor Room
•Petco ‐ San Diego Padres
•USS Midway
•Peter & Eileen Peternouschek
•Viejas Band of •Phyllis Carey ‐ Chef
Kumeyaay Indians
•Phil’s BBQ
•Walter Anderson Nursery
•PING Golf – Allen Solhiem
•West Marine
•Pirates Lair
•David and Ceci White
•Reuben H Fleet Space Museum •Wind and Sea
•John & Patty Row
•Wilson Creek Winery
•World Famous
Capri 14 News
By Kevin Olenick
First, a quick correction. Our junior women’s national champions
from September were Shayna Kobrinetz and Claire Fitzsimmons. Next,
as I sit down to write this last article as the Fleet Co-Captain, I can not
believe how fast the time has gone. A lot has happened in two years
and 24 Mainstay articles. The following are some of the events that
stick in my memory. Two years ago we fished Mckenzie Henderson out
of the water after Angus capsized during the opening day parade. For
the next 12 months Mckenzie wouldn’t sail. This summer she and her
sister sailed a TNT by themselves. Two years ago Shayna Kobernitz was
apprehensive about even sailing with her dad. Now she and Claire are
our junior women’s national champions. Two years ago Morgan Henderson was scared to drive the boat. This year she was passing boats at
nationals regularly. Two years ago Scott Finkboner won nationals. This
year he did it again… Ok, some things haven’t changed much. But, two
years ago Megan Sheehan was that kid that sailed with her dad. No one
could believe she was old enough to drive let alone have a drink. Now
Megan is a nurse and a home owner and we are all very proud. Two
years ago Parker was using a walker and couldn’t get around without
assistance. Now he cruises all over the place all on his own. Our fleet
has also seen some changes during this time. Our founding members,
Ruth and Ed Jones passed the torch to the next generation of sailors.
Some of our families had kids leave home for college and passed their
boats to families with younger kids. One of our favorite Capri families,
the Moore’s, were reassigned to St. Thomas, BVI’s. The Henderson’s boat
name comes to mind… Lucky! For those of us not that lucky, our fates
lie here in our own little slice of paradise. I only wish that we weren’t
having so much fun so that time would pass just a little more slowly.
As we look forward to the next chapter in the Capri 14 saga, we bid fair
well to our outgoing fleet captains and extend a warm welcome to our
new fleet captains for 2012, John Lyons and Angus Henderson. Thank
you both for volunteering your time and energy to the best family fleet
anywhere. Keep your eyes open for fun at the club with your fellow fleet
members. See you on the water…
Lightning Rounds
By Donna Collins
Just wanted to thank all that prepared and provided a
very wonderful awards dinner, it was very well done from the
centerpieces to the awards. I heard that Selby Winkler, and many
other volunteers I'm sure, put together dinghy personalized photos
of all the award recipients. Not sure how they got pictures of all
of us, while we were sailing, it seems like magic to me. They were
very festive photos with red frames and they look great just about
anywhere. Started getting me into the Xmas spirit immediately,
I think we went to West Marine the next day. Our boat is very
photogenic and she takes a great picture every time and never has
to worry about losing 20-30 pounds, we could look at her all day!
Yes, the picture is in our living room, for now.
We have some sailing in December to do-On the 4th, we have
5 bay races. The Hot Rum Regatta is December 17-18.
Last Call
Martin Gleich
October 7, 2011
Flag #1018
JIB Helps Support Olympic
Sailing Dreams for MBYC’s
Zach Brown
As many of you already know, Zach Brown has started an Olympic
Campaign in the 49er which is a two man skiff. Zach grew up sailing at
MBYC and then took his speedy sailing skills to the east coast where he
was a standout College sailor at Yale. After several years of hard work,
he has now embarked on a very expensive campaign to represent the US
in the 49er. JIB has established a Tax Deductible fund that you may use
to donate to help Zach.
From Zach: My teammate Fred Strammer and I began our campaign
for the 2016 Olympics with a successful two week training program out of
Mission Bay. Having learned to sail and race on the Bay in sabots, it was
great to come full circle and get my 49er Olympic campaign going by training out of MBYC in September. From the use of the facilities to the support
at the fundraiser, MBYC and its members couldn’t have been more helpful.
The conditions on Mission Bay were ideal for 49er training which made our
two weeks very productive.
We took our new found skills up to San Francisco for some big wind
practice to learn how to tame the wild side of the 49er. Even though we
were more than 500 miles from San Diego, we benefitted from more MBYC
support by staying with the Vanderspeks. We experienced our fair share of
thrills and spills as San Francisco Bay delivered classic 15+ knot winds with
plenty of current and fog. Top 49er teams from Bermuda, Canada, Finland,
and the US joined us for two weeks in San Francisco and one week in Santa
Cruz. The competition was fierce and our learning curve was vertical. We
ended the group training with a win in the final practice race which gave
us some encouragement. Now, we are in Miami for five months of training
before we head to Europe for six world cup events.
The further down the road we go in our quest for the 2016 Olympics,
the more I realize that campaigning is strangely similar to running a small
business. We have to be an unusual cross breed between an athlete, an agent,
a PR representative, and a non-profit organizer. The thing that sets us apart
from a business is that we have the generous support of family and friends
that keeps our dream alive.
Campaigning for the Olympics is proving to be a life changing event
that I will surely never forget. We are representing something greater than
ourselves, something that encompasses the hopes and dreams of our families,
our friends, our community, and our country. I am incredibly excited about
the future of our bid to the 2016 Olympics and I can’t thank MBYC and its
members enough for helping make this possible.
Growing up, Juniors in Boating (JIB) made competing nationally and
internationally possible. Without JIB, I would not be the sailor I am today.
Now, as I am campaigning for the 2016 Olympics, JIB has kindly offered to
support my sailing by taking tax deductible donations made out to JIB with
“Zach Brown Olympic Sailing” in the memo line. I hope you will continue to
support us on our road to Rio. To follow our progress and learn more about
donating to our cause, visit us at
Poway Vision Care wants you to get Oakley High Definition Optics® (HDO®) sunglasses and help Juniors in
Boating at Mission Bay Yacht Club. Poway Vision Care will give you a 20% discount on Oakley sunglasses,
prescription or non-prescription if you make a minimum donation of $25.00 to Juniors in Boating at Mission Bay
Yacht Club. We hope you think this is a win-win!
For your convenience, you don’t have to come to our Poway office to choose, order or receive your Oakley
sunglasses. You can shop on line at, or try on Oakley sunglasses at any convenient location.
Make a donation then call Poway Vision Care at 858-486-7609 to place an order. We’ll deliver them to Mission
Bay Yacht Club for free or ship them to your home for a nominal fee.
Get Oakley High Definition Optics® (HDO®) and help Juniors in Boating at Mission Bay Yacht Club.
See you on the water!
David Bloomberg,O.D.
Poway Vision Care
13035 Pomerado Road Suite C
Poway, Ca 92064
Office 858-486-7609
Junior Secretary Report
By Steven Leuck
Hello everyone and happy holidays! I hope you
have all had a great year and are looking forward to the
upcoming events in the new year. In November we had the Junior
Commodore Regatta. We also had the JIB sponsored Laser clinic
coached by Dave Hochart. Everyone who participated, including
other yacht club members, would like to thank him and JIB for
sponsoring this event. I hope everyone has enjoyed this year and
will welcome the new Junior Board for 2012.
The Junior Commodore Regatta was a big success. We
had over 160 boats at MBYC sailing in the event and everyone
who participated had a great time. The first day of the regatta was
light and shifty. The second day, however, was particularly windy
with the occasional gusts to maybe 15 knots. Out of the 41 Laser
Radials that sailed, Ryan Hopps finished eighth, Steven Leuck 10th,
Jameson Perry 14th, D’amy Steward 19th, and following right behind
was James Phillips in 20th, and Carter Lynn 39th. In Sabot “A” fleet,
Max Brill placed 2nd, Cole Baker 6th, Ryan Ratliffe 10th, Ian Brill
15th, and Jack McGraw 17th. In “B” fleet Abe Dearden finished in
1st place! Congratulations Abe for moving up to “A” fleet. Also
in “B” fleet Cameron Baxter finished 4th with Sam Merson in 9th.
In Sabot “C1” Willem Perry got 2nd. In Sabot “C2”’s Nick Aline
finished 2nd, Jeremy McCulloch 5th, Max Karmel 12th, along with
Cary Perket 16th. In “C3”s, Ava Dorvillier placed 4th, Jake Jordan
7th, Andrew Dorvillier 17th, Jake Karmel 19th, and Brayden Austin
19th. This was a very competitive regatta but also a lot of fun with
the taco bar and dance that followed racing the first day. Hopefully,
this will be a tradition that will continue in the future.
Calling all Scrappers and Crafters!
There are only two dates for “Scrapping and Crafting” in
the Fleet Room for December: The 4th, and 8th. Come
have fun with other members while working on all your
crafty holiday projects
Racing Cruising News
By Tom Trebelhorn
Is it December already? I guess so. I will know for sure as
soon as I start seeing sailboats on the back dock looking like lit-up
Christmas trees against the night sky.
The Parade of Lights is one of my favorite activities down
at the Club. What makes it so special is that it is a family event.
From decorating the boat, loading on enough food and drinks to
cruise for a week, inviting friends to share in the fun, joining in the
mass confusion at the start of the parade, watching the decorated
boats as they pass, singing Christmas carols around the bay and
finally joining in the post parade party on the back dock are all
part of what makes the Parade of Lights a day I look forward to.
And finally, I would like to say Thank You to all the RC
members who volunteered in support of the Military Family Appreciation Day, Work Party, Catalina Cruise, Endless Summer
Beach Party, Race Committee, and all our other activities.
The RC Good Guy for October was Bill Newman. The RC
Yachtsman of the Month was Alex Ray.
I would like to congratulate Peter Nedley on being elected
as Racing Cruising Fleet Captain for 2012.
Our final meeting for 2011 will be the Power Fleet/Racing
Cruising Christmas Party on December 17. See you there.
Multihull Musings
By Steve Stroebel
I am pleased to announce that Bob Sherman will assume the reins
as fleet captain for 2012. Next year will be very exciting with the F-18
World Championships being held at ABYC in Long Beach in September.
We have an exciting schedule set up for 2012 and will send it out to the
fleet through our Google group. If you are not already a member of the
Multi-hull fleet Google group and would like to join please send an e-mail
to [email protected]
In October, seven multi-hulls headed south to Coronado YC for
their fall regatta. Four boats (including Bob Sherman, Jeff Collins, and
myself) decided to sail down on Friday even though there was moderate
fog, light wind and out of the south as we left Mission Bay at 1:00 pm.
We hoped for the wind to pick up but it never did and we were fighting
an ebb tide all the way through SD bay. The final two boats did not arrive
at Fiddler’s Cove in South Bay until well after dark around 7:00 pm. We
traveled approximately 32 nm in 6 hours. For the Saturday racing, it was
a picture perfect sunny day with wind out of the west starting at 8 knots
and building to around 12. Three races were completed in quick succession and we were off the water around 3:00. Per my GPS we had sailed
more than 34 nm just within South Bay in those three hours – what a
comparison to the previous day! On Sunday the wind was even stronger
in the 13-15 knot range and we completed the two races by 1:45. Jason
Moore took first amongst the F-18’s and Bob Sherman was the first place
Nacra-20. Though the two boats classes were scored separately we started
and sailed together. CYC is very enthusiastic about Multi-hulls entering
their regatta and we look forward to more events there in the future.
I have enjoyed being the
fleet captain for the past two
years and appreciate all the
support from the fleet. I look
forward to an even more exciting
year on Bob’s leadership.
Left: Multi-Hull fleet members Lorraine and Kevan Peck, Patti Miller, and
Katie Ham give the gift of life for another
Multi-hull fleet member’s upcoming
Handcrafted totes, duffels, garments and more from your
old sails! Check out our HOLIDAY SHOPPING PARTY
NOV. 30TH in Point Loma. Call (619)222-7074 or email
[email protected] for details or shopping.
Gravatt Boat Works
New/Used Lightning Sailboats
Owner: Dan Gravatt
[email protected]
Synthetic Teak
Teak & Holly Vinyl
Slate & Stone Vinyl
PVC Marine Carpet
Hybrid Natural Decking
Custom Carpets
Area Rugs
Hardwood Vinyl
Sound Proofing
Non-skid Surface
Mission Bay Yacht Club
1215 El Carmel Place
San Diego, CA 92109
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 26
San Diego, CA
We are on the Web at
Over 165 boats with skippers from all over Southern California descended on MBYC for the
annual Junior Commodore’s Regatta in the early part of November. With all those Sabots and
Lasers on the Bay, it was one of the busiest regatta weekends at the club this year.
Photo by Edna Johnson